Best Science Courses to Study in Nigeria 2023 With Good Jobs

If you have been longing to know the best science courses to study in Nigeria 2023 that will pay very well and have high job opportunities, then here is a good information for you.

In this article, we are going to discuss deeply and explore the best science courses to study for a good job and why they are recommended.

Additionally, we have also covered the list of the best science courses for females, professional science courses in Nigeria, and the most lucrative science courses in Nigeria in 2023.

So if you will love to know all that and more, then read this carefully because this information is very rich and interesting and you canโ€™t afford to miss a piece.

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What to Know About Science Degree Courses in Nigeria

Science degree courses are one of the most valued degrees in the world. In fact, science is the fuel behind the world’s rapid transformation in terms of technology.

Analytically, science occurs and is applicable to everyday life situations, climate changes, growth, reactions, actions, movements, and every other thing you might think of.

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Science undergraduate degree popular known as B.Sc (Bachelors of Science) is the most widely acquired degrees and it very valuable as long as life, technology, development, advancement, etc is concerned.

Building a career in a good and professional science discipline is building a bigger future with great opportunities awaiting you.

After considering all these, we decided to make a comprehensive list of the best science courses you should consider whenever you want to apply to study for your undergraduate or graduate programs.

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Best Science Courses for Female Students in Nigeria

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The Easiest Courses to Study in Nigeria

If you are a female student in Nigeria looking for the best science courses in Nigeria for girls, then here are the best options for you.

  1. Microbiology
  2. Chemistry
  3. Physics
  4. Computer science
  5. Botany
  6. Zoology
  7. Fishery
  8. Geophysics
  9. Mathematics
  10. Biochemistry
  11. Geosciences
  12. Environmental science
  13. Science Laboratory Technology
  14. Geography
  15. Food Science and Technology
  16. Food Engineering

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Professional Science Courses to Study in Nigeria in 2023

If you are looking for a professional science course to study in Nigeria, then the following and the well known and recommended professional science courses to study in Nigeria:

  • Medicine and Surgery
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Physiotherapy
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Computer science
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Biochemistry
  • Science Laboratory Technology
  • Chemistry Science
  • Microbiology
  • Geo-informatics
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Biotechnology
  • Statistics

Most Lucrative Science Courses in Nigeria

Finally, the following are the most lucrative science courses in Nigeria that are capable of producing so much profit whether employed or self-employed:

  1. Agricultural Science: if you study agric science, you can apply it easily and make money without waiting for much or relying on employment.
  2. Computer Science: computer science is very lucrative and it can be applied to make so much money without waiting for employment.
  3. Pharmacy: A pharmacist can easily apply his skills to solving health challenges and earn so much money from that without relying on employment.
  4. Medicine and Surgery: medicine and surgery is a very professional science course that can be easily applied to earn a lot of money.
  5. Fishery: A fish business is a very lucrative business. Applying your fisheries skills to commercial fish farming can earn you so much money.
  6. Surveying: surveyors are mostly hired which means they have time and freedom to work with many clients and make so much money.
  7. Building Technology: Building Technology is also a self-employed science course that gives freedom to work with many clients at a time and make so much money.

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Best Science Courses to Study in Nigeria 2023

Note: when considering science courses, we are not limiting this to the courses under the faculty of science but we consider all courses that are related to science.

Important Updates;

What is the best course for science students? The following are the best science courses to study in Nigeria in 2023:

1. Medical Courses:

All medical courses are science-related courses that apply biology, chemistry, and physics to solving health-related problems and there are best for students in the science field of study.

The core science subjects for medical-related courses are Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and agricultural science.


Medical Courses include; medicine and surgery, pharmacy, nursing, physiotherapy, human anatomy, veterinary medicine, etc., and they are all science-related courses.

2. Engineering Courses:

Engineering courses are made up of core sciences like mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, geography, and agric.

Courses in the engineering field and also some of the best science-related courses in Nigeria and in the world at large for science students.

Recommended engineering courses are; chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, petroleum engineering, civil engineering, etc.

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3. Computer science:

Computer science is one of the best science courses in Nigeria that is highly recommendable for science students.

Interestingly, computer science is one of the well-known self-employment courses with so many opportunities for graduates from the field.

4. Mathematics:

Mathematics is another lucrative science course with so many job employment opportunities for its graduates.


Graduates from mathematics can become or work as lecturers, budget and data analysts to government or individuals, Actuary, math professors, and tutors, etc.

5. Physics:

Physics is a very professional science course. Physics is the mother of every other sciences/science course studied in universities.

Interestingly, physics is one of the best science courses that are widely applicable to both engineering courses and even medical courses.

A Physicist (graduates from physics) can work with so many other science professions in carrying out research. Additionally, such can also become a lecture when furthered.

6. Biochemistry:

If you check our list of the most competitive courses to study in Nigeria here, we will discover how valuable and competitive this course is to students in Nigeria.

Biochemistry graduates can work in hospitals, food companies, laboratories, breweries, pharmaceutical industries, health consultation firms, and other health-related firms.

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7. Chemistry Science:

Chemistry is another core science course that is very lucrative, widely applicable, and valuable as long as science is concerned.


Most engineering disciplines like chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, etc., apply chemistry widely in their field/discipline.

Chemists (chemistry graduates) have many job opportunities in pharmaceutical industries, chemical industries, laboratories, etc.

8. Microbiology:

Microbiology is a good and recommendable science course for science students. The only drawback of this course is that it does not have so many job opportunities in Nigeria.

Notwithstanding, microbiologists are very valuable in some advanced countries around the world especially if you have attained a master’s degree level.

Microbiologists can work in medical laboratories, hospitals, research firms by examining, analyzing, and experimenting with bodily fluids.

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Finally, there are so many other lucrative science courses in Nigeria which are not listed here to avoid stocking you with so much to read.

Note: We advise you to always follow your choice when choosing a course of study and your choice should always be what you have passion for.


Hey there!!! We believe you benefited a lot from this informative list of best science courses to study in Nigeria 2023 with high job opportunities.

We recommend you drop a thumb up and share this article with others. Also, feel free to ask questions and make your comments below.

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