How to Fill SIWES Log Book 2023 – How to Write I.T Report Without Mistakes

If you have been looking for a comprehensive, simple and self-explanatory tutorial on how to fill a SIWES Log book, then this write up is highly recommended for you.

With this information, you will learn how to write I.T report without making any mistakes. This will also be a perfect guide for those that are looking for how to write a technical report for your SIWES to get your full mark.

I am sure you wouldn’t want to make a mistake when filling your Students’ Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) log book, and as such, this information will be helpful to you.

Note: During the SIWES programme, each student is expected to report each activity they carry out on daily basis by entering the reports in their log books.

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Within this information, you will be given access to the following:

  • Sample of completely filled SIWES logbook pdf
  • Sample of log book reports
  • Student comment on SIWES logbook
  • Industrial training log book pdf download

What is SIWES Log Book?

The Students’ Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) log book is a special book designed for students’ daily entry of the activities they carry out during their industrial training.

Note: the SIWES  programme is designed for the sole purpose of exposing and training University, Polytechnic and College students on the practical aspect of what they study in classrooms.


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Instructions on how to Fill a SIWES I.T Report Log Book

The following some important and core instructions that each student must take note of when filling a SIWES I.T report logbook:

  1. This logbook must be filled carefully using blue ink
  2. Be sure that the Training Officer checks your work and certify it with a signature or stamp, and date
  3. The student should do well to list out the tools and equipment that were used for the work.
  4. Using diagrams to aid your explanation of work is very important
  5. The student must make sure he or her submits the log book to and Assessment form to his or her HOD.
  6. Please make sure that you don’t miss out any daily activities.
  7. Finally, make sure that no page of your log book should be missing out.

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How to fill log book for SIWES for first week?

What Should I Fill in my Log Book? The Students’ Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) log book is divided into 9 sections namely:

  1. Cover page
  2. Student Information Page
  3. Activities Page
  4. Organization Profile Page
  5. Diagram Page
  6. Supervisor’s Page
  7. Monthly Evaluation Page
  8. Student’s Suggestion Page
  9. Attendance Register Page
  10. Remarks and Signature Page

The information and details to be filled on your SIWES logbook must include the following:

  1. Student’s cover page information
  2. Student’s personal and academic information
  3. Instruction Page
  4. Record of daily activities
  5. The details of the organization that the student is doing the I.T
  6. A monthly summary of student’s activities
  7. Your supervisor’s remark
  8. The suggestion of the student on the SIWES program and on the organizational activities
  9. The student’s daily attendance register
  10. The student’s final remarks on the SIWES program and on the organization’s activities
  11. The student’s signature

Students are expected to fill their log book accordingly. Each section of the SIWES I.T report is to be filled as explained in the next section below.

How to Write a Good Technical I.T Report for SIWES?

How do you write a good log book? Below is a detailed explanation on how to fill your SIWES/I.T technical report Log Book for each section of the log book:

Page 1: Cover page

The SIWES log book cover page is the first page that the student must draft out. The cover page is mostly required when writing a technical report for your SIWES.


But for some schools, the student might be given the SIWES log book and in such cases, the student may not bother about making a cover page, except recommended by his or her school.

For better insight, below is an image that shows a typical example of how the SIWES cover page should look like, except your school has a different format.

Image showing the SIWES Technical Report Cover page

Page 2: Student Information Page

The page 2 of the SIWES log book is specifically for the filling of the student’s personal and academic information/details.

Information and details that must be filled on the information page, include the following:

  1. Your Passport (properly stapled
  2. Full Name (Starting with your surname)
  3. Matriculation Number
  4. Program of Study
  5. Faculty
  6. Year of Study
  7. Phone/GSM Number
  8. Sex
  9. Name of Training Officer/Supervisor
  10. Name of Organization/Company
  11. Name of Training Department(s)
  12. Address
  13. Next of Kin Details

For better information, below is an image that shows a typical example of how the SIWES student information page should look like, unless your school has a different format.

Image showing how to fill the SIWES Student Information Page

Page 3: Instruction Page

The instruction page explains the Dos’ and Dont. It gives a detailed instruction on how the log book should be filled.


We have listed out some of the important instructions on how to fill a SIWES I.T Report log book at the early stage of this tutorial. If you didn’t see it, then kindly scroll up to the beginning to check them out.

A typical example of how the SIWES instruction page look like is shown in the image shown below.

Image showing the SIWES log book instruction page

Page 4: Activities Page

The SIWES logbook activities page is a page on the SIWES log book that is designed for the students to record their daily, weekly and monthly activities at the firm they carried out their I.T.

This page is mostly numbered from Monday to Saturday. The sections and information to be filled in the Activities Page are:

  • Weekly Summary Report No.
  • Date (ranging from the starting date of the week to the closing date of the week)
  • Sequence of Activities at Work
  • Duration of work (Hours)
  • Detailed Description of Daily Work
  • Total Work-Hour for the week
  • Signature of the Trainer
  • The Signature of the Supervisor

Below is an image that shows how a typical SIWES log book activities page looks like:

Image showing the SIWES activities page

Note: if your I.T program is exclusive of Saturdays, then you have to leave the space for Saturdays blank.


Page 5: Organization Profile Page

The organization profile page is a page that the candidate will be required to fill in information concerning the firm that he or she is carrying out his or her I.T program.

Information that the student must fill in the organization profile page must include the following:

  • Name of the Training Officer/Supervisor
  • The Name of the Firm
  • Name of the Training Department(s)
  • Address of the Company

Page 6: Supervisor’s Assessment Page

The supervisor’s page is a page on the SIWES log book where the supervisor or trainer will have to make a weekly signature on what the student has done for the week.

This supervisor’s page is divided into two sections as shown below:

  1. Signature of Trainer
  2. Signature of supervisor

Each of this has to be accompanied with the date on which the supervisor or trainer made the signature and no student is permitted to sign this by his or herself.

A typical example of how the SIWES supervisor’s evaluation page looks like is shown in the image shown below.

Image showing SIWES supervisor's assessment page

Page 7: Monthly Evaluation Page

In this section, the student has to evaluate the monthly activities he or she carried out during the course of the Industrial Program.


The student has to evaluate and list out what his or she learnt this must include the following:

  • Punctuality
  • Concentration
  • Observation
  • Work quality
  • Time and duration for the jobs
  • Solving problems encountered during the jobs
  • Professionalism in carrying out your duties
  • Leadership quality during the job

Page 8: Student’s Suggestion Page

On the log book, students are assigned a page where they can make their personal suggestions about the jobs/duties they carried out.

In this section, the student is expected to list out some of the challenges he or she encountered during the course of his or her duties and suggest possible solutions.

Page 9: Attendance Register Page

This page is to be handled basically by your trainer or supervisor at your I.T workplace. This involves a daily entry of your attendance.

Note: this is a very important aspect of your log book and all participating student must make sure to fulfil this.

Absent from work means a lot and might end up reducing your marks. So make sure you meet your supervisor or trainer anything you arrive at work to mark your attendance.

Page 10: Remarks and Signature Page

All students are expected to submit their SIWES logbook and I.T.F form 8 to the I.T.F Area Office in the state that his or her SIWES I.T program was carried out for proper evaluation and review.

The student is not permitted to write anything on this page. Only the official I.T.F Area office stamp and signature is needed on this page.


After this stage, the student is to submit a copy of the SIWES log book and the I.T.F form 8 to his or her Department through the HOD.

Sample of Filled SIWES Logbook PDF

Below is a sample of the Industrial training log book in pdf. View the sample of filled SIWES logbook in PDF below. You can also download this in PDF by visiting the link below.

We believe the images shown in this article will typical serve as examples of the the fields to fill in a SIWES/I.T log book for the Students’ Industrial Work Experience Scheme Programme.

Please do well to follow the instructions and feel free to ask any questions using the comment box shown below in the comment section. Feel free to share

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