Top Ten (10) Best College Of Education In Nigeria

Top Ten (10) Best College Of Education In Nigeria-Here in Nigeria, we view our colleges as a platform to train students who want to become teachers and vocational staffs someday. The reason this perspective is correct, it is not so in some cases. A university is a makeup of colleges unknown to a many individuals.

This is the difference between a college and a university, college offers courses for a specific subject. So we can say, a student who desires to gain the knowledge of the said specialization can apply for admission. These are a few examples of such discipline just like Education, Language, Science and Technology, Art, and more.

What is a College?

In all we’ve been able to put together for clearer understanding, a College of Education is an environment having so much information equipped with all the facilities needed to make and produce teachers with great excellence. These schools do not have the aim to build any informed graduate. It has stated down its interest to provide instructors and guardians who can in return, educate the future generations who wants to go into their various specializations as qualified professionals.

Top 10 Colleges Of Education In Nigeria

Here is the list of the college of educations in Nigeria.

  • Federal College of Education, Oyo (FCES)
  • Federal College of Education, Asaba (FCET)
  • Federal College of Education, Kano
  • State College of Education Gindiri
  • Tia Solarin University of Education
  • College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti
  • College of Education Warri (COE WARRI)
  • FCT College of Education, ZUBA
  • Alvan Ikoku University of Education
  • Niger State College of education, Mina


The Federal college of education special (FCES) is located in Oyo state. It was established and as well accredited in the year 1977. The vision and the aim of the school’s existence is to provide a place for the uneducated and disable individuals to get a quality education.

The educational ground of FCES has been visited many times by a number of years organizations like the UNDP to ascertain and observe carefully its quality of services. The report of the UNDP states: the school is not only the best of its kind in Nigeria, but also in West, North, East, and South Africa. The factors for such consideration rest on the quality of staff, their abilities, environment, equipment, teaching techniques, and assimilation of the students.

So far, this Federal established institution has seen the admission and convocation of a mackle of disabled people.

Presently, the school continues to educate its staff on how to utilize its advanced tools to inform its student properly. Now, to the other reason why this academy made it on our list of the college of educations in Nigeria and their school fees.


School fees for fresh students is #70,000


This is another lovely college of education that made it to the list of accredited colleges of education. This institution was brought into existence in Delta state, in the year 1968 by the Federal government of Nigeria. Since then, it has remained active under the management of the FG. The purpose of its creation is to promote vocational education which includes Science and Technology, arts, commerce, and social science.

Students of this institution are trained to the pick of academic excellence. Their objective for this is to ensure that they breed educatees who are equipped with all they need to function as both staffs of vocational education and instructor.

You need not worry about religious and cultural affiliation. Until date, FCET has no cultural or religious affiliation and is open to all interested folks.

Though their admittance fee was not displayed on their website, being a Federal college, its quote is not beyond N100,000.


The Kano College of education was founded and Established in the year 1961. Initially, it was the joint and cooperative efforts of both the Northern Ministry of education and the United States Aid international Agency (USAIA). The school started off with a little beginning, functioning in a building that was on lease owned by Giwale School.


At that time it was built to educate only men at its inception, but currently, the academy now serves as a place of learning for both genders.

The Federal College of Education Kano, started with only 40 students. Presently, it houses a lot of scholars and educatees who dream of becoming instructors as well as vocational staffs and has seen the graduation of lots of pupils.

As you can see, the creation of this institution aims to educate and build professional educationist. As long as the Federal College of Education Kano has housed a lot of facilities and staffs who are furnished with the knowledge and skill needed to provide a sound and quality education.

Being that this is a Federal college, the institution has no cultural or religious link. Although, via observations on its site, the number of individuals applying weigh largely towards one religion.


Gindiri is a region that is located in Plateau State. The purpose of this State College of education was to produce excellent teachers in science and technology, agriculture, art and so many other areas. Due to its purpose, its educatees and students begin their molding right from the first day.

People who get to visit or are schooling there are amazed by the efforts the school administration has put into promoting and enhancing a learning environment. There are good and amazing roads to the school, the classrooms are top notch and up to good standard, and the staffs are professions and more so experts in their fields.

In as much as the school has all these, being a state college, the tuition fee is low and very affordable. Individuals who like to study in the following department also put this school into consideration: Art, social science and Management, Agricultural Science and science & technology.


Due to the college of Education is a state school, you should have it in mind that school fees should be higher than N50,000 and around N60,000 per session.


Tia Solarin is an institution that has gotten it’s way to being in this list of accredited colleges of education in Nigeria. The school was founded and established in the year 2005, then the school was accredited and upgraded to a university by the Education Commission of the country.

Of course, before it became a full university, a well standard and proper investigation of its facilities and staffs were carried out. Presently, the university stands as the first of its kind to provide two certificates in education one is a Bachelors degree for education (B.Ed) and the other is a National Certificate for Education (NCE).

The university gained its name after a human right activist and educational administrator, by the name “TaiSolarin”. He was born in 1922 and  away in the year 1994.

As an individual aspiring to become a teacher and you live around Ogun State, or you do not bother about moving over to the region where the institution is located, you can find this unique institution in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State.


This amazing school is located at Ikere-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria. This happens to be one of the accredited college of education run by the state. Since its establishment, the institution has been managed and run by the state government of Ekiti state to train students or educates to become excellent teachers in any of their respective discipline.


The objective behind the establishment of Ekiti College of education is to real values to the educational sector. Having this goal in mind, the administration of this school has made the intentional move to secure an excellent environment for both their staff and students.

As a result of the school’s commitment, when you get there, you will see your school requirements for quality education have been secured and very much available. The school has committed staffs, an updated library, classroom that is very much conducive, amazing hostels and much more.

There are a large number of people in the school, students, staffs and workers. It is being recorded that population keeps adding, as the school sees applicants from different location of the region. Due to this fact, you should sit-up because there is a lot of competition.

People who have visited the institution do not have the issue of road challenges. This is possible because the school is in a place with a good road network.

This highest degree this institution provides is NCE programs in the following departments: Art, Social Science and Management, Science & Technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which College of Education is the first in Nigeria?

TASUED was announced by the Ogun State Government on the 29th of January, in the year 2005. It was later approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC) on the 28th of November, 2005, as the 76th and the first specialized University of Education in Nigeria.

  • Do college of education go for NYSC?

These programmes are generally the first part of a degree award (that is B. ED). So note that they are not equivalent to BSC Education or HND yet. With this said, only HND and BSC holders are allowed to serve at NYSC in Nigeria.

  • Can I enter college of education without JAMB?

When applying to a College of education, you need to sit for JAMB exam before you can be admitted into the school. What you need do is to apply for admission with your details and follow the registration procedure on their portal.


Final Note

College of education have given teachers more hope to be assured that after they have graduated from the college of education they can now target reasonable positions and big schools in Nigeria. Teaching is a career that comes with so much responsibilities and the college of education have professionals who have all it takes to training and getting you ready for such responsibilities.

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