Duke Acceptance Rate 2027 |2023 Early & Regular Decison Admission Rate

From all indications, the Duke acceptance rate 2026 further proof that Duke University is one of the most competitive colleges to get into.

Duke is said to be one of the prestigious schools in the United States and it ranks among the top 50 most competitive and hardest Universities to get into in the United States.

Maybe you may love to know that getting into Duke University is not hard if you have what it takes especially if you follow information like this.

Duke admission rate relatively shows that the College only accept students that it feels are suitable and perfectly matched with the College vision and mission.

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Just to give Duke applicants an accurate information they need about the Duke admission, I have published the Duke acceptance rate and admission statistics to help applicants know their chances.

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How Many Students are Accepted into Duke each Year?

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Duke University does not have a specific number of students they admit each year but the number of students Duke accepts depends on each incoming class size.

Half the applicants that are accepted into Duke University have average SAT score between 1470 and 1570 and those with ACT score, between 34 and 35 with other important criteria.

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However, Duke offers admission to intelligent, creative, and enthusiastic students with talent and persistence, ambition and curiosity, energy and humanity.

Duke First-year Freshman Acceptance Rate 2026

If you applied to Duke University as a first-year student, then be guided that the Duke freshman admission is very holistic.

Before a student is accepted into Duke, such student must be properly evaluated in all aspects through their application and submitted documents.

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Important factors for Duke University acceptance include academic record, personal interests and extracurricular activities, accomplishments, experiences, perspectives, background.


Duke University has an extremely low and selective acceptance rate. Duke acceptance rate is 8% for first year freshman admission. Check detailed admission statistics below.

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Duke Transfer Acceptance Rate 2022/2026

Most transfer students at Duke are enroll as sophomores, while few others enroll as juniors. Duke accepts about 50 transfer students from other colleges or universities every fall.

With about 50 students being accepted into Duke University every fall, Duke transfer acceptance rate falls between 3% to 7% and it has remained so for about five years.

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Duke Early Decision (ED) Admission Rate 2026

Duke University’s Early Decision (ED) Acceptance rate is 16.7%. This simply implies that Duke admits about 16.7% of the total early decision applicants.

Meanwhile, Duke seems to accepts a higher percentage of applicants during the early decision (ED) compared to regular decision applicants.

Duke Regular Decision (RD)  Admission Rate 2026

The Duke University Regular Decision (R.D) acceptance rate falls between 4.0% and 6%. This also implies that Duke admits just 4% of it’s regular decision applicants.


From the analysis, Duke early decision (ED) acceptance rate is 4 times higher than that of the  regular decision admission.

Duke International Students Acceptance Rate 2026

Duke University is a popular school with about 664 international undergraduate students on campus, out of about 6,682 total undergraduates.

The Duke University’s international students acceptance rate is 9%. To be accepted by Duke as an international student, you must be able read quickly and express yourself orally, verbally and in writing and also meet all other academic requirements.

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