Best College Admission Calculator/Prediction Tools 2022 without sign up

Are you in need of a free college acceptance calculator without sign up?

If yes, I gladly wanna share this best college admission calculators and college admission prediction tools 2022 with you.

Hint; If you are a college applicant, you will love this information because it will be educative and helpful just as you ever hoped of.

In one of our articles, I also taught college applicants how to predict or calculate their admission chances correctly without using any calculator or prediction tool. You can check it out here.

But in this second series of the tutorial, I’m gonna focus solely on the tools and calculators that you can use to predict your chances of getting into any college.

Hey there!!! These tools are really cool and they’re worth having a test of. Check the tools and how they work below.

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How Does a College Admission Prediction Tools Work?

Some of the best recommendable college admission prediction tools like acceptance calculator work by using the college admissions algorithms and statistics.


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To use such prediction tools, you will have to enter/select your;

  • SAT score (if you’re submitting SAT)
  • ACT scores (if you’re submitting ACT)
  • GPA
  • The name of the college you wish to apply to
  • And some other admission criteria which are used admission officers to determine your fate.

The tool will then use the data you entered to compare with the college past and present admission stats, entry requirements, criteria, and the kind of applicants that are accepted year after year to predict your standing.

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Such predictions are statistical and do not guarantee admission into your desired college.

So when using them, we recommend that you use them for analysis and prediction purposes only, but focus more on meeting your college’s entry requirements.

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Best College Admission Calculator/Prediction Tools 2022

Image showing the best college admission calculator and Pprediction tools for college students


Like we said before, there are many college admission calculators out there which are good for calculating your chances of getting into any college.

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But the following are the best college admission prediction tools and college admission calculators in 2022 that we have tested and trusted for simplicity and accuracy;

  1. Jilearners College admissions calculator
  2. Prepscholar admissions calculator
  3. Campusreel College acceptance calculator.
  4. Niche College admission calculator.
  5. Naviance College acceptance calculator

1. Jilearners College Admissions Calculator and Prediction Tool

The Jilearners college admissions calculator is one of the newest but the best and outstanding college admissions calculator. The calculator has some fantastic features that makes it outstanding.

Jilearners College Admissions Calculator

This admission calculator can predict your chances of getting into any College in the U.S. It uses the information you entered into the calculator to accurately predict your admission chances.

Why you Should Choose this calculator.

  • The calculator is 100% free
  • It does not require sign up, subscription or any form of patronage or activity
  • The prediction result is very detailed
  • It calculates for all Universities, Colleges and majors
  • The steps are simply and easy to complete
  • Prediction result is presented in percentage

How to Use Jilearners Admission Prediction Tool;

Below are the easy and simple steps to use the Jilearners College Admissions Calculator for free without sign up:


2. Prepscholar Admissions Calculator & Prediction Tool Review 2022

Prep scholar admissions calculator is one of the best college admission prediction tools in 2022 that is very easy to use.

How to Use PrepSchool Admission Prediction Tool;

The simplest way to access and use the PrepSchool admission prediction tool is to follow these steps:

  • Visit
  • Type “Prepscholar admissions calculator + the name of the college you wish to apply to”
  • An example should look like: Prepscholar admissions calculator UCLA
  • Click the search icon to search it on Google

The following are the search terms for some popular colleges in the U.S;

Tool/calculator link: you can easily visit the PrepSchool college admission calculator and prediction tool page @

3. Campusreel Admissions Calculator & Prediction Tool Review 2022

The campusreel college admission calculator is one of the best college admission prediction tools in 2022.

Meanwhile, campusreel focuses more on estimating and predicting admission base on the entry difficulty level of each college.

The steps in using the Campusreel College acceptance calculator to predict your admission chance are a little longer than of every other prediction tool.

Interestingly, the Campusreel College acceptance calculator uses the one-time data that you enter to predict your admission chances in all the colleges in the U.S at once.


How to Use Campusreel College admission calculator.

  • Visit
  • Select your SAT score (if you wish to submit SAT), else, check the little box beside the SAT score section
  • Select your ACT score (if you wish to submit ACT), else, check the little box beside the ACT score section
  • Enter your GPA
  • Click on “Calculate your College Chances
  • Enter/select every other option shown in each of the steps.
  • On the final step, enter your username, full name, email, and password to see your admission chances for all colleges in the U.S

4. Niche College admission Calculator & Prediction Tool 2022 Review

The Niche college admission calculator or college admission prediction tool is a very simple admission prediction tool that works out of the box.

How to use Niche College Admission Prediction Tool.

Using the Niche College admission Calculator to predict your admission chances is just a matter of few steps.

Firstly, you have to visit

Secondly, you have to fill in or select the following options:

  • Your college
  • Select your major
  • Select whether you are in-state or out-of-state.
  • Click on “see your chance”
  • Enter your email and password
  • Finally, click on “continue” to see your chances

5. Naviance College Acceptance Calculator and Prediction Tool 2022

The Naviance College acceptance calculator is also a good college admission prediction tool that you can use to calculate your admission chances.

Unfortunately, we have not gathered much data on how to use the Naviance college admission calculator and how the tool works.

Meanwhile, we will be working towards updated this article sooner to add more details about the Naviance college acceptance calculator.

We also promise to update and include more calculators and prediction tools as we continue to make more findings of them.


But for the main time, the Jilearners, Prepscholar, Campusreel, and Niche college admission calculators and prediction tools are the best and recommendable calculation tools.

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