How The High School You Attended Affect Your College Admission

There are so many important questions on “how the high school you attended affect your college admission” that have been answered on this page.

Although so many counselors will not tell you this, the truth is, there are some top colleges that consider the high school you attended before admitting you.

Okay! I think I am going faster than I am supposed. So let me explain to you gradually! You are not alone on this, every other college applicant ought to know this.

This is a comprehensive explanation of how the high school you attended can affect your college admission chances and how colleges consider your high school for admission.

Question: Does high school affect college admissions? The big answer is YES!!! See detailed explanation below.

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Does High School Affect College Admissions?

How The High School You Attended Can Affect Your College Admission

It is very true that where an applicant attended his/her high school may have major impacts on their chance of being admitted into some colleges.


As an applicant, it is very important to have in mind that the high school you graduated from will have a role to play in whether or not you will be admitted to some top colleges just the same way the college you graduate from may have an impact on job applications.

Do Colleges Care what High School you went to?

Yes, many university’s colleges care so much about the high school you attended and the reputation of the schools.

It is believed that some universities and colleges mostly consider applicants from higher-ranked high schools with reputation.

Checking statistically, we have seen clear evidence of students that attended a top-tier high school gaining advantages in college admission over others from low-ranking high schools.

Meanwhile, the course load a student took in high school will have an impact on whether or not some colleges, especially competitive ones, will accept you for admission.

Now, pay attention to this, some of the reasons why the high school you attended can affect your admission is because;

  • Admissions officers will always compare your performance to the rest of the students
  • They will also consider the classes your high school offer.
  • They may also consider the reputation of your school.

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Do Colleges Consider How Hard Your High School is?

We have established that some colleges will consider the high school you attended during admission, but is there any advantage to those who attended hard high schools.


Do colleges take into account the difficulty of your high school?

The answer is a capital YES!!!

Universities/Colleges do consider how difficult your high school is but within the context of your school system.

Do colleges know how hard your high school is?

It is also important to ask questions like, Do colleges know how hard your high school is? The answer is also YES!!!

In fact, that’s an important factor to some colleges and it helps them to understand more about your high school system.

How do colleges know how hard your high school is?

Simple!!! Your high school transcripts that are usually sent to a college go in handy with a brief ‘profile of your high school‘.

Importantly, your high school profile contains a summary of your high school system and that includes your high school;

  • Class size
  • Grading system
  • Grading policies
  • Average grades
  • Tests scores, etc.

Interestingly, admissions officers in colleges will in turn use the above profile to consider the impact of the school system on your overall performance and grades.

Note; this is mostly used for analytic purposes and it may not be used as a favor for admission.


All we know and believe is that college admission is fair and students are considered and treated equally.

How does your high school affect college admissions?

Up there, we established that colleges do consider how hard your high school is but not as a favor for admission.

Meanwhile, colleges admission officers consider few things about the high school you attended and use them for admission.

The first thing a college will consider about your high school is its grading policies.

In high school where the peers are so competitive and the grading system is too tough, average students may find it difficult to be at the top of their class.

The truth is that your performance in such a school, even if it is considered low, doesn’t mean you are not intelligent enough and colleges know this.

In such cases, your grade may not affect your admission negatively because colleges will always do well to view and compare your performance within the context of your high school system.

Which Colleges Consider the High School you attended?

Although it is believed that most colleges, if not all, consider the high school an applicant attended during the admission process, they are notable colleges that are well known for that.


Proofs on Colleges That Consider the High School for Admission.

According to the Chicago Tribune report filed on May 14, 2015, at exactly 11:45 AM by Gerald Bradshaw, the Harvard Crimson reported that in Harvard’s Class of 2017, about 6% of the students admitted came from just 10 high schools which are known to be top-notch.

Does high school reputation matter?


After considering all the explanations above, you will know that the reputation of a high school matters to colleges because the freshman year in many colleges is just a repetition of the senior year in high schools.

Finally, if your high school is one of the top-notch that prepares students effectively through college counseling programs with a college curriculum, it will be a great advantage for your college admission.

At this juncture, we believe you have known how the high school you attended can affect your college admission.

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