How Many Eggs can 500 Layers Lay in a Day, Week and Month

Do you want to know how many eggs 500 layers can lay in a day, week or month? If yes, then this is a very good information that will give you a detailed analysis.

Keeping account of your poultry farm is one of the best and recommended things that a poultry farmer must do especially for the purpose of records.

How about keeping a statistical data of the eggs that your fowls lay? Of course, it also very important and also recommendable.

There are so many reasons why you should know how many eggs that your fowls can lay in a day, this will help you know things like;

  • If your fowls egg laying has dropped
  • If your workers are truthful
  • If you are making profit or not

How Many Eggs can 500 Layers Lay in a Week

500 matured layers that are healthy can lay up to three thousand five hundred (3,500) eggs in a week depending on their age.

500 healthy young layers that are just starting to lay eggs can lay up to two thousand nine hundred(2,900) eggs in a week because they can skip laying eggs some days.

500 old layers (very matured layers) will lay between two thousand five hundred (2,500) to two thousand seven hundred (2,700) because by that time, their egg laying will surely drop and some of them will start skipping.

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How Many Eggs can 500 Layers Lay in a Month

500 matured healthy layers can lay about fifteen thousand (15,000) eggs in a month.

500 healthy layers that are still young or that are thirteen thousand (13,000) eggs in a month.

500 old layers can lay as much as ten thousand five hundred (10,500) eggs because by that time, they will not lay much egg as before and some of them will start skipping.

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How Many Eggs can 500 Layers Lay in a Day

500 matured healthy layers will lay up to five hundred (500) eggs per day. Healthy layers lay at least one egg within 24 hours.

Most times, the number may drop due to poor feeding and diet. Poor feeding and poor diet can affect egg laying. Another thing that can affect egg laying is disease. Sick birds may not even lay egg.

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