Free Online Masters Degree Courses and Programs 2022

We have updated the list of free online masters degree courses and programs in 2022 for graduates from any country around the World.

Do you know that one of the best ways to get enrolled for a Master’s degree program at the comfort of your home is through online Masters Degree Programs 2022?

Well, if you didn’t know, then here is an eye-opener to learn from and take a step to acquiring a master’s degree free of charge at the comfort of your home.

Are you interested in finding out how this can work for you? If yes, then carefully go through this article and you will see how to go about it from the start to the end.

Take a break!!! Before you make a choice, know that Post graduate Degree (Masters, PhD, Diploma, etc) are very important for employment.

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If you have a Masters in your discipline, then the chance of you securing a high paying salary job position is higher than those with just a Bachelors degree.

So whether it is an online of offline Postgraduate program that you are going for, have in mind that you are building a better qualification and chances for your job position.


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What to Know about Online Masters Courses?

So what actually happens if you wish to further for Masters after your Bachelor or Pre-Masters Diploma but does not have the required capital?

Free Online Masters Degree Programs

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Won’t it be a good-news to see an opportunity to go for your Master in an international country for free?

In fact the best part of this good news is that you can start and end the Master programme at the comfort of your home and receive a certification that is of same value as those that pay huge amount for an offline Masters program.

When enrolling for an online Master s program, you should know that you can benefit the following at the end or during the program:

  1. You can work while schooling
  2. The degree qualification you receive at the end of the program is the same as every other offline degree qualification
  3. You can study abroad within the confine of your home
  4. Your chances of being qualified for any job position increases
  5. You would not need a visa or any travel document before achieving your aims
  6. Your academic honour also increases

Is There Free Master’s Degree Program?



There are many free online and offline master’s degree programmes that are completely tuition-free and there have been listed on this page.

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Are Online Masters Degrees Accepted for Employment?


Online masters degree is acceptable for employments. Many employers accept it for any job position and some employers use it as an advantage over those with none.

Since the world is going digital, many employers prefer taking those with advanced digital and internet research skills to work with them than picking a mere Masters degree holder.

I general, master’s programs are usually more of research (including internet research) work and the internet has played a very important role in intensive research for Masters programmes.

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How to undergo an Online Masters Degree Program

To undergo an online or offline master’s degree program, a student must meet the following entry requirements;

  • Undergraduate Degree (Bachelor’s degree) or a Pre-masters diploma in a related field of study
  • In the case of a Bachelor’s degree, the student must not have below a second class lower honour
  • Students who have below a second class lower must first enroll for a pre-master diploma
  • Other requirements will be base on the student’s field of study or the school he or she apply for.

Who is qualify for free international online master’s degree programmes?

All international students who meet the requirements for the school and course are accepted for these kinds of programmes except in cases where the program specifies eligible countries.

To effectively prepare for such programs, the student should make sure to meet the entry requirements, have a high GPA and other academic records with good personal skills.

Countries that Offer free Masters Degree Courses

The outstanding and known countries that offer free Masters courses online and offline includes:

  1. Norway: Norway is located in Europe and Norway has the highest number of free Master’s Programmes for both national and international Master’s students. See free Master’s programs in Norway here.
  2. France: France is also an European country with free Master’s degree and low tuition fee programs
  3. United States: U.S offers numerous free and low tuition fee Master’s degree programs for both international and U.S graduates going for masters.
  4. Germany: Germany is another country that has numerous number of free Master’s degree programs. Check out some free Master’s programs in Germany here.
  5. Switzerland: Switzerland has limited number of free Master’s degree programs with a lot of low tuition fee master’s programs. Check free Master’s degree programs in Switzerland here.
  6. United Kingdom: UK is another European country with many low tuition fee and some free Master’s degree programs. See list of free universities in UK for Masters.
  7. See list of all free Universities in European Countries for Masters here

Free Online Masters Degree Programmes 2022 for Graduates

Preferably, a lot of Master’s students always opt for a programme that will not take all their time. In such cases, an online program will be recommendable.

If you are targeting free Master’s degree programs that are mainly online, then the following will suit you:

  1. Master’s in Kentucky at the Berea College
  2. Master of education at University of People
  3. Free Masters programs in Kentucky at the lice Lloyd college
  4. Masters in New York at the University of New York through the Macaulay Honour College
  5. College of the Ozarks free Master s degree programs
  6. Masters in New York at the New York University of Medicine
  7. MIT Media Labs Program
  8. Masters degree at the Weill Cornel Medical College
  9. Masters of music at Curtis Institute of Music
  10. Free Master’s programs at the Webb institute
  11. MBA program in management at the University of people

Other online school that offer short but accredited online and certificate master’s degree programs at a very cheap fee are;

  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • Udacity (Nanodegrees)
  • Stanford University (free)
  • LinkedIn Learning)
  • UC Berkeley Courses (free)
  • Harvard University (free)
  • Skillshare (free)
  • Alison (free)
  • Google
  • Khan Academy

Note: if you can boost your degree from a Bachelor’s degree level to a Master’s degree level, you are automatically creating more job chances and opportunities for yourself.

So it advisable to enroll for a Masters degree especially for the trusted ones that can be done online through the free online Masters Degree Programmes 2022 listed above or through other means suitable for you.

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