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College Admissions Calculator: Free, Accurate & No Sign up

This is a free College admissions calculator, No sign up!. This College admission chances and acceptance calculator does not require any sign up. It’s free and accurate.

I have always wanted to be of help to College applicants. While I was thinking of how to provide a worldwide assistance, this idea came to me that I should put up this calculator.

Without doubt, this is a professional College Admissions Calculator that is designed to help you check your chances of getting into a any College of your choice.

One of the most important things I did while building this calculator was to work on the accuracy of the calculator so as to give the users an excellent output. I spent weeks to get this calculator to work perfectly and I'm grateful that the calculator is up and running.

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This College admissions calculator is a product of and it's loved by many users. Check disclaimer below.

This college admissions calculator uses the details/information that you entered into it to predict your chances of being accepted by the college you choose.

The calculator is made to predict your admission chances based on your qualifications. At that, the calculator uses the college admissions evaluation processes as a yardstick for predicting how much or less you stand a chance of being accepted.

STEP 1: How to Launch the Calculator

Launch the calculator: The calculator is already ready to be used. so the first step is to scroll down to see the calculator.

STEP 2: Select your situation

The second thing to do is to select the correct description of your situation. These situations refers to the advantage you have for choosing that particular school. After selecting this, click on the "Next" button to proceed.

STEP 3: Select your Institution Details

In this section, you have to select the institution that you want to gain admission into from the list of all schools listed. After selecting a school, you have to select the institution type and click on the "Next" button to proceed.

STEP 4: Your Admission Details

On the next page, you have to select the course that you want to study and it's faculty. After that, you have to enter your JAMB score in the next section and then click on the "Next" button to proceed.

STEP 5: Your O'level Details

On the next page, you have to select if you cleared the 5 compulsory subjects for your course. After that, you have to select if you are using 1 or 2 sittings O'level result. After that, you are to select the number of A's, B's or C's that you have in your O'level result for the 5 compulsory subjects needed for your course.

Note: The number of A's, B's or C's that you select should sum up to 5. Do not select more than 5 else, you will get an error message on the result page.

After selecting this, click on the "Calculate" button to to see your result. But if you get and error message, then make sure you go back and correct the details you provided.

While trying to use this calculator, you may run into errors when you follow wrong procedures. It's advisable to ensure that you follow the steps carefully and make sure to select/fill each section carefully and accurately so that your result can be calculated correctly.

Meanwhile, wrongly entered information and details will be spotted/highlighted at the result page for you to see and correct them.

Disclaimer: while using this calculator, kindly know that the calculator does not belong to any College/University in the U.S. The result you get from this calculator will not be used by any College to decide your eligibility for admission.

The result you get from this calculator is meant to educate you on how likely or not you can get into a College with your available qualifications. Meanwhile, you'll love the calculator.

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Omobolaji omolola Aisha
Omobolaji omolola Aisha
14 hours ago
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It was wonderful

Jude Idris
2 hours ago

Thanks for the recommendation!

7 days ago
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I love this calculator. It gave a lot of insights

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