Cost of Starting a Poultry farm in Nigeria 2023 -Cost Analysis

Starting a poultry farm is a very good idea especially in Nigeria and taking the cost of starting a farm into consideration is one of the first steps to setting up a poultry.

To start with, poultry is one of the most profitable agriculture business in Nigeria. It has a very high profit margin and poultry farmers in Nigeria are very successful.

Starting poultry in Nigeria is a very good business idea. Although there are some drawbacks in the poultry business, the profit outweigh the drawbacks.

But let me advise you, before you start a poultry business in Nigeria, you must make sure that you know how the business system works so that you won’t end up doing the wrong thing that may shutdown the business.

Equipment Needed to Start a Poultry Business in Nigeria

If you are new to the poultry business, then it might look a little difficult for you to sort out things, especially if you don’t have someone that is grooming you.

The items needed to start a poultry business in Nigeria depends on many factors like your budget, the kind of birds you want to raise and the standard of poultry that you want.

If you know the kind of poultry farm you want, it will be easier to budget the amount and the items that you need. Generally, you will need the following items to start and run a successful poultry business in Nigeria in 2023;

  • Housing Equipment such as poultry house or cage
  • Egg Handling Equipment such as egg handling net
  • Feeding Equipment such as feeders
  • Vaccination Equipment such as drugs, syringe and others
  • Brooder Equipment such as bulbs and warmers
  • Water Equipment such as drinkers and water dispensers
  • Day Old Chicks. See their prices here

Cost of Poultry Equipment in Nigeria 2023

Poultry Equipment their Prices
Poultry house or cage N70000 to 200000
Egg handling net N3000 to 10000
Feeders N1000 to N4000 per one
Vaccination budget around N30000
 Bulbs and warmers budget 5000
 Drinkers and water dispensers budget N1000 to N2000 each

Amount Needed to Start a Poultry Farm in Nigeria

Like I said earlier, the amount needed to start a poultry farm in Nigeria varies depending on one’s budget of how big or small the poultry farm will be.


To start a poultry farm in Nigeria, you will need between five hundred thousand naira (N500,000) to two million naira (N2,000,000) depending on the kind of farm you want.

The factors that will affect the amount that you will need to start will include the size of the farm, the kind of birds you want to raise, the environment you are living and the cost of equipment at that particular time that you are starting.

Cost of Starting a Small Poultry Farm in Nigeria

You can start a small poultry farm with about 20 to 100 birds with as little as fifty thousand naira (N50,000) or highest, seventy thousand naira (N70,000).

I have seen farmers who start a Poultry farm with even less than N50,000 and I have seen some who start with as high as N5,000,000 to even N10,000,000.

Now the truth is, you must start with a very huge amount. In fact, it is better to start small especially if you are just coming into the business so that you will not run into lost and loss your money.

In conclusion, the cost of starting a Poultry farm in Nigeria in 2022 varies, you start a poultry farm in Nigeria with as little as fifty thousand naira and you can still start it with as high as N10,000,000 depending on your budget and your target.

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