86FB Football Review – Features, Pros & Cons

86FB was a football investment website that offered users the chance to earn money by participating in games with a claimed 96% chance of success. Launched in May 2015, the website was associated with the City Football Group, a holding company that owned several football-related enterprises worldwide. In this review, we will take an in-depth look at 86FB Football.

What Is 86FB Football?

86FB Football was a website that promised users the opportunity to earn money through football investments with a claimed 96% chance of success. The website was established in May 2015 and was reportedly owned by the City Football Group. This holding company operated several football-related enterprises worldwide, including clubs, academies, technical support providers, and marketing companies.

86fb aimed to achieve several goals through its platform, including promoting both on-field and off-field football participation, identifying and nurturing top match result analytic talent, and providing a unique and cutting-edge match result investment project. To accomplish these goals, the company claimed to be developing a sustainable and socially responsible organization that leverages the popularity of football to engage its community and create innovative investment opportunities.

By attracting its passionate fan community, adopting unique global and local strategies, and doing investment projects as simple as possible, 86fb aimed to be at the forefront of the football investment industry and bring the excitement of the sport to a wider audience.

86FB Football Review

If you have yet to withdraw your funds from 86fb, it is highly likely that those funds are lost. According to reports, the website has been implicated in a massive Ponzi scheme that resulted in the loss of over N200 Billion.

It is important to note that the very essence of gambling is based on uncertainty and unpredictability. The outcome of any event can never be guaranteed, and all that can be done is to make a calculated estimate or guess. This inherent uncertainty makes investing in gambling or betting sites inherently risky, regardless of any claims of high chances of success.

Is 86FB Football Scam?

86fb Football investment is a scam. This conclusion is based on a thorough investigation and analysis of the platform and its operations. Despite its grand promises, it has been proven to be a fraudulent scheme designed to take advantage of people’s interest in football and sports betting.

86fb operated under the guise of a hedge fund, a collection of individuals who pool their resources to invest in various assets. The platform claimed to use a unique investment strategy, known as “hedge fund + welfare field + leveling commission,” which they claimed was widely used worldwide. 


The platform was accessible in several countries, and users could deposit and withdraw popular digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. It also offered bilingual versions of its website.

However, the “hedge fund” aspect of the platform was nothing more than a front for a Ponzi scheme. The platform promised to predict the outcome of football matches with a high degree of accuracy, up to an astonishing 95%. But the reality was far different, and investors’ funds were misused and lost.

In conclusion, it is advised that anyone who invested in 86fb should be cautious and take steps to recover their funds through legal means if possible. It is also important to be vigilant and do proper research before investing in any platform, especially those that claim to offer high returns with low risk.

How Does 86FB Football Work

86FB Football investment promised high returns to its participants by offering daily profits of up to 3% through participation in three games. The platform claimed to be similar to reverse betting, where the users would win if the game’s final score was anything other than what was predicted and only lose if it was exactly as predicted. Additionally, the platform promised to refund the payment in case of a loss fully. However, it has been proven to be a fraudulent scheme, with no refund given and participants losing their funds. It is important to thoroughly research and verify any investment opportunities before putting in money.

86fb Football Income/Earnings Review

Income That Changes Over Time

According to the information provided on the platform, when you sign up and make an initial investment, you are said to participate in a team plan with an average daily return of 3%. This means that for every 100,000 NGN invested, you could receive an income of 3,000 NGN daily. With this daily rate, you could accumulate an estimated monthly income of 90,000 NGN, assuming no withdrawals. 

However, it is important to note that a withdrawal fee is charged each time you want to access your funds, and this fee can be substantial if you withdraw frequently. As a result, the platform advises users not to withdraw their funds too often.

Income That Remains Constant

The term refers to the income generated by subordinate agents. When an agent makes a recharge and follows the team’s strategy, they are eligible for commissions, which is known as a stable income. The best approach is to train your agents to increase this steady income.

For instance, if a level 1 agent generates 100,000 NGN daily, the trainer can earn 10% commission, which is 10,000 NGN. This type of income is considered to be an attractive opportunity.


Categories comprise the agent rebate revenue:

  • 10% of the first-level agent’s revenue
  • 5% of the second-level agent’s commission is at stake.
  • 3 % of the third-level agent’s income
  • A fixed income of 10,000 NGN equals the first-level agent’s salary of 100,000 NGN.
  • The annual salary of the second-level agent is 100,000 NGN or a fixed salary of 5,000 NGN.
  • The third-level agent is paid a fixed salary of 100,000 NGN, equal to 3,000 NGN.

How To Sign Up For 86FB Football?

Joining the platform is a simple process that involves a few easy steps. To get started, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the link to access the platform’s website.
  2. On the landing page, you will be asked to provide your email and password. Enter the required information accurately.
  3. You will then be asked to enter your phone number. This is a crucial step, as you will receive important notifications and updates through this number.
  4. Finally, click on the REGISTER button to complete the process. Once you have registered, you will be able to access the platform’s features and start participating in the offered activities.

By following these four simple steps, you will be able to join the platform and start enjoying its benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 86FB Football A Real Company?

The 86FB Football Review is a football betting website registered under the name “86 FOOTBALL TECHNOLOGY LIMITED” with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).The 86FB football Review website is a subsidiary of The City Football Group, a holding company with joint ventures in China, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. The group has established a legitimate sports investment company that operates online, and has a club based in Nigeria that the local government regulates. With its headquarters located in Manchester, The City Football Group is responsible for managing and running multiple soccer teams across the world.

What Is 86FB Football?

The platform 86FB presents itself as a football investment opportunity where investors can earn money by betting on games provided by the platform with a claimed win probability of 96%. The company claims to be a subsidiary of the City Football Group and has operations in various cities worldwide, including football clubs, academies, technical support, and marketing companies. The goal of 86FB, according to its website, is to increase involvement in both on- and off-field football, cultivate top talent in analyzing football match results, and offer a unique and innovative football betting project with a hedge fund approach.

Who Are The Owners Of 86FB? 

86FB is reportedly owned by the City Football Group, which is a holding company that operates several football-related businesses across the world, including football clubs, academies, technical support, and marketing companies. The City Football Group has joint operations in major cities such as China, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. The exact ownership structure and shareholders of the City Football Group are not publicly disclosed.

How Does 86FB Make Money?

86FB Football is a betting platform that claims to make money by offering users the opportunity to invest in the outcome of football games with a high win probability of 96%. It operates by collecting funds from investors, which are then used to place bets on football games. The platform profits by taking a commission on the winnings generated by these bets. However, it is important to note that betting on sports outcomes is a high-risk activity, and there is no guarantee of profit. It’s also important to thoroughly research and understand the risks involved before investing in any platform.


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