List of 126 Courses Offered in Polytechnics in Nigeria 2022

Welcome to this updated information on the list of courses offered in Polytechnics in Nigeria in 2022 based on different fields of studies.

In this post, we have covered the list of about 126 science, arts, commercial, and social science courses that are offered in Nigerian polytechnics.

One thing you should know is that polytechnics in Nigeria do not offer as many courses as universities do (especially art and commercial courses)

Originally, Polytechnics in Nigeria were known as Technical institutions and were originally focused on engaging in research to develop human and material resources to improve technology.

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List of 126 Courses Offered in Polytechnics in Nigeria in 2022

Note: the listing below comprises both science, arts, commercial, and social science courses offered in Polytechnics.

If you find it difficult scanning through the long list below then kindly check out;

List of Courses Offered in Polytechnics in Nigeria in 2022

Without saying many words, below is the updated list of the 126 science, art, and commercial courses that are offered in Nigerian polytechnics in 2022.

  1. Agricultural Technology
  2. Agricultural And Bio-Environmental Technology
  3. Animal Health and Production Technology
  4. Anthropology
  5. Arabic and Islamic Studies
  6. Arabic Language
  7. Arabic Language and Literature
  8. Arabic Studies
  9. Archaeology
  10. Architectural Technology
  11. Arts And Design
  12. Arts And Industrial Design
  13. Biomedical Engineering Technology
  14. Building Technology
  15. Boat And Ship Building Engineering Technology
  16. Chemical Engineering Technology
  17. Civil Engineering Technology
  18. Computer Science
  19. Computer Engineering
  20. Cooperative Economics and Management
  21. Aircraft Engineering Technology
  22. Explosive Ordinance Technology
  23. Dental Technology
  24. Dental Therapy
  25. Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology
  26. Estate Management And Valuation
  27. Fashion Design And Clothing Technology
  28. Fine and Applied Arts
  29. Fine Art and Design
  30. French
  31. French and International Relations
  32. French, German, or Russian
  33. Food Technology
  34. Forestry Technology
  35. Hausa
  36. History
  37. History and Archaeology
  38. History and Diplomatic Studies
  39. Horticultural Technology
  40. Horticulture And Landscape Technology
  41. Foundry Engineering Technology
  42. Fisheries Technology
  43. Hospitality Management
  44. Glass and Ceramics Technology
  45. Geological Technology
  46. Mechanical Engineering Technology
  47. Mechatronics Engineering Technology
  48. Marine Engineering Technology
  49. Water Resources Engineering Technology
  50. Nautical Science
  51. Metallurgical Engineering Technology
  52. Mineral Resources Engineering Technology
  53. Minerals And Petroleum Resources Engineering Technology
  54. Nutrition And Dietetics
  55. Optometry
  56. Orthopedic Cast Technology
  57. Prosthetics/Orthotics Technology
  58. Printing Technology
  59. Petroleum Engineering Technology
  60. Petroleum And Gas Processing
  61. Photogrammetry And Remote Sensing
  62. Pharmaceutical Technology
  63. Quantity Surveying
  64. Polymer Technology
  65. Science Laboratory Technology
  66. Leather Technology
  67. Textiles Technology
  68. Wood And Paper Technology
  69. Industrial Maintenance Engineering Technology
  70. Industrial Safety And Environmental Engineering Technology
  71. Wildlife And Eco-Tourism
  72. Surveying And Geo-Informatics
  73. Cartography And Geographic Information System
  74. Welding And Fabrication Technology
  75. Medical Imaging Technology
  76. Economics
  77. Mathematics
  78. Government
  79. English and Literary Studies
  80. English Language
  81. Creative Arts
  82. Literature in English
  83. Civic Education
  84. CRS/IRS
  85. Yoruba or Igbo or Hausa
  86. Geography
  87. Chinese
  88. Christian Religious Studies
  89. Classical Studies
  90. Communication and Language Arts
  91. Communication Arts/Studies
  92. Comparative Religious Studies
  93. Creative and Visual Arts
  94. Criminology and Security Studies
  95. Drama/Dramatic/Performing Art
  96. Economics and Development Studies
  97. Efik Ibibio
  98. English and International Studies
  99. German
  100. History and International Relation
  101. History and International Studies
  102. History and Strategic Studies
  103. Igbo Linguistics
  104. International Studies and Diplomacy
  105. Islamic Studies
  106. Kanuri
  107. Languages and Linguistics
  108. Languages and Literature
  109. Linguistics
  110. Linguistics and African Languages
  111. Linguistics/Edo
  112. Mass Communication
  113. Modern Languages
  114. Music
  115. Nigerian Languages
  116. Philosophy
  117. Philosophy and Religious Studies
  118. Political Science
  119. Psychology
  120. Religious and Cultural Studies
  121. Religious Studies
  122. Sociology
  123. Sociology and Anthropology
  124. Software Engineering
  125. Theatre Arts
  126. Theology
  127. Yoruba

Is it Good to Study in a Polytechnic?

Yes!!! Studying in a Polytechnic in Nigeria is as good as studying in a university. Meanwhile, graduates from the two may not be treated the same.

In some cases, graduates from a university may have an advantage over a graduate from a Polytechnic in terms of job search.

Meanwhile, a lot of employers have confidence in recruiting polytechnic graduates since they are believed to have more practical exposures than University’s graduates.

Finally, gaining admission and studying in a polytechnic is easier, faster and sometimes cheaper than studying in a University.

Now, the choice is left you to make. But make sure you make the right and always study in any institution you see yourself.

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