Can I Upload O’level Result After Post UTME/Direct Entry?

Can I upload O’level result after Post UTME/Direct Entry? Can someone upload O’level result after Post UTME/Direct entry? Can I upload O’level result after screening?

Well, let’s start from the most important aspect of this. An o’ level result could be your WAEC/ NECO, GCE, NABTEB results or any other Ordinary level qualification that is requested by your aspired institution for their undergraduate admission.

This results can be uploaded as either one sitting or two sittings all depending on the performance and grades of the candidate in any of the O’level results.

Issues with Uploading O’level After Post UTME Screening

A lot of aspirants and applicants always neglect this particular step of processing their admission, most don’t upload it on time, most don’t even upload it while others get their results late, especially for candidates that are using awaiting result.

Uploading your o’ level to JAMB portal is an important factor that determined whether or not you would be admitted. Failure to upload your o level at the right time, is the first step of delay towards your admission processes..

Ignorance they say isn’t an excuse! So I am here to bring you clarity on all you need to know about uploading O’level results..

Let’s answer these questions together.

Is it Compulsory to Upload O’level result Before Post UTME?

No, it’s not!


Some candidates can be allowed to upload their O’level after Post UTME screening. Some schools may allowed to upload their O’level after the Post UTME screening exercise while some others may not.

For instance;

Just imagine withdrawing from an ATM machine without your bank debit card or without using the biometric processes, you can see how impossible it is right?

Uploading your O’level result is very important and inevitable, no matter the good grades in your O’level result, without uploading it to JAMB portal, JAMB and the school you apply to will not be able to know your O’level grades which would have been used to determine your chances.

Now, you may ask;

What if I am applying for a private university, a polytechnic, a college?”

Well, when it comes to uploading your O’level result, the institution you are applying to doesn’t matter because you are uploading it to the primary source that determines your admission which is JAMB, hence the body needs to know certain things about your O’level which will enable them check your chances.

Now, let’s focus on the main topic of today; can I upload my O’level result after post UTME?


Can Someone Upload my O’level Result After Post UTME?


You can upload your result after Post UTME with no penalty attached, no regrets at all..

This is a good news, right?

For sure, JAMB understands that it is not all candidates who have their results ready as at the time of UTME registration, as most candidates make use of awaiting result.

Also, some candidates’ results are sometimes withheld, some results like NECO could not be out on time before the post UTME of many schools.

Hence, candidates can upload results after post UTME while waiting for results to be released but will have to upload it before they can be admitted by JAMB.

In summary, you can upload o Level results before post utme or after post utme!

This doesn’t mean if you have the result with you that you should procrastinate.


No.. The earlier they say is the better..

Does JAMB have a deadline for uploading of o level result?

For JAMB there is no official deadline for uploading o level results, candidates are usually advised to upload results before their institution releases the admission list..

Admission is based on o level results with good grades, jamb score, post utme score.

This is to say you might be admitted by a school but it wouldn’t display on your caps because of your failure to upload your o level to jamb portal, you can see how important uploading of o level is…

I believe you know of this popular saying that quotes “Beware of dogs”, yes you really need to, when it has to do with your admission processes.

What do I mean?

The fact that JAMB doesn’t have a deadline shouldn’t mean you should be sluggish or neglect uploading your o level to school portal on time, you know why?

I guess you don’t, I’m trying to say that there will be a time you will upload your o level result and it becomes of no use if you delay too much to upload it as your school might have finished with their admission processes, this could occur if those with awaiting results are done uploading theirs.

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