Forensic Science Jobs in Nigeria 2021 |Job Opportunities & Vacancies

If you are a forensic scientist in Nigeria then here are the best forensic science Jobs 2021, job opportunities, and available job vacancies for you to grab and utilize.

In this article, we have listed the available Job vacancies for forensic scientists in Nigeria.

Additionally, we have also explained in detail at the bottom of this page how you can qualify for a forensic job in the Nigerian Police Force.

Note; the highest paying forensic job vacancies in Nigeria are those in the government security and law enforcement sectors.

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So grab the forensic job opportunities below and utilize them by applying to your acquired skills.

Where Do Forensic Scientists Work in Nigeria?

Government Sector: if you are lucky to secure a forensic science job from the federal or state government, then you will likely work in one of the law enforcement agencies

The most popular forensic job in Nigeria is in the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) department of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID).


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In the SCIID unit, you may be assigned the duty of carrying out intelligence investigation of crimes and making intelligence reports that will help in further investigations.

Private Sector: if you are employed to work in a private sector, then you likely be employed as a forensic accountant, a forensic investigator, a forensic analyst, etc.

Do well to check the available governmental, state, and private jobs for forensic scientists in Nigeria below.

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Attention: kindly know that before any federal, state, or private sector can employ you in their company, you have to submit your forensic science qualifications which may include;

  • Diploma or Degree in Forensic Science
  • Professional forensic skills
  • Work experience (sometimes)

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Forensic Scientists Salary in Nigeria 2021

Before we proceed, we think it will be helpful to share the estimated forensic scientists’ salary structure in Nigeria with you.


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available forensic science Jobs in Nigeria 2021, job opportunities and job vacancies

Firstly, kindly know that there is no fixed salary for forensic scientists in Nigeria. Salaries vary depending on the company you are working for or the position you are handling.

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Statistically, the table below shows the estimated salary for forensic scientists in Nigeria depending on their job positions;

Forensic Job Position Minimum Salary Maximum Salary Expectation
Forensic DNA analyst N120,000 N500000
Forensic Engineer N100,000 N600,000
Crime investigator N150,000 N550,000
Forensic Accountant N80,000 N300,000
Fingerprint analyst N120,000 400,000
Forensic Technician N80,000 N300,000
Evidence technician N90,000 N300000
Forensic specialist N120,000 430,000
Crime laboratory analyst N130,000 550,000
Forensic medical examiner N120,000 N470,000
Forensic investigator N150,000 N530,000
Forensic Criminologist N120,000 N520,000
Forensic psychologist N100,000 N420,000

Note: you may only earn high when working with governmental agencies. But if you are working in the private sector, the expected salary may be lower than stated above.

Forensic Jobs Vacancies in Nigeria 2021

The following are the available forensic jobs opportunities and job vacancies in Nigeria 2021 to try out.

Note; make sure you do personal findings directly from the companies to your satisfaction before applying.

Job Positions Company Locations Job Status
Forensic Investigator Alfred and Victoria Associates Lagos State Open
Forensic Investigation United Bank for Africa (UBA) Headquarters Open
Forensic Analyst First Bank Headquarters Close
Forensic Investigator and Internal Control Stanbic IBTC Lagos Open
Forensic Auditor Lagos Leventis Function Open
Financial Control and audit Stock gap Fuels Limited Lagos Open
eFraud and Digital Forensic Investigation First Bank Headquarters Close
Cybersecurity and computer forensics Asseco Software Nigeria Open
Investigations/forensic audit Montaigne Place Lago Open
Principal Investigation and Forensic Accountant African Development Bank Headquarters Close
Junior Internal Auditor Montaigne AH Limited Lagos Open
Financial Crime Control Smilet Nigeria Close
Audit Junior Trainee Recruitment Nexia Agbo Abel Abuja Open
Cybercrime Expertise Expertise France Nigeria Open
Operational Risk Stanbic IBTC Bank Nigeria Open
Fraud System Analyst Supervisory Nigeria Open
Forensic Program Assistant  International Committee of the Red Cross Nigeria Close
IT Experts on Cybersecurity and Computer forensics Expertise France Nigeria Open
Forensic Structural Engineer EFI Global Lagos Open
Forensic Biologist Sunrose Consulting Lagos Open
Internal and Fraud audit MTN Osun Open
Senior Network Administrator and Computer forensics Josheke Solutions Lagos Open
IT Application Security Analyst and computer forensics Standard Bank Lagos Open
Computer Analyst/Forensic Investigator DCSL Corporate Services Limited Nigeria Close
Information Security and computer forensics 9mobile Nigeria Osun Open
IT Security Engineer and Computer forensics Growth in Value Alliance Lagos Open
Forensic Accountant Daa Rhoda Farms Limited Owode Open
AML Compliance Investigator – Tier III Chipper Cash Lagos Open

More Forensic Job Opportunities in Nigeria.

To secure a Governmental forensic science job in Nigeria, make sure you do the following:

  1. Make sure you have a degree in forensic science
  2. To gain a suitable degree, apply for admission into the Nigerian Police Academy (NPA) to study forensic science
  3. If you have a degree already, apply for the Nigerian Police recruitment.
  4. Apply for the department of State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID).
  5. If you are accepted, then you have automatically become a forensic scientist in the Nigerian Police Force.

Those are the available forensic science Jobs 2021 in Nigeria, job opportunities, and job vacancies for now.

We promise to keep updating more. At the moment, show us some love by sharing this with others.

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