Can I gain admissions into a federal university with C

Yes! You can gain admission with C6. C grade is the minimum O’level grade that universities in Nigeria can accept. So having a C grade is a good indication. Meanwhile, your chances of gaining admission does not only depend on your O’level grades. Your JAMB score also plays a vital role. Recommended: You can calculate … Read more

Why is JAMB delaying admission?

JAMB admission is delayed because of ASUU strike. In fact, JAMB is not the one delaying the admission process rather, it is schools, especially those under ASUU that are delaying the admission process due to the lingering ASUU strike.

JAMB Indemnity Registration

The JAMB Office in LAGOS JAMB National Headquatersin Lagos State and its Annex Office is located at No.11¬†Ojora Road, Ikoyi, Lagos P.M.B. 12748, Lagos, Lagos State. Zonal Director/Coordinator: Mr. Biliaminu Shitu. Tel: 0700-JAMB-ZLG, 0700-5262-954 Email:[email protected] [email protected]. The is no information on extra offices

JAMB Indemnity Registration

First of all, you are supposed to get the form at the office where you did it, but since you have traveled to Lagos, I will advise you to visit any JAMB office in Lagos with your receipt and other details. I am sure they’ll handle it appropriately. Check out JAMB offices in Lagos here