Columbia Admission Acceptance Rate 2026 & Class Statistics

Let’s check out the Columbia acceptance rate 2026 for Early action, early decision and regular decision admissions.

To keep this information very simple and understandable, we’ve categorized the Columbia University acceptance rate 2026 into each entry class.

As such, the Columbia admission rate on this page is categorized into Columbia first-year acceptance rate, Columbia transfer acceptance rate and Columbia international students acceptance rate.

Additionally, you can feel free to check the Columbia University admission statistics and class profile at the bottom of this page.

Why Columbia Admission Rate 2026 is Low?

Generally, ivy league schools are known for having low acceptance rates lower than 10% because almost all ivy schools are hard to get in.

See: All Ivy schools acceptance rates here

The most common reason for a low acceptance rate at Columbia is because the Columbia University is an elite school that has a high academic standards and popularity.

As such, Columbia end up having a very low admission rates because it has to turn down majority of applicants to maintain its reputations, academic standard and class size.


But although Columbia is known to be one of the America’s most historically prestigious and selective institutions, it is important to also note that no acceptance rate is good and none is bad.

All you need to know is that it’s mostly selective, have high standard, prestigious, and competitive institutions that usually have low acceptance rates.

What is Columbia University Acceptance Rate 2026?

The Columbia University received a total of 6,435 Early Decision applications for the Class of 2026. Out of the 6,435 applicants, 650 students were accepted.

Therefore, the Columbia University acceptance rate for the class of 2026 is 10%

First-year acceptance rate at Columbia University:

The overall Columbia university admission acceptance rate 6.1%. Below is the breakdown of the admission rate.

What is Columbia University Transfer admission rate 2026?

The Columbia Transfer admission acceptance rate is between 10% – 50%.


What is Columbia regular decision (R.D) admission rate 2026?

The Columbia regular decision admission acceptance rate is 5.1%.

What is Columbia early decision (E.D) admission rate 2026?

The Columbia early decision admission acceptance rate is 10%

What is Columbia University international students admission rate 2026?

The Columbia International students admission acceptance rate ranges between 1.4% to 51%.

Columbia University has also recorded as low as 0.6% admission rate and as high as 51% acceptance rate for international students.

Columbia Admit Rate by Major

The Columbia University admission rate 2026 by major has shown that the following are the most popular and top majors at Columbia.

  • Social Science majors
  • Engineering majors
  • Computer and Information Science majors
  • Biological Science majors
  • Biomedical Science majors
  • English Language major
  • Literature majors
  • Mathematics and Statistics majors
  • History major
  • Visual and Performing Arts major
  • Foreign Language
  • Linguistics majors
  • Psychology major.

More information about the Columbia 2022 admission acceptance rate for the class 2026 and the 2026 class admission statistics will be updated on this page.

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