Cost of living in Netherlands for International Students 2022

How much money will be required to study in Netherlands? What is the total cost of living in Netherlands for international students.

Studying for a degree in the Netherlands?

Oh wow! what a good choice. Apart from its diverse cultures and beautiful scenery, Netherlands is widely chosen by international students due to its good education system and a very affordable tuition fee.

Another good factor is that the Netherlands have the highest number of english taught programs in the whole of Europe, hence you do not need to worry about language as you can have your degree in an english program.

How Does it Feels to Study in Netherlands as an International Student?

You shouldn’t just choose to study abroad without reasons. While some students will look at the standard of education, others look at things like working and studying at the same time and many more.

Meanwhile, Netherlands offers exceptionally benefits to international students which is enough to attract as many as possible. Below are few reasons why Netherlands will be the best for you;

1. Quality education

Education in Netherlands is top notch and a certificate gotten from an higher institution in the Netherlands is highly recognized worldwide.


2. English Taught programs

Netherlands otherwise known as Holland is the first Non- english speaking nation that offers programs in English.

These programs are specifically for international students who do not understand the language spoken in Holland. So international students are not bent to learn Dutch before they can enroll.

3. Affordable tuition fees

Tuition fees in Netherlands are quite affordable when compared to other countries. Higher education in Holland has been subsidized by the government, hence the low tuition fee.

4. Comfort and Peace

General, the Netherlands is a very convenient and comfortable place for international students as it is very open, tolerant and welcomes all irrespective of race.

Nevertheless, finance is a very important aspect in your education pursuit as without it, it is impossible to pursue your academic dream. So let’s evaluate the cost of studying in Netherlands.


Is Netherlands Affordable for International Students?

Studying in Netherlands is more affordable when compared to the UK, however, when compared with european countries like Germany and Belgium, it is quite expensive. In Netherlands, you will get a high and quality education at an affordable fee.

Bringing us to the question every international student is seeking answer to:

How much does it really cost to live and study in the Netherlands? This and many more will be answered in this article.

Like every other country, it is of utmost importance that you are financially capable to take care of yourself and live a comfortable life while studying to get a degree.

It is a must that you include your living expenses when calculating your budget. This must include tuition fees, accommodation, feeding, transportation etc.

How much does it Cost to Study in Netherlands for International Students?

Cost of Tuition fees:

Tuition fees in Netherlands are quite affordable, however. Tuition in Netherlands is divided into statutory tuition fee and institutional tuition fees.

1. Statutory Tuition fee


This tuition fee is basically for students from Dutch and other EU/EEA country. It is a low fee set by the Dutch government and is the same in all universities.

2. Institutional tuition fees:

This is higher than the statutory tuition fee and is for other international students who are neither from Dutch or any of the EU countries.

However, there are 2 classes of universities in Holland. The research university and the University of Applied Sciences.

Meanwhile, the fee levels are the same for european students, but for international students, the research university is much cheaper than the University of Applied Science.

Nevertheless, you need to budget about $9,000 – $15,000 for a bachelor’s degree program and $8,000 – $20,000 for a master’s degree as an international student studying in the Netherlands.

How much does it cost for a student to live in Netherlands?

Accommodation is one of the most essential things to be considered when calculating  the budget you need to study in Holland.

First of all, housing in Netherlands totally depends on the city in which a student lives in. A small room in Holland cost around $300 – $600 per month.


Most international students prefer to live in the student accommodation, however apart from the normal fee charged, there are also additional charges like gas, electricity, water, etc., bills.

Hence, considering all these bills, you should make a budget of about $700 for getting an accommodation and settling bills as an international student in Netherlands.

Cost of Food/feeding in Netherlands for International Students

There are various restaurants and pubs in holland where students can eat out. The cost of a meal depends on the city in which you live in.

Bigger cities such as Amsterdam are quite expensive when considering cost of feeding compared to smaller cities such as Groningen.

On an average, you should have about $200 per month for feeding. Also, the best way to reduce cost and save yourself some money is by cooking your own food.

Cost of Transportation in Netherlands

Although there are various public transportation available in Holland, the Dutch love to make use of a bike. It is the most popular form of transportation and yes! It is very cheap and affordable.

You could get a new bike at $500. However, if you cannot afford a brand new one, you can opt for a fairly used one which goes for $200.

But if you prefer a public transport instead, then there are trains, buses, metro lines, and all you need to do is to make a choice.


Taking a train in Holland cost around $5, however, with $2, you can take a bus to your destination. But the best way to manage your transportation cost is by getting an OV Chipcard.

This card costs around $8 and is valid for 5 years. The OV Chipcard are of two types, the personal OV Chipcard and the anonymous OV Chipcard. Both costs around $8, however, you’re gonna need around $20- $25 when using a train.

Monthly Cost of living in Netherlands for International Students

Finally, taking into consideration all the expenses mentioned above, you will need between $900 – $1500 per month to live in Netherlands as an international student.

This cost might be more or less depending on the city which you live in. If you think the fees are too high, then do not worry as you can manage your expenses by getting a part time job or an internship.

Another good way to manage cost is by getting a  student discount card, this will help you during your visit to pubs, restaurants, cinemas etc. Goodluck.

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