Class of 2026 Early Action (EA) Notification Dates for All Colleges 2021

While you are still dreaming your way down to the College, we’ve wish to inform you of your college application progress and when to expect notification.

As such, we hereby bring to you the class of 2026 early action (EA) notification dates for all colleges for the 202January 2022 incoming classes.

If you have submitted an application via the Early Action (EA) plan, this information will be helpful to keep you abreast of your College’s class of 2026 early action notification dates.

Bonus: while waiting for decision, you need to keep yourself away from anxiety and stress, here are the 6 best ways to reduce stress while waiting for admission decision.

Why Early Action is Preferable to Early Decision?

Before you hover to the listing, we wish to educate you on few reasons why the Class of 2026 Early Action is Preferable to Early Decision.

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How long do college admissions decisions take for early action?

Early action students receive decision very early, creating room to plan for Regular Decision. Some of the benefits of applying for Early Action are:

  • It is nonbinding option
  • A student is free to gain admission to as many schools as possible
  • Early action has a higher chances of being accepted
  • A student are not bound to attend if he or she is accepted by a college
  • Early action provides the benefit of learning early about a college admission decision process

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Early Action (EA) Class of 2026 Notification Dates for all Colleges

Feel free to check the Class of 2026 Early Action (EA) decision date for your school below.

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Name of Institution Early Action, Class of 2026 Notification Dates
Babson College January 1st (EA)
Beloit College December 2 (EA1)
Case Western Reserve University December 21 (EA)
Chapman University Early Feb (EA1)
Colorado College December 20 (EA)
Emerson College Mid-December  (EA1)
Georgia Institute of Technology December 11 (EA1)
Loyola Marymount University Mid-December  (EA1)
Macalester College December 19 (EA1)
Miami University – Oxford December 15 (EA1)
Northeastern University February 1 (EA1)
Providence College Late December  (EA1)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute January 29 (EA1)
Saint Michaels College December 5 (EA1)
Santa Clara University Late December  (EA1)
Sarah Lawrence College Late December  (EA1)
Sewanee: The University of the South Late Jan (EA1)
Southern Methodist University Mid-December  (EA1)
Texas Christian University January 1st (EA1)
Tulane University January 15 (EA1)
Union College December 18 (EA1)
University of Chicago December 17 (EA1)
University of Richmond January 25 (EA1)
University of Virginia Mid-February (EA1)
Villanova University January 15 (EA1)
Virginia Polytechnic Institute Late February (EA1)
Willamette University December 30 (EA1)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute January 15 (EA1)

Note: if the early action does not work out for you, kindly make sure you work on your profile and prepare for Regular Decision.

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