Best College Graduation Gifts for Boys and Girls

If you wish to give a college graduate a gift that will be appreciated, then you should choose the best college graduation gifts. Interestingly, I have shared the best gifts for college graduates for boys and girls.

Every college grad starting a new phase of their lives, look forward to being gifted beautiful and lovely things  that is gonna assist them in the future from their family, friends and loved ones.

Graduations are usually very emotional as they are the end of one phase of life and the beginning of another.

Thinking of what to gift your college grad, then stay with me as I give you 20 gift ideas for college grads for both males and females.

20 Best College Graduation Gifts for Boys and Girls

  1. Trendy Diary With Lock

A diary is suitable for recording and inputting information. This gift comes in handy for that college grad leaving school. A good gift to offer your college grad. This goes for about $16.

  1. A Gift Card

Most college grads look forward to getting gift cards, therefore it is one of the best gift that you can give to your college grad.

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This is gonna help them some beautiful items they have been looking forward to, trust me your college grad is gonna thank you.


Amazon gifts cards are the perfect way to give them exactly what they are hoping for. Get yours on amazon for $20.

  1. Teddy Bear

Does your daughter love teddy bears? Then why not gift her on her college graduation day. Get lovely teddy bears with attractive colours at the rate of $20.

4. Sterling Silver Engraved Adjustable Bracelet

A beautiful bracelet is one gift that you can give to your  college  grads. Decorate her wrist with these sterling silver adjustable bracelet  that goes for only $31.99. Put a smile on her face by gifting her this bracelet.

5. Tumbler

Gift your college grad with a lovely class tumbler with different words of encouragement boldly written on it.

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Watch them smile as they read those words and everytime they make a cup of tea. Available for as low as $17.99.

  1. An Apple Wristwatch

A good wristwatch is suitable for tracking time and making sure they do not miss important meetings and events. Price goes for about $200.

  1. Perfume

Sure your college grad will always want to smell nice at all times. Gift them with lovely scented gifts, one gift you can never go wrong with. Available on amazon for about $120.

  1. Portable Speaker

Sure they would wanna plan a party after graduation. The best way to rock the party is with a lovely portable speaker. With just $90, you are sure to get one for your college grad.

  1. Apple Airpods

A unique and great gift you can offer to your college grad. Price ranges from $175 to $180.

  1. Duvet set

They are sure gonna need a new duvet for that new apartment. Gift your college grad with a new duvet set, its just the right gift for him. At an affordable price of $380, you can get one.

11. Coffee maker

Some college grad love to take their first thing in the money, that coffee maker gift will do justice to that.

Gift your college grad that chance to make their coffee to their own taste. Beautiful programmable java available on amazon for $160.


12. Beauty / Makeup Box (for girls)

Trust your college grad loves to look good and gorgeous. Gifting her an attractive beauty box wouldn’t be a bad idea. Available on amazon for $23.00.

13. Travel Luggage

Every college grad is definitely gonna travel some day, therefore one of the best gift ideas is a nice travel luggage where they can keep their stuffs and valuables. Price ranges from $125.00 to $130.00.

14.Travel Pillow

It could be so stressful traveling especially long distance journeys, therefore a travel pillow goes a long way in helping a college grad during times of travel. Get one on amazon for as low as $23.99.

15. Laptop Bag

A laptop is a portable personal computer that can be used for many reasons such as playing games, web browsing etc.


With a lovely bagpack, one can easily transport their laptop, chargers and other electronics from one place to another. A suitable bagpack cost about $40.00.

  1. Mattress

Sleep and rest is very important to the body, therefore a good mattress wouldn’t be a bad grad gift for your college grad. Beautiful and strong queen size mattress available for $850.00.

  1. A nice bottle of Champagne

Sending them a nice bottle of champagne isn’t a bad idea at all as they definitely need to celebrate their achievement. At about #64.00, you can get a very nice bottle of champagne.

  1. An Office Blazer

Every college grad look forward to starting their first job, hence an office blazer is one suitable gift on this list.

She’s definitely gonna be smiling to work wearing that blazer you got her. Price goes for about #250 depending on what brand you choose to go for.

  1. An excellent cookbook

Is your college grad the type that loves the kitchen space and loves to try out new recipes, then you should consider an excellent cook book as that perfect gift.

A cookbook that contains all the recipes of meals he/ she would like to try makes the best gift ever and guess what! you are just $19.00 away from getting that gratitude kiss planted on your cheeks.

20. An Hydro Flask


This is gonna help keep their drinks at the perfect temperature they need it to be, hot or cold due to its insulating power. Available on amazon for $32.00.

Every college grad deserves a good gift from for their achievements as being in college is not an easy job. Gifting them the right gift is is a good idea.

Graduation comes with a lot of responsibilities, hence offering them a gift that is gonna help in the course of life is definitely gonna go a long way abd they are definitely gonna thank you.

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