Work and School Abroad Scholarship Opportunities for Nigerian Students

There are many work and school scholarships abroad, you only need to apply to the ones that interest you. Let us look at some of these scholarships: New Zealand Development Scholarships 2022/2023 for African and Developing Countries’ Students. This is a scholarship that is given to students from targeted countries in Africa to study in … Read more

US Embassy Global Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship Program for Non-U.S. Citizens

The US Embassy 2023-2024 Global Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship Program is a U.S scholarship program for Non-U.S. Citizens (students that are outside the U.S), including Nigerians. This scholarship which is also known as the Global UGRAD program is a very competitive scholarship program that is opened for students who are not citizens of United States. The … Read more

MPOWER Women in STEM Scholarship for Undergraduate Students

MPOWER 2023 Women in STEM Scholarship is designed for undergraduate students that wish to study in the United States for free. It is an annual scholarship awarded to women and DACA students who are interested in studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The students can either study in the United States or Canada. The … Read more

University of People 2023 Undergraduate Scholarship for African Students

This is another opportunity to apply and participate in the University of the People 2023 Foundation Hoffman scholarship for undergraduate students. University of the People (UoPeople) is the best Education Revolution. This one of the best non-profit and tuition-free American accredited University. The UoPeople undergraduate Scholarship is designed to financially assist qualified students, including African … Read more

Free Universities in UK for International Students 2022 |Study in UK Free

In this article, I have explained how international students can apply and study in the UK for free via the U.K free Universities listed below for international students in 2022. Studying abroad, especially in the UK has been made easy through financial aid. One of the best ways to study abroad right now, when you … Read more

Free Masters Degree Programs for Teachers with Certifcates 2022

There are free master’s degree programs for teachers with certifcates that are free for teachers. Some offer free certificate while some have certain price to obtain certificate. In this article you will know some how you can obtain a master’s degree as a teacher. A master’s degree is an advanced certificate that is more advanced … Read more

Scholarships in Europe 2022 for International Students

This is an updated list of the top Scholarships in Europe 2022 for international students from both developed and under-developed countries. We have come across so many students that have been asking for the available scholarships in Europe for international Masters, Ph.D., and Bachelor’s degree students in 2022. Because of that, we have decided to … Read more

List of Ongoing International Scholarships 2022 for African Students

This is the latest list of the current and ongoing scholarships for international students in 2022 in all countries for students who want to study abroad. Unlike many of our other study abroad scholarships opportunities that we have listed for individual countries, this very list is general for all countries. By saying general, we simply … Read more