Free Masters Degree Programs in Social Work 2022 Online & Offline

Do you know that you can enroll for free masters degree programs in social work 2022? If no then follow me while I share the information on how to go about it with you.

before we proceed, a master’s degree is a very important certificate for advancement of series of opportunities, knowledge, respect and so on.

But here, we will talk about the importance of obtaining a master’s degree in social work, about social work, how you can get scholarship/grant for tuition-free study in social work.

Lastly, I will list and explain some of the schools that offer free master’s in social work. But before we talk more about social work, firstly we need to know a little about social work master’s degree program.

Master’s Program in Social Work

There are many social workers all over the world but the most common but BLS is the Child welfare workers, in which their roles are to help families, children and elderly ones to solve their problems.

Graduates and professionals in social work also help to connect parents who which to adopt and also with resources to take care and raise their children.

They come to the aid of student who are victims of bully by working with the students and teachers, learning disabilities, and other problems.

In mental health workers, their role is to helps individuals find long term mental health care. As a professional social worker in the medical sector, you may work with;

  • Medical and Public Health sectors to aid individuals who are sick with different chronic disease.
  • Giving appropriate healthcare
  • Access to medical facilities and resources such as Medicaid and Medicare.

The Social Work Profession:

The social work profession is a practice-based profession that concerns with the development of an individuals, groups, families, communities, and the society at large to meet the basic needs and as well to enhance social functions, healthiness and self determination.

Social work is the ability of an individual to perform their social functions within their self, environment and the society at large.

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Social Work Career

As a professional career, social work combines psychology, biology, sociology, health, political science, law, economics and community development to form it’s scope.

In the 1980s, some universities adapted social work management programs which aids in preparing students for management of social works and human services.

There are may areas in the social work profession and you can play the key role of mental health professionals in many areas like;

  • Leading large non-profit and small scale organizations
  • Assume roles in government or politics
  • Assume leadership roles in communities.
  • Working for social justice.

The social work career is divided into two;

  • Micro-work, which involves working with small groups.
  • Macro-work, which involves working with communities.

Social work is also sub-divided into three which includes;

  • Child welfare workers, families and schools social workers
  • Social workers in the Medical and Public Health sectors
  • Mental Health and Addictions Social Workers

Universities Offering Free Social Work Master’s Program 2022

  1. Open University: Open university offers free online social works courses which include readings. Courses offered are divided into different parts that outline a specific content.

List of free Social work Courses in Open University:

  • Social Work Learning Practice
  • Social Work and the Law in Scotland
  • Ageing and Disability
  • Social Work Learning Practice at Open University
  • Social Work and the Law in Scotland at Open University
  • Ageing and Disability: Transitions into Residential Care at Open University
  • Social Care, Social Work and the Law – England and Wales at Open University

Others Universities Offering Partial Tuition-free Social Work Master’s Programs

  1. John Hopkins University
  2. University of Southern California
  3. University of California Davis
  4. University of Pittsburgh
  5. University of Toronto
  6. University of Geneva
  7. University of Michigan
  8. Tomsk State University
  9. Emory university

Free Online Masters Degree Programs in Social Work 2022

There are also free online courses been offered in the universities mentioned, they are;

  • Opioid Crisis

Opioids are drugs often used as medicines because of their effectiveness in pain reduction, but they are highly addictive.

If misused, it can lead to crisis of the health. So in these field you we be able to learn about the medical and non medical use of opioids.

  • Introduction to Psychology

The University of Toronto is one of the leading institutions in research and innovations. Introduction to Psychology expresses more on interesting experiments and also expresses how the Human mind and their behaviors work.

  • Psycho- diagnostics and Psychological Assessment

The course is offered by Tomsk State University/Coursera, the course has five modules and it’s been broken into four to six topics.

And finally you may want to know where social workers might work. Social workers cannot work in every environment. So here are list of places social workers can work.

Other Ways to Obtain Study Social Work Master’s Degree for free in 2022

There are many other ways to undergo a master’s degree in social work for free in 2022 depending on which way is more favourable to you.


A student who is very intelligent can obtain Scholarships or financial aid from the school he or she is applying to, while a student who finds favor can obtain grants for tuition or any other things.

Listed below are ways you can obtain free aid and support to undergo a master’s degree program in social work for free:

1. Scholarships

Scholarships are awards given to a student or individuals for many purposes mainly for student of individuals who merits it. Those who merit it are said to be qualified in academics and vice versa.

Students who merit scholarship find it easier to pay tuition and somewhat having a comfortable life in the educational field.

Scholarships can be given to student or individuals by Government, Individuals, Private companies, and mainly from the academic institutions etc..

There are many Scholarships programs online in which a student or individuals can makes research based on the particular field of study.

2. Grants


Just like scholarships grant can be offered to students or individuals for different purposes.

The difference is that grants are mostly need-based that means financial statements is been provided during the application from individuals. The financial statements been provided comprises of your Bio.

3. Commitments Based On Services

Commitments are been made by the institution or organizations in which you are working for. Through these organizations, pathways for obtaining tuition are being met.

The organizations or institutions you worked for may provide financial awards to assist you.

4. Loans

There are students loans from banks or any private organizations that is been provided to student with minimal interest rate.

But its for the individuals or students to look careful at the interest in order for them to be able to pay back at a favorable conditions.


Researches on the organizations offering loan for students need to be considered.

Loans can actually help a student to obtain tuition either for long term or short term purposes.

5. Fellowship

In fellowships certain costs are been covered during studies in the University. It’s helps student to focus on their goals, motives and brings about development in the institution.

Where Social Workers Can Work?

  • Mental Health Clinics
  • Child Welfare
  • Schools
  • Social Service Agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Settlement Centers
  • Community Development Corporations
  • Private Practice etc.


With this piece of information, I believe you have known the how to enroll for free masters degree programs in social work 2022. Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

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