Cost of living in Luxembourg for International Students 2023

A quick analysis of the monthly and yearly cost of living in Luxembourg for international students and those that are hoping to go over to study in Luxembourg.

Heard of Luxembourg and would like to study there?

Great choice!

Just before you proceed, Luxembourg is a small country in Europe and it’s surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany.

The country is blessed with beautiful environment and natural endowments such as Adrennes forests and nature parks and so many others.

Little wonder why international students choose to further their education in the country?

Luxembourg has a standard level of education. Apart from having a good education system, there are plenty of museums to visit and a lot of  castles for those who likes to mix school with a bit of adventure.

Why Study in Luxembourg?

Before I break down the cost of studying in Luxembourg for international students, let me quickly bring this to your advantage. Below are few reasons why studying in Luxembourg is recommendable:


1. Quality Education

Luxembourg is home to one of the top universities in the world and their certificate are highly recognised globally. Students get a whole lot of experience and self awareness.

2. Affordable Tuition Fees

Tuition fees in Luxembourg are quite cheap and affordable compared to other european countries.

3. Learn a New Language

Luxembourg has about 3 official language, Luxembourgish, french and german. You get the opportunity to learn these three languages while studying there.

Most Luxembourgers speak luxembourgish, however, english and Portuguese is also widely spoken.

4. Safety and Security


Luxembourg is a very safe country as it has a low crime rate, hence making it a convenient place to live and study in.

5. Financial Aids and Scholarship

There are various scholarship programs available for international students who wish to study in Luxembourg but cannot afford it.

The scholarship is usually offered by the government while some are offered by the university itself.

Nevertheless, to study in Luxembourg, it is important that you are financially buoyant to cater for your essential and necessary needs during your course of study.

This article will shed more light on what your budget should be if you plan on studying in Luxembourg.

Monthly Cost of Living in Luxembourg for International Students 2023

Due to the high standard of living, it can be quite expensive to live in luxembourg, nevertheless, you need between $800 – $1500 monthly to live in Luxembourg as an international student.

This will include the cost of settling your bills as an international student studying in Luxembourg. Let’ s take a look at the full budget and how your expenses will look like:


Cost of Accomodation/Rent in luxembourg for Students

There are student housing available for international students provided by the institution. Below are some examples of accomodation options for international students:

1. School dorm: This is the housing provided by the school and it comes with all the services like heating, internet etc.

2. Shared apartment: If you wish to live off campus, then you can rent an apartment located in the city which you study.

A one – bedroom apartment cost about $400 – $600. To cut cost of rent, it is advisable you share your apartment with a colleague. This way, rents can be split, hence making it much better and affordable.

3. Homestay: You could look for an Irish family to stay with during your time of schooling. This is nother way you can cut cost, as you will not be charged an accomodation fee.

Cost of Food/feeding in Luxembourg for International Students

To maintain a healthy life and stay in shape, what you eat is essential. Luxembourg is known to have various cuisines and dishes.

Prices of consumer goods in Luxembourg are quite comparable to other european countries. Eating a meal at a standard restaurant in Luxembourg may cost you about $7 – $15, depending on your eating lifestyle.

Notwithstanding, your feeding budget while schooling in Luxembourg should be around $500 per month.


Below is a quick breakdown of some food items in Luxembourg and their estimated prices;

  • Milk – $1.40
  • Eggs (a dozen)  –  $4.00
  • Apples  – $2.80
  • *Tomato( 1kg) – $4.50
  • Domestic bêer –  $2.00
  • Imported bêer –  $2.50
  • Loaf of Fresh Bread (500g) – $3.00
  • Red Meat –  $19.57

Cost of Studying in Luxembourgish University

Well, just like other european countries, the cost of studying in public universities in Luxembourg is different from cost of studying in a Luxembourgish private university.

Public Universities

Luxembourg has only one public university which is the University of Luxembourg making it the most affordable university in Luxembourg.

To go for an undergraduate and master’s program in Luxembourg as an international student, you will need about $1,000 – $6,000.

Also, note that the amount you will pay for tuition will also depend on your course of study. Specialised and professional courses like  Medicine will require you to pay more.

Private Universities

There are about 5 private universities in Luxembourg. Tuition fees in these higher institutions are quite expensive compared to the public university.


Tuition fees in a private university in Luxembourg ranges between $30,000 – $40,000. Here are the names of the private universities in Luxembourg:

  • Lunex University
  • Sacred Heart University, Luxembourg
  • Luxembourg School of Business
  • Miami University

Cost of Traveling Around Luxembourg

All public transportation such as buses, trains and trams in Luxembourg are free of charge for both citizens and foreigners since March 2020.

This gives students the opportunity to visit and explore places they have never been to. However, if you prefer using taxis, then you need a budget of of about $4 per km for each taxi ride.

Telecommunication and Internet Cost in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has a good and well connected mobile network, making it easier to stay connected to loved ones.

The cost of a Luxembourg sim card ranges between $5.00 – $100 depending on the brand you choose to buy from.

Hence, your monthly budget for phone calls and internet data should be about $300.


Every student studying in a foreign country ought to communicate time to time with their family and love ones. This can only be achieved through phonecalls. Hence, it is important to include this in your budget.


Are International Students Allowed To Work While Studying

Guess what? The answer is Yes!

You can work and earn yourself some income while studying in Luxembourg. International Students are allowed to work a maximum of 11 hours per week.


Although cost of living in Luxembourg can be quite expensive, Whatever you spend on a monthly basis depends on your location. You need about $1,500 per month to be able to live comfortably in Luxembourg.

Meanwhile, do not let lack of funds discourage you from reaching your goals. Remember, there are many scholarships available here for international students who cannot afford to fund their education. Hence, start the process.  Wish You Success!


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