How To Register NIN for JAMB 2022 Registration (Online with Phone)

Let new guide you how to register NIN for JAMB 2022: In this article, we have listed the steps on how to register NIN for JAMB 2022 registration with your phone online.

With this information, you will be able to register NIN online with your phone at the comfort of your home and use it to register for the 2022 JAMB exam.

Please pay attention to this information carefully and follow the steps below to register your JAMB NIN 2022 for free using your phone or computer.

Note; you will need your personal information like name, village, the local government of origin, state of origin, nationality, a valid means of identity, etc., for the NIN registration.

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Requirements for JAMB NIN Registration 2022

Like we have started up there, JAMB candidates will need the following requirements, documents, and details for their NIN registration.

How To Register NIN for JAMB Registration Online with Phone

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Details Needed for JAMB NIN Registration 2022

Personal Details and Bio-data needed for the 2022/2023 JAMB NIN registration are:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth (D.O.B)
  • Maiden Name
  • Guardian name
  • Father’s name
  • Mother’s name
  • Village,
  • Local Government of Origin
  • State of Origin
  • Street name and address
  • Nationality

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Documents Required for NIN Registration 2022

Documents Needed for JAMB NIN registration are any of the following valid means of identity:

  • Old National Identity Card
  • Certificate of Local Government of Origin
  • Birth certificate or Age declaration
  • WAEC certificate (accepted for applicants below 16 years only)
  • Drivers License, etc.

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How much is JAMB NIN Registration for 2022?

The federal government and the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) have issued a strong warning to the public that NIN registration whether for JAMB or any other purpose is 100% free of charge.

Nobody is permitted (whether you register online or at the enrollment center) to charge anything for new NIN registration. Meanwhile, charges may apply to other NIN processes other than new registration.

Can I use another person’s NIN to register for JAMB?


Candidates may not use another person’s NIN to register JAMB 2022. JAMB does not accept this and candidates are advised not to try such.


Can I use my Parent’s NIN to register for JAMB 2022?


No candidate is allowed to use his or her parents, siblings, or any other relative’s NIN for the 2022 JAMB registration.

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Can I register NIN for JAMB Online?

Yes! The Federal Government in collaboration with the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has opened an online portal for JAMB candidates and every other interested person to register NIN online.

Meanwhile, you can only create your NIMC online account, fill in the NIN registration form online with your phone. But to complete the registration, you must visit a NIN enrollment center.

At the NIN enrollment center, you will only have to present your online registration barcode which will be issued to you at the end of your online registration.

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After then, the enrollment center will then have to scan the barcode to fetch your registration status and then capture your face and do Biometric verification and that’s all.


How to Register NIN Online for JAMB with your Phone.

To easily register your NIN online, you will need a Smartphone or a computer (preferably desktop or laptop) and data.

After getting the two, follow these steps to register your JAMB NIN online for the 2022 JAMB exam;

Image showing the JAMB NIN online Registration procedures

  • Click on “Register” since you don’t have an account yet.
  • Enter the required email and phone number to register
  • In the next steps, fill the online enrolment form online with all the required personal information
  • Upload the required documents if possible
  • Now, print out your pre-enrolment slip with a Barcode
  • Visit any NIN Enrolment Centre with the slip and your Barcode will be scanned and verified
  • Now, do your face capturing (they’ll take you a passport)
  • Do your fingerprints and sign your signature.
  • Give them any of the documents you brought
  • Now your NIN registration is complete
  • Wait to receive your slip that contains your NIN
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Other Ways to Register for NIN 2022

Apart from registering NIN online with your phone, you can also register NIN by visiting any nearest NIN enrollment center to do your enrolment.

After registering your NIN, you can proceed to use your NIN number to register for your 2022 JAMB exam. See how to register 2022 JAMB exam here.

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Adewuyi Elizabeth
Adewuyi Elizabeth
2 years ago

My name on nin is not correct with the one on my result but I have go to change it at nin office but when I send my nin to 55019 for profile code, they send the code using the the same name i went to correct.what should I do please or can I use it like that.

2 years ago

Thanks, but can I made mistake when registering my nin, can I still make use of it .

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