Best Courses To Study in Nigeria 2023 (Professional Courses with Jobs)

If you really wanted to know about the best courses to study in Nigeria in 2023, then here should be a good list to go with. This is just a detailed analysis of the most marketable courses to study in Nigeria.

Most of these courses are high paying courses in Nigeria with good job opportunities and high salaries for those that graduate with good grades.

So if you wish to know the best courses to study in Nigeria in 2023 that are lucrative and recommendable to study for a better future, and also the available courses that guarantee a job in Nigeria for science, arts, commercial, engineering and medical students, then here is a very helpful article that will guide you intensively to making a right choice on the best undergraduate courses to study in Nigeria Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges.

Interestingly, this article has all that you need and it will be answering all the related questions shown below;

  • What is the best course to study in Nigeria in 2023?
  • What are the most marketable courses in Nigeria?
  • Which course has more job opportunities in Nigeria?

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What is the Best Course to Study in Nigeria in 2023?

The best course to study in Nigeria is medicine and surgery and every other top medical-related courses like Nursing, Pharmacy, biochemistry, law, commercial courses, etc.

Best Courses To Study in Nigeria 2021 (Professional Courses with Jobs)

Although this question shouldn’t be treated solo, we have just quickly answer it and then further to explain more courses that are very lucrative and marketable in Nigeria below


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Check also:

Meanwhile, we understand that all students are not specifically science students. So check below for the best courses in other fields.

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What are the Most Marketable Courses in Nigeria?

When we talk of marketable courses, we are referring to courses that are attractive, with high potentials and are in high demand by employers or the general public.

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The following are the most marketable courses in Nigeria in 2023 for undergraduate bachelor’s degrees programmes.

  • Business management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Business Administration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing
  • Marketing
  • Clinical psychology
  • Mass Communication
  • Nursing
  • Laboratory Science/Technology
  • Law
  • Journalism
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Information Management Technology
  • Estate Management
  • Architecture
  • Building Engineering/Technology
  • Surveying
  • Civil Engineering
  • Banking
  • Financial Accounting/Finance

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Read further to see the highest paying courses, the overall 40 best courses, and the most profitable courses in Nigeria.

Courses with High Job Opportunities in Nigeria 2023

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Which Course has more job opportunities in Nigeria? Below are the courses with more job opportunities and high employment rate in Nigeria.

  1. Medicine
  2. Law
  3. Marketing
  4. Surgery
  5. Pharmacy
  6. Nursing
  7. Computer science
  8. Chemical Engineering
  9. Computer Engineering
  10. Electrical Engineering
  11. Education Courses
  12. Theatre Arts
  13. Building Technology/Building Engineering
  14. Land Surveying
  15. Estate management
  16. Mechanical Engineering

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Check below to see the overall 40 best courses in Nigeria in 2021.

Highest paid/High Paying Courses in Nigeria in 2023

The following are courses that pay very high when employed. There are the highest paid/high paying courses in Nigeria:

  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Law
  • Political Science
  • Medicine and Surgery
  • Computer Science
  • Estate management
  • Business Administration
  • Computer Engineering
  • Business management
  • Architecture
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Geology
  • Surveying

See more valuable courses on the category on most Profitable and overall best courses below.

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Most Profitable Courses in Nigeria in 2023

The most profitable courses in Nigeria are courses that graduates can easily utilize your acquired knowledge and make the most out of it.

The following are Most profitable courses in Nigeria:

  • Agricultural science
  • Business administration
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Business management
  • Marketing
  • Building engineering
  • Surveying
  • Building Technology
  • Law
  • Pharmacy
  • Medicine and surgery
  • Architecture
  • Surveying/Gio-informatics

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Check more lucrative and high paying courses in Nigeria that is recommended below.

40 Overall Best Courses to Study in Nigeria in 2023

What are the Best Courses to Study in Nigeria? The following are the 40 overall best courses to study in Nigeria if you want a better job in the future:

  1. Medicine and Surgery
  2. Business administration
  3. Medical Laboratory Science
  4. Pharmacy
  5. Mass Communication
  6. Business management
  7. Law
  8. Nursing
  9. Electrical Engineering
  10. Mechanical Engineering
  11. Civil Engineering
  12. Computer Engineering
  13. Pharmacy
  14. Accounting and Finance
  15. Economics
  16. Computer Science
  17. Pharmacy
  18. Chemical Engineering
  19. Electronic Engineering
  20. Estate Management
  21. Petroleum Engineering
  22. Civil Engineering
  23. Surveying
  24. Building Engineering/Building Technology
  25. Industrial Chemistry
  26. Biochemistry
  27. Science Laboratory Technology
  28. Industrial Physics
  29. Microbiology
  30. Marketing
  31. Agricultural science
  32. Architecture
  33. Political science
  34. Environmental Sciences
  35. Fishery
  36. Theatre Arts
  37. Land surveying and Geo-informatics
  38. Education courses
  39. Health education
  40. Architecture


Categorically, the best and most lucrative courses, marketable courses and high paying courses in Nigeria are:

  • Medical Courses
  • Business Courses
  • Engineering courses
  • Financial management courses
  • Construction courses
  • Education Courses
  • Pure science courses
  • Information Technology courses
  • Entertainment courses.

Finally, let’s come to general ranking and select a comprehensive list of the best courses to study in Nigeria in 2023 for undergraduate’s or Master’s programs.

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1 year ago

What of adult education

Anunobi Mc nkem
Anunobi Mc nkem
1 year ago

I want to study English and French Education
How good is it?

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Why geology is not written in overall best courses

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Is Public Relations a good and profitable couse to study

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There is no sociology why

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Is building technology a very good course

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Is theatre art a good and professional course

1 year ago

Is anesthesiology and radiology a good course to study in Nigeria

Kings delightee
1 year ago

I got 195 in my jamb and I want to do change of course ..I want to know which course will I change to that will not be main course ooo I will later switch, because I want to study law pls advice me on what to , institution IMSU ,ENG,GOV,CRS,LIT

1 year ago

Please is Botany and Ecological studies a good course

adetifa temitope
adetifa temitope
2 years ago

Please clinical psychology is a good course to study

Ageh Anita
Ageh Anita
2 years ago

please is anatomy a good course to study in Nigeria

2 years ago
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Yes!! Human Anatomy is a professional health related course

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courses with high job opportunities in nigeria

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