Monthly Cost of living in Russia for International Students 2022

As the world’s largest country, Russia occupies one- tenth of all the land on the earth. The Russian landscape varies from desert to frozen coastlines, tall mountains to giant marshes.

About 120 ethnic groups are found in Russia and they speak over hundred languages. Having its capital in Moscow, Higher education in Russia is within the Ministry of Education’s jurisdiction and there are both public and private universities in Russia.

Students in public universities might not necessarily need to pay tuition fees, however the case is different for private universities.

Enough of the stories!


  • How much do I need to live and study in Russia?
  • What should be my budget if I plan on studying in Russia?

Answers to these and many more are required by international students who have chosen Russia as their choice destination for studies.

If you are one of them, then put a big smile on your face as I provide the answers to your questions in this article. Therefore, ensure to read to the end as I discuss on the various budget needed when planning to study in Russia.

Knowing the cost of living in Russia helps students plan their budgets effectively. The Russian currency is called the Russian Ruble and is designated as RUB. 1 RUB is equal to Rs 0.96.


Below is the cost of living in Russia, accomodation cost, transportation cost, feeding cost etc.

Cost of Tuition in Russia for International Students 2022

The cost of studying in Russia depends on your institution and the program you wish to study. Studying a medical course cost about $4,000 to $5,000, hence lower courses are way cheaper.

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Cost of Living in Russia for International Students 2022

Finding a good accomodation is important as these has a very big impact on your academic performance as a student. There are different accomodation options for students. These are:

1. University hostel

This accomodation is provided by the school and is usually a very cheap option when considering accomodation.

Most international students opt for university hostel as apart from its affordable price, students also get the opportunity to mingle with students from other nationality and race.

A hostel accomodation cost about $10 to $500 depending on your institution and its location.


2. Private Apartment

This is more expensive than the university hostel. It gives more comfort and students who love their privacy usually to stick to this option. This could cost a little  between $500 – $800.

Cost of Transportation in Russia for Students

Students make use of different transport services on a daily basis, hence a budget for transportation cannot be over emphasized.

From buses to taxis to trains, students can find  all kinds of transport service in Russia. A bus service in Moscow costs as low as $1, hence it is much cheaper in other cities.

Students can also opt for a student discount which can get them  a subway which cost about $6 per month in Moscow, however, this card is way cheaper in other cities.

Cost of Food/Feeding in Russia for International Students 2022

It is important that one knows the cost of food inorder to make an appropriate budget. The cost of food totally depends on a person’s location and type of food.

Students living in expensive cities like Moscow is likely to spend about $500 for food while those in smaller cities could keep a budget of $200 to $300.

A grocery bag containing items like pasta, bread, fish, fruit, milk etc cost about $60.


Cost of Medical insurance and healthcare in Russia for International Students 2022

It is important that every international student has a medical insurance. This allows you to be treated at the student clinics, state hospitals or any medical centre.

On arrival in Russia, international students are required to get a Voluntary Health Insurance (VHI) policy. It cost about $160 to $200 to get a health insurance policy.

Entertainment Live in Russia for Students

Apart from the important and basic things needed by an international students, there are other expenses to be made as students might want to go see a movie in the cinema or probably want to get a new pair of jeans and other clothing to change their wardrobe.

To ease the stress that comes with studying, students also love to unwind and catch fun. There are so many lounges and bars where students can sit out and have a chilled bottle of beer.

Entry into a club in Russia is absolutely free, however you may need to get a drink. A cocktail drink in a club in Moscow cost between $6 to $8. This is definitely gonna be cheaper in other cities.

These and many more should not be overlooked when calculating the total amount of money needed to live in Russia.

For example, a movie ticket in Russia cost about $300, hence for a students who love seeing movies should keep a budget of about $400 for each movie you plan on seeing.

Monthly Living Expenses in Russia for International Students 2022

Taking into cognizance of what is written above, an international student needs about $300 to $400 monthly to live in Russia. But other minor expenses listed below may also occur.


If you want to get new clothes, the  the following are the cost of some clothings in Russia

  • 1 Summer dress – $50
  • A pair of leather jeans – $92

Also,  international students who wish to learn the Russian language outside of the university will need a private tutor to teach them and this is gonna require a fee of about $25 per hour.

Cost of Internet and Telecommunication in Russia for Students 2022

International students are not allowed to use sim cards from their country, hence the need to get a new sim card. Sim cards are sold in phone stores at the cost of about $4 to $6.

However, students will.need to register their sim cards inorder to activate it, inorder to do this, students are required to present their national passport and a migration card.

Also, students also get to buy data to solve problems like researches and projects.

Cost of Books and Stationeries

Students also need writing materials to aid their school work, hence making it one of the things to be considered when planning a budget. Purchasing books and stationeries will cost you about $5 to $15.


Taking into cognizance of what is written above, an international student will need about $300 to $400 monthly expenses to live in Russia.

Scholarships are available for international students, therefore creating ease and relief in terms of expenses.


Living in Russia is way cheaper and affordable compared to other European countries. If Russia is your choice destination, trust me, it is your best bet.

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