Cost of living in China Vs Finland for International Students 2022

The cost of living in China vs Finland for International students 2022 and the living expenses in China vs Finland for international students 2022.

Have you ever had the choice of two different destinations that you wish to study or pursue your but don’t know which to go for?

Could it be that the two choices of yours are China or Finland?

Anyways, if you are confused on which to pick, then not to worry as in this article, I will be comparing the cost of living in China and Finland.

Taking into cognizance the essential things needed by every international student, I will be comparing the cost of living in China vs Finland by categories;

Cost of Tuition Fees in China vs Finland for International Students 2022

Guess what? Tuition fees in  Finland are actually free of charge for students who are citizens of any of the European Union( EU), European Economic Area( EEA) countries or Switzerland.

However, if you are not from any of these countries, you are regarded as an international student and therefore you are required to pay a tuition fee.

Tuition fee in Finland ranges between $6000 – $20,000 depending on your institution and course of study.


Compared  to other countries, tuition fee in China are quite cheap and affordable. You can choose to study in either a public or a private university.

If your choice is a public university, then you should have a budget of $2,000 – $10,000. If it’s a private university you choose instead, then you will be needing between $20,000 – $30,000.

Tuition fees in both countries however depends on the city, institution and your course of study.

Cost of Accomodation in China vs Finland for International Students 2022

There various accomodation options available to international students in both countries. Ranging from the school dormitories and a rented apartment, students are free to make their pick depending on their budget.

In China, a student dorm cost about $150 – $400 depending on the institution you attend. However, some students choose rented apartments over a school dormitory.

The rent of an apartment totally depends on the city, however if you want to stay off campus, then you need between $300 – $1,000.

If you are looking for a way to cut cost, then you can share your apartment with a colleague and thereby splitting rent between each other.

Finland seems to be more expensive when it comes to accomodation. A student dorm in Finland costs about $160 – $400 monthly for a shared student apartment.


However, if you love your space and prefer to stay alone, then you can opt for a single room.

For an apartment outside the school environs, then keep a budget of $400 – $800 per month. And of course, sharing the apartment is definitely gonna help you reduce cost in terms of rent.

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Food and Feeding Expenses in China vs Finland for International Students 2022

The cost of food items in China and Finland varies depending on the city you reside.

Getting groceries from a local supermarket in Finland would cost you around $200 – $300/ month.

Interestingly, there are discount supermarkets in Finland. Therefore, to save cost, you can choose to shop at these discount supermarkets. A meal in a good restaurant in Finland will cost around $12.

China does not just have a good educational system, but it is also known for its interesting and delicious cuisine. A meal at  a  local chinese restaurant cost about $4 – $5. For groceries, you can keep a budget of $200 – $250 per month.

Now, let’s take a look at a little comparison between the prices of some food items in China vs Finland:

Food items China Finland
Loaf of bread $1.72 $2.11
Rice (1kg) $1 $2.14
Water (1.5ltr) $0.61 $1.47
Bottle of wine $11.56 $12.00
Domestic beer  $0.82 $3.00
Banana (1kg) $1.50 $1.75

Cost of Transportation in China vs Finland

There are various transport systems available to students. Ranging from buses to taxis, students have varieties to pick from depending on their pocket.

China possesses an outstanding transport system. A bus ride in the city cost about $0.5. If you prefer a metro ride instead, then you need about $1.

You can get a student transit card for about $15 to $20 per month. This can reduce cost on transportation bills.

Students prefer a public transport instead in Finland. Taking a bus in the city will cost you between $40 – $50.

If you are staying in the school dormitory, then you can take a walk to classes and save the cost. A monthly student pass in Finland costs between $35 to $50 per month.

Living Expenses in China vs Finland for International Students 2022

Well, China is a beautiful and attractive place for international students. It is one of the most sought after country by international students.

There are so many benefits available for international students in China such as government grant and scholarships, a good education system, low tuition fees, etc., hence making it a worthy and convenient place for international students to study.

Finland, on the other hand, is a very affordable place to live in, however when compared with China, living in Finland can be quite expensive.


In Finland, your budget totally depends on your location. In Finland, you need about 750 – 1000 USD per month.

Generally, the monthly cost of living in China for international students is about $500 to $700 while the cost of living in Finland for international students is about $750 – $1,000. As such, when we compare Finland with China, living in Finland as an international is more expensive than living in China.

Overall Comparison of Cost of Living In China and Finland

Cost of living China Finland
Accommodation $300 $500
Transportation  $19 $58
Tuition Fees less or more than $2000 less or more than $6000
Bottle of Coke $0.60 $2.40
Meal at a local restaurant $4.00 $12.80
Milk (1 ltr)  $2.00 $1.00
Mobile data  $15.00 $22.60

Therefore it is important to make a proper budget and ensure you are financially capable to study in China or Finland before embarking on your academic pursuit.


With the above comparison, it seems cheaper to live in China than in Finland. However, whatever country you decide to choose, you still need to be financially capable before embarking on your academic pursuit.

Always remember that whatever you spend  when you get to your choice country depends on your institution and the city where it is located.

International students however, are allowed to work per time, hence making some extra cash which can help out with bills. So what’s it gonna be? China or Finland!



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