How To Locate Someone in Nigeria: 4 Assuring Methods

In a big nation like Nigeria, losing touch with a loved one or attempting to get in touch with a long-lost acquaintance can be a challenging and frustrating task. Finding someone in Nigeria, however, is now simpler than ever thanks to contemporary technology and a number of web resources. 

We’ll look at many methods for finding someone in Nigeria in this guide, such as using social media, public records, and people search engines. This guide will provide you with the tools and advice you need to begin your search, whether you’re looking for a long-lost relative or an old friend.

Challenges of Locating Someone In Nigeria

  • Limited Information Availability: It might be challenging to learn about a person in Nigeria because access to personal information and public documents is frequently restricted.
  • Complex Legal System: The Nigerian legal system is potentially complex and may impose restrictions on access to personal data. Furthermore, it is challenging to access information without the required legal authorization due to the rigorous rules and regulations governing privacy.
  • Cultural and linguistic barriers: Nigeria is home to approximately 500 ethnic groups, each of which has its own language and culture. Communication issues and difficulties connecting with local populations to acquire information may result from this.
  • Absence of a Centralized Database: Nigeria does not have a database that can be used to look for people. This can make it challenging to find someone’s location, particularly if they have relocated or undergone a name change.
  • Infrastructure Issues: Nigeria’s infrastructure is still being developed and may limit access to resources and contemporary technologies that can be utilized to find people. This includes a lack of reliable power supply, internet connection, and access to public transportation.
  • Corruption: A pervasive issue in Nigeria, corruption can affect the accuracy of data from official sources and other sources.
  • Security issues: Nigeria continues to have security issues such as terrorism, kidnapping, and violent crime, making it risky to conduct personal searches in some areas.

How To Locate Someone In Nigeria

1. Using Social Media

If done correctly, using social media to find someone in Nigeria can be a beneficial tool. Here are some pointers for making the most of social media:

  • Know the person’s online presence: Identify the person’s internet presence by seeing if they have a profile on any social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can see from this what information they might have made available to the public.
  • Use search engines: Look up the person’s name and location using Google, Bing, or Yahoo. On websites, forums, or directories, you might uncover details about the person.
  • Reach out to mutual friends: If you have friends in common with the individual you’re looking for, get in touch with them and see if they can offer any advice or connections.
  • Utilize social media groups: Join groups on social media sites that are relevant to the person’s interests or area. Use social media groups. Join a Facebook community for Lagos locals, for instance, if you’re seeking someone there.
  • Monitor social media activity: Keep a check on the person’s social media profiles for any updates or activity that might reveal their location.

When locating someone in Nigeria through social media, keep in mind to act ethically and with respect. Always respect the person’s privacy and refrain from any actions that might be considered stalking.

2. Using Online Directories

Online directories are a useful tool for finding people in Nigeria. Here are some pointers for making efficient use of web directories:

  • Begin with the fundamentals: Make use of directories where you may perform a name, phone, or address search. This will serve as your search’s jumping-off point.
  • Use a variety of directories: Try utilizing a range of directories, including local, regional, and national directories like the Nigerian Yellow Pages.
  • Use social media directories: Facebook and other social media sites offer their own directories where users may look up people by name or region.
  • Look for websites that help people find people: Websites like Whitepages and PeopleFinder are experts at assisting people in finding people based on details like name and location.
  • Use online business directories: If you’re looking for someone who owns a business in Nigeria, see if they have a listing on sites like Yelp and Google My Business.

It’s critical to remember that not all of the data in online directories is current or reliable. Before contacting someone using any information you find, make sure to always have it verified. Additionally, keep privacy issues in mind and refrain from using any information you find for immoral or unlawful activities.

3. Using Government Agencies

Locating someone in Nigeria is possible with the help of the government. Here are some pointers for efficiently utilizing government organizations:

  • Check with the National Population Commission: The NPC keeps a database of all Nigerian citizens that can be used to look out for someone’s current residence and other details.
  • Contact the Nigerian Police Force: The Nigerian Police Force can assist in discovering those who may have a criminal history or are wanted by the police by using its database of criminal records.
  • Use immigration and visa services: If you’re looking for someone who recently visited or left Nigeria, consider getting in touch with immigration and visa services for further details.
  • Contact local government offices: Consider contacting the National Identity Management Commission, which is in charge of providing all Nigerian nationals with national identity cards. If someone has applied for or got a national ID card, they might be able to tell you where they are.
  • Reach out to local government offices: If you’re looking for a resident of a particular local government region, try reaching out to the local government office for more details.

In Nigeria, it’s crucial to be ready with as much information as you can, such as your full name, birthdate, and any former addresses, when contacting official organizations. 


4. Using Private Investigation Services

When all other efforts to find someone in Nigeria have failed, private investigation services might be a helpful tool. The following advice may help you make efficient use of private investigation services:

  • Pick a dependable provider: Choose a private detective agency after doing your research and looking at their track record, experience, and testimonials.
  • Give as much information as you can: Give the private detective every piece of information you have about the person you’re seeking to find, including full name, birthdate, and any past addresses or phone numbers.
  • Know the laws and rules: Since the government in Nigeria regulates private investigative services, it’s critical to be knowledgeable about the rules and laws that relate to the services they offer.
  • Inquire about their procedures: A private investigator should be consulted about the techniques they intend to employ to find the person, such as background checks, social media searches, and surveillance.
  • Be prepared for the cost: Be prepared to pay for their services because they might be costly. Private investigative services can be costly. Make sure to inquire about the price upfront and comprehend what is included in the fee.


In conclusion, finding someone in Nigeria can be difficult, but with the correct resources and techniques, you can locate the person you’re looking for. There are several ways to find someone, ranging from using web directories and government organizations to private investigation firms. However, it’s crucial to be aware of privacy issues and adhere to any applicable rules and regulations. Always remember to verify any information you find, and only use it for morally and legally correct causes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common methods for locating someone in Nigeria?

Some common methods for locating someone in Nigeria include using online directories, government agencies, social media platforms, and private investigation services.

How do I use online directories to locate someone in Nigeria?

To use online directories to locate someone in Nigeria, start by searching for the person’s name, phone number, or address in a variety of national, regional, and local directories. You can also try using social media directories and people’s search websites to find additional information.

What government agencies can I contact to help me locate someone in Nigeria?

Some government agencies in Nigeria that can be helpful in locating someone include the National Population Commission, the Nigerian Police Force, immigration and visa services, and the National Identity Management Commission.

How do I choose a reputable private investigation service to help me locate someone in Nigeria?

When choosing a private investigation service to help you locate someone in Nigeria, research and choose a provider that has a good reputation, experience, and positive reviews. Discuss with the private investigator the methods they plan to use and be prepared for the cost of their services. Additionally, be aware of the laws and regulations that apply to private investigation services in Nigeria.


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