How to Create JAMB Profile 2022 via SMS, USSD or Online (New Methods)

New way to create JAMB profile 2022/2023: we wish to share with you these new, simple, and interesting methods of creating JAMB profile 2022 via SMS, USSD or via JAMB profile portal for further registration.

This information has covered how to create a JAMB profile using NIN, create JAMB profile using USSD code, create JAMB profile on JAMB portal and how to create JAMB profile using SMS/Text message 2022.

That’s how interesting it is. So always rely on JiLearners for a proper JAMB guide and guidelines for the 2022 Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination?

Following the JAMB 2022 directives, all concerned applicants that wish to apply for the 2022 JAMB exam must follow the sequence below to create their valid profile.

Requirements for Creating JAMB Profile 2022

Before you can proceed to create your 2022 JAMB exam profile for the registration, you must have the following requirements to be eligible for the process:

Image explaining how to create JAMB profile with NIN on JAMB Portal and how to get JAMB profile activation code

  1. NIN: Your National Identification Number is the number one requirement for creating a JAMB profile. Register 2022 JAMB NIN for free here
  2. Phone Number: One of the most compulsory requirements for creating a profile is your phone number. Note that this number must be an active number and must be linked to your NIN.
  3. Your Bio-data: Required information for the creation of a profile is your bio-data. This includes your full name, state, D.O.B, etc.
  4. Recharge Card: You will need to recharge the phone number in number two above because you will be charged when you dial to receive your activation code. #50 – #100 is okay for the whole process.

What is Involved in Creating a JAMB Profile?

Nothing much is involved in creating the 2022 JAMB profile. Although JAMB had made some changes to the previous methods for doing this, you can now follow the new SMS and USSD methods explained.

At first, you will have to create your JAMB email 2022 or you can also use yahoo mail for the registration but we recommended Google email.


After that, you can use the next steps below to get your confirmation code which you can use to complete your profile. Interestingly, you can use your phone to complete the creation.

Below is the full guide on how to create and activate your JAMB profile 2022 so that you can use it for your JAMB registration.

How to Create JAMB 2022 Profile Using Email on JAMB portal

Alternatively, the following steps outlined below were the former method of creating a profile on the JAMB website portal for past sets from 2020 downward.

Note; this method of creating your profile on the JAMB portal is not recommended for 2022 set. So you may avoid it. Scroll to other methods below.

To use this method;

  • Visit JAMB profile portal @
  • Check the top right-hand side of the portal and select Create e-Facility Account/Login
  • A new login page will appear.
  • Since you do not have an account yet, look for where youCreate an Account
  • Now, fill in all the details listed on the registration form
  • Make sure all your details including your email and phone number are correct and active.
  • Now, click on “Verify e-Mail
  • Login to your email and click on the link sent to you to continue your registration.
  • Now, fill in your personal information on the form as required.
  • Finally, click on “Sign Up” to complete your profile creation.

See Also: how to Link email to JAMB Profile here

How to Create JAMB Profile Using NIN 2022

Creating a JAMB profile using NIN involves both the SMS code process. Below are the steps to creating your JAMB profile using NIN;

  1. 1st step: Open your phone message
  2. 2nd step: Make sure you are using your phone number that is linked to your NIN
  3. 3rd step: Type the word ‘NIN (make sure the NIN is in Capital letters) and space
  4. 4th step: Type your NIN number (it should be eleven numbers in total)
  5. 5th step: Send it to this number ‘55019’
  6. Make sure that your message looks like this, ‘NIN 1234xxxxxxx’ and send to ‘55019’.



The 1234xxxxxxx as shown above only indicates where your NIN number should be typed. So make sure you replace the 1234xxxxxxx with your NIN number.

How to Create JAMB Profile Using Phone SMS/Text Message 2022.

What is the code for JAMB profile registration? The approved SMS code for creating a JAMB profile is 55019. To easily create a JAMB profile using SMS code, kindly;

  • Text NIN (leave a space) YourNINNumber to ‘55019’.
  • Make sure you leave a space between the ‘NIN’ and the ‘NIN number’.
  • Both the ‘NIN’ and the ‘NIN number’ should be on the same line
  • Make sure you use the number that is linked to your NIN to send this text.
  • g; if my NIN is 12345678901, then my SMS will look like this; NIN 12345678901, and I will send it to 55019.

See Also: how to Register NIN for JAMB 2022

How to Create JAMB profile Using USSD Code

If you want to create your profile for JAMB registration using the USSD code method, then simply;

  • Use the phone number that is linked to your NIN
  • Dial *55019*1*NIN Number#
  • *NIN Number# should be the 11 digit number issued to you when you registered NIN.
  • g; if my NIN is 12345678901, then this is what I will dial; *55019*1*12345678901#

After getting the code, follow these steps here to complete your JAMB registration

Common Issues with JAMB Profile Creation and How to Solve them

How to know if your JAMB profile Creation is Successful? If you receive a message like “Your request has been received and is being processed, you will get a response shortly” and receive your Profile code, then your request was successful.

How to know if your JAMB profile Creation is not successful? If your submission was not successful, the JAMB will notify you of the reasons why your creation was not successful.

Those are the steps to create JAMB profile 2022/2023 for JAMB UTME and Direct entry registration. Please share and drop your comments below in the comment section.

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2 years ago

profile code and epin generated, but response for creating profile says the email or gsm supplied has been used. u must use the same gsm number and email for previously created profile. what should i do?

2 years ago
Reply to  dee

You can use the same number

2 years ago

It is saying no record found what should be done

2 years ago
Reply to  David

Be sure to use the phone number that’s linked to your NIN, else, it won’t work

1 year ago
Reply to  Counselor

I don’t received any response after I sent the text message

Olowolafe bukola
Olowolafe bukola
2 years ago

Unable to charge your line at the moment. [err:net] please if they send me message like this what would I do

2 years ago

we have never heard of such message before

2 years ago

I lost the sim I use last year have been trying to retrieve it but am base on the fact that am not the one that registered the sim now the person is dead how do I get my profile code pls I need response

Oyelere Azeez
2 years ago

Please I can’t find the sim I used to register my NIN.what am I going to do????

Esther brown
Esther brown
2 years ago

I am using my dad sim to generate a profile code will this affect me. This was the sim I use in registering my Nin. Pls I need response

2 years ago

they told me that unable to verify NIN

2 years ago

Pls if dey say no record found
What am I going to do

Precious olabode
Precious olabode
2 years ago

Thanks for the information

Isaac Reginald
Isaac Reginald
2 years ago

What if they send message like this, No record found. Send email with NIN and Name to [email protected]. then try again in 4 hours.
Though I tried sending the mail but they said the email address is not valid. What do I do in this situation? Thank you

Charles Amaechi
Charles Amaechi
2 years ago

Nice one brother

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