How to Calculate/Predict your College Admission Chances 2022

This article is gonna guide you on how to calculate and predict your college admission chances in 2022 using four (4) tested and trusted methods.

If you wish to know your chances of getting into any college or the college that you have applied to, then you’ll love and appreciate this.

Although there are no arithmetic formulas to use in calculating admission chances but there are alternative ways you can do that on a go.

But in this article, we are going to explore more accurate 4 ways you can use to calculate your College admission chances and know if you’ll get in or not.

How To Predict Your Chances of Getting into a College.

There are four (4) good methods you can use to predict your chances of getting into any college and the four recommended methods are:

  • Prediction method
  • Analytical method
  • Statistical method
  • Calculator method

You can use any of this four methods to calculate and predict your college admission chances. See how to use each method below.

How to Predict Admission Chances Using Prediction Method

The prediction method is quite a simple method. In this method, you’re going to use your admission profile to predict your chances.

Firstly, you have to check out the entry requirements for your admission and make sure you meet all.


Secondly, you have to consider how good your profile is. Many colleges will not just consider you because you meet their requirements but because you have a very good profile.

Now, put together your GPA, SAT Score, ACT score, and other requirements to compare with past years applicants that were accepted.

Man!!! If you’ve good grades, a high SAT or ACT score, a good essay, good recommendations from your counselor or teachers, excellent extracurricular activities, and have demonstrated a good interest and perfect match between you and the college, then your prediction should be between 80 – 99.9%.

How to Calculate Admission Chances using Analytic method

If your college is such that updates the report on applications entry, then this method is recommended for you to analyze the situation and come up with something.

In this method you’ve to watch closely, monitor and study the rate at which applicants send in applications and compare it to the class size.

The logic in college admissions is that the higher the number of applicants, the lesser the chances of getting in and the higher the competition.

If your college releases reports showing a lower and decrease in applications received for a large entry class size, then know that your chances is high.

How to Calculate to Calculate Admission Chances using Statistical Method

In this method, you’re going to rely mainly on past admission statistics of the college you applied to.


This will include checking the college’s acceptance rate and admission stats for past years, preferably five past years.

What you should focus more on should be on the kind of applicants that are usually accepted and how good their application profiles were as compared to yours.

Important stats to consider should include SAT, ACT, and GPA range, regions admitted mostly and every other information listed on the past class statistics.

College Admission Chances Calculation Using Calculator Method

The calculator method is the widest, most known and most used prediction method for calculating and predicting chances of getting into any college.

In this method, you’ll need to use a college admission prediction tool or a college admission calculators to weigh yourself.

There are many lovely college admission prediction tools that are excellent for predicting your chances of getting into a particular college. See them here.

Finally, we believe those 4 methods are enough for applicants  to calculate and predict their college admission chances accurately in 2022.

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