Free Universities in Nigeria 2023. No Payment of School Fee

Welcome to today’s edition as I will be listing out some of the free universities in Nigeria without paying school fee and those with very cheap fees.

Thinking of how to further your education to obtaining a bachelor’s degree in your field of study in Nigeria, as a Nigerian with little or tuition-free?

Just read this article till the end as you will get to know if they are free universities in Nigeria and the lists of the free universities in Nigeria.

Major Expenses in Nigerian Schools

The major expenses when schooling in a Nigerian university are:

  1. Tuition fees
  2. Acceptance fee
  3. Transportation
  4. Buying of materials
  5. Payment of dues
  6. Buying of textbooks
  7. Hostel fee
  8. Feeding

The cost of studying in some Nigerian institutions is solely based on the school of your choice i.e to say ownership, if the school is a private enterprise, then the cost would vary from that of a state or federal enterprise.

When considering the cost of studying in a school, miscellaneous and accomodation should be brought into consideration as well.

The most expensive federal university in Nigeria has an annual tuition fee of 81,500 while the least federal university costs 20,250.

The most expensive state university has a tuition fee of 76,000 for indigenous Freshers and 176, 000 for non indigenous Freshers..


The most expensive private university in Nigeria has an annual tuition of 2.4 million naira while the cheapest has an annual tuition of 600,000.

Note: Tuition fee excludes feeding, accomodation, transportation, textbooks, hand outs and other miscellaneous you can possibly think of.

Tuition fees varies in different schools, different courses, and for non indigenous students for state universities.

Your choice of institution, course and location will determine the expenses you will make.

Is University free in Nigeria?


University education is not free in Nigeria. The federal Government once emphasized on making higher education free in Nigeria but later hit the back button.

Meanwhile, they’re some universities in Nigeria that are free and some offer exclusive scholarships.

Are there free Universities in Nigeria?

Like I said earlier, they’re some universities in Nigeria that are free for Nigerian students, some are tuition free, while some offer free schooling through scholarships.


Some private universities in Nigeria offer exclusive scholarships to its students while some offer full time free tuition to its students.

The first free university in Nigeria

The first free university of Nigeria is known as FUN which stands for Free University of Nigeria, followed by the OPM free university.

FUN was originally proposed to be an online distance learning platform for Nigerian students. This university was proposed to have it official site at King’s Deck Alternative Road Chevron Drive Lekki, Lagos state.

The school was an intended project by Nigerian youth philanthropist who sees education as the right of every citizen. The sole aim of FUN was to make higher education available to even the less privileged.

Meanwhile, the Free University of Nigeria was later not approved by NUC and as such, the school is yet to open and resume it activities official.

Steps to establish and manage a free university in Nigeria has proven abortive as the popular Free University in Nigeria also known as FUN is yet to open.

But we still have hopes of having a free university in Nigeria as Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere the OPM church pastor has said to establish a 100% tuition free university with free hospitals and estates for accommodation, the education in this OPM free school will be technologically based.

List of free universities in Nigeria

There are currently two proposed free universities in Nigeria. This two universities are said to be 100% free for all Nigerian students. The two proposed 100% free universities in Nigeria are;

  • Free University of Nigeria (FUN)
  • OPM Free University (OFU)


At this juncture, it is believed that you have known the two free proposed free universities in Nigeria which may be licensed and approved by the NUC to start operation very soon.

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