JAMB CBT Practice Questions and Answers 2023 for All Subjects

Welcome to Jilearners free JAMB Practice questions and answers for 2023. This is for all JAMB subjects, including science, art and commercial subjects.

As a way of assisting and contributing to the effective preparation of candidates for the 2023 JAMB exam, I have launched a free JAMB CBT practice tool 2023 for all subjects and all JAMB candidates.

Please kindly check the instructions on how to use it below.

This free JAMB CBT practice tool for 2023 JAMB candidates contains free JAMB CBT practice questions and answers for 2023 candidates.

Using this CBT practice tool is 100% free. We don't ask you for any registration fee! No sign up required! No need to download! You can start using it instantly.

JAMB CBT Practice tool for all subjects

How to Use this Free CBT Practice Test Tool 2023

These instructions are provided to guide you on how to use our JAMB CBT Practice Test Tool for 2023 without having into any issues.

In this explanation, I am going to take the Agricultural Science JAMB CBT practice test 2023. So follow my steps .

Step 1: Locating a Subject

First of all, you have to scroll to the bottom of this page to select the subject that you want to take the exam on. On reaching the subject, click on the plus button (+) to expand it as shown in the image below.

Step 2: Selecting a Subject

When you expand a subject as shown in the step 1 above, you will see the drop-down of the subject. At this this stage, click on the “Select Me" button as shown in the image below.

Step 3: Starting the Exam

After selecting the subject, you will be redirected to the subject's exam page. You are expecting to go through the exam format to understand how the exam will look like.

On the same exam page, scroll down a bit and click on the “Start Exam" button as shown in the image below.

Step 4: Checking your Exam Time and Remaining time

While taking the exam, it is important to monitor your exam remaining time to avoid running out of time.

What will happen if you run out of time without submitting the exam?

You took this into correction when building this tool. So if you run out of time without submitting the exam, the system will automatically submit the exam for you and show you your result.

To check check your remaining time, look up to the top of the exam page to where you see “Remaining Time" and there you will see your exam remaining time. It will look the image below.

E.g Use of English 2022

Step 5: Click on the “Start Test" button to Start your test for free

Step 6: to select an answer, you have to click on the “Radio Button" beside the answer to select it as your correct option

Step 7: Click on the “Next" button to proceed to the next question

Step 8: Click on the “Previous" button to return to the previous question

Step 9: Click on “Clear" to clear your selected answer

Step 10: Click on “End Exam" to end your test

Step 11: Click on “Submit" to submit your test and see your result

Step 12: Scroll down to the bottom of the test to see the questions you got right and the ones you got wrong

Step 13: Click on the “Restart Exam" button to take the test again

Step 14: you can scroll down to select another exam year or subject.


Select a subject below to Start


Please if you love our free JAMB CBT Practice Test 2023 tools, then kindly share with others and tell other candidates about this page.

Feel free to drop your comments, make suggestions, make corrections or ask a question using the discussion section shown in the comment section below.

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26 days ago

Pls other subjects refused to open so we can practice

Blessing power
Blessing power
29 days ago

Other subjects can’t open

1 month ago

Only English opened

1 month ago


1 month ago

Am done

Nwafor Mary ann
Nwafor Mary ann
1 month ago


Efejuku Jennifer
1 month ago

I was able to answer only english, the other courses was unable to open

Blessing power
Blessing power
29 days ago

Well agric can

2 months ago

Thanks for this educative website it was really helpful

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