Hotel Jobs in U.S with Fully Sponsored Visa

It is possible to get hotel Jobs in the United States that sponsors the visa of workers, these jobs comes with description and the period of time they will last.

You must get an offer with an employer which you must be sign before processing your visa in the immigration office.

It is very important to be sure of the job offer to avoid falling into the hands of scammers, this is why we have this article to list some of the legit hotel jobs in the United States with fully sponsored visa.

Guest Environment Expert – H2B (Marriott International, Inc)

This hotel is located at Vail, Colorado and it needs the services of a full-time guest environment expert who will take care and maintain the appearance of the hotel and keep it clean at all times.

The wage is placed at $19.00 for every hour plus other amazing benefits like paid sick leave and time off, health care benefits, life insurance and coverage for disabled people.

The job description include :

  • Cleaning rooms and other parts of the hotel
  • Meeting the needs and requests of guests
  • Stocking carts
  • Helping guests to have a great experience at the hotel
  • Moving, carrying, lifting, pushing, pulling objects that weigh less than or equal to 50 pounds without assistance.

Banquet Server (Radisson Hotel, Chicago Illinois)

This job is permanent and full-time, it requires the service of a banquet server who will make sure clients and guests are satisfied at all times.

It is expected that applicants must have behaviour fitted for a server as full and genuine hospitality are the major strengths of the hotel.


Teamwork is expected of every worker so applicants must be willing and committed to exhibiting this trait. The pay is enough for the job requirements and there are other allowances and benefits that comes with the job.

Some of the job description include:

  • Set tables for guests using Radisson Hotels Americas standards
  • Serves food, drinks and things to guests while refilling when necessary
  • Provides room service of food and drinks to guests
  • Clears the table after guest are done eating. This should be done using Americas standards of removing dishes and wares.
  • Cleans banquet rooms and kitchen areas after any function.

Guestroom Attendant (Four Seasons, Minneapolis Minnesota)

Four Seasons is currently looking for a guestroom attendant to keep the rooms clean to the expectations of the guests.

The worker is paid an attractive salary with other benefits like medical and dental insurance, life insurance, retirement plan, accomodation, drycleaning of staff uniform, complimentary meals and training for staff.

The job requirements include:

  • Replace dirty towel and sheets with clean ones
  • Clean a certain number of rooms including bathroom, carpet, marbles and tiles
  • Sanitize guest rooms from time to time according to the procedure outlined by the hotel
  • Make the bed and replace basic amenities like soap, shampoos, lotions, stationary after use.
  • Remove dishes, service trays and carts from rooms.

Room Attendant – Extension H2B (PlacementPro, Naples, Florida)

This is a temporary job based on contract basis, the pay is about $14.00 – $18.96 for an hour. Applicants are expected to have at least 6 months experience working at a high-end hotel, resort, or private club. Also, the job will likely last for the period of one year.

Apart from the salary, other benefits are available for workers. These benefits include shift, tips , and transportation allowance. The worker is expected to do jobs like:

  • Cleaning all rooms and areas in and around the hotel
  • Disinfecting rooms, emptying waste basket in all the rooms and disposing waste after collection
  • Folding and replacing linens and towels
  • Scrubbing and cleaning floors using machines
  • Lifting objects that are about 50 to 100 pounds without assistance.

Overnight Guest Relations Agent (Four Seasons Hotel – Miami, Florida)

You can decide to work on part-time or full time basis but the job is just temporary. The role requires an agent who is enthusiastic and have passion to help guests experience the best time while in the hotel.


To be qualified for the job, you must have at least one year experience working in a luxury hotel with a sound knowledge of computer.

Strong command of English both in speaking and writing is highly needed, note that you must work night shifts at times.

While working in this hotel, you are sure of getting attractive wage ($17.00 per hour) with an amazing retirement plan, travel packages and discounts, free medical and vision checkup, health insurance, paid time off and parental leave, and events for staff development.

Job description for the agent will include:

  • Creating procedures for welcoming guests
  • Be familiar with all room rates and quote them to customers correctly
  • Handle reservations, changes and cancellations when reservation staff are not available
  • Select rooms for arriving guests, and register them as well
  • Escort guests especially VIPs and returning guests to their rooms

Event Coordinator (World Journal – Whitestone, New York)

This job is specifically full-time and in need of someone who can provide excellent customer service to guests while managing events.

To be qualified for the position, applicant must have one year experience working as an event manager or a customer service representative.

Health insurance, dental insurance, 8 hour shift and an hourly pay of $18.00 – $20.00 are some of the benefits the job comes with.

However, applicants must have US work authorization before application. Some of the job description are:

  • Creating and presenting proposals in English and Chinese
  • Can write and interview effectively in both languages – English and Chinese
  • Can efficiently execute events and carry out media promotions and marketing

H2b In Country ONLY Room Attendant / Laundry Worker (Basin Harbor – Vergennes, Vermont)

This job requires the services of room attendant and a laundry worker. While the room attendant cleans the rooms and keep housekeeping storage area clean while the laundry worker sorts, washes, fold and stores towels and linens. The pay is about $25,000 – $33,000 for a year.

Some of the criteria for the job are strong communication skills and great commitment to the job. Workers must have at least 3 months experience in the hospitality industry with a high school or GED certificate.

Ability to use equipment like vacuum cleaner, golf cart, floor machines are required. The job requires bending, lifting up objects (30 lbs) and other movements.

Job description for the room attendant include:

  • Cleaning the rooms and housekeeping storage area
  • Checking for supplies in each room and report deficiencies or errors in any room
  • Take care of any cleaning tasks assigned for each day
  • Writing down the completion of each task and returning the sheet to the supervisor or manager at the end of each day.

A laundry worker will have responsibilities like:

  • Sorting and weighing dirty linens and towels
  • Use the washing machine to launder the soiled linens
  • Fold the washed towels and linens using the folding machine and folding manually in some cases
  • Inspect all linens for quality before storage
  • Take care of low quality linens following the departmental procedures
  • Wash linens manually for linens that are made with special materials
  • Report any error or problems with laundry machines.

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