How To Start A Yahoo Boy Career: Everything You Need To Know

So, you are among the many who are secretly thinking about how to start a Yahoo boy career, right? Do you want to chill with the big boys and show your village people you have arrived?

Good. I have caught you now. The police now have your IP address and will soon track you down.

Haha… Just kidding.

Now, put on your yahoo yahoo spirit, and get ready for a life-changing experience that this article has to offer.

Benefits of Starting a Yahoo Boy Career

You know, anything that has a dark side must also have a bright side — accept your shadow. 

So let’s dive into the benefits of starting a Yahoo boy career.

1. Money money money

If you want to be the next rich kid, drive a Mercedes Benz, shut down clubs, and convince yourself that you are taking back from the colonizers while earning money from the hard work of convincing and changing your intonation, then starting a Yahoo boy career is just for you.

2. Fame

As a Yahoo boy, you will be famous. Not that you are famous for being a Yahoo boy but the money you will have will make you famous. With that kind of fame, you can go on to get your chieftaincy titles, become the leader of a gang, or control affairs in your community.


3. Cash out in dollars

Being a Yahoo boy just means that you will be cashing out money in dollars. This is something I’m very sure your father or friends don’t do very often. Cashing out in dollars rather than the conventional currency in the country places you higher in status than any other citizen in the country.

4. You will be able to live a comfortable life

Because of the kind of money you will be getting as a Yahoo boy, you will be able to live a comfortable life, buy anything you want, and go anywhere you want as long as you have enough money and a visa.

You see, even the darkest cloud can have a silver lining. As you enjoy the benefits, don’t forget the consequences too.

How To Start A Yahoo Boy Career

Oga calm down. Take a chill pill. I know that you really want to know how to start a Yahoo boy career. 

So to quench that thirst, here I have gone out of my way to craft you a perfect guide on how to start a Yahoo boy career, at your detriment, though.

1. Have a laptop

What is an upcoming Yahoo boy without a laptop? I don’t even need to tell you all about this because the police and SARS must have done some demonstrative education about it.

In Nigeria, if you are a young person using a laptop often, you are in soup. You will be labeled a Yahoo boy.

Hope you catch the drift.


A laptop is the most important tool for a Yahoo boy.  Although you can do a lot with your smartphone already, you will need a laptop to set up your fake websites and your other weapons of mass destruction.

2. Have a mentor

I swear, being a yahoo boy is not an easy thing. If you dive into this “career” without a good amount of knowledge, you risk seeing yourself in one of those dirty Nigerian prisons that looks like the place the Ebola virus crawled out from.

Having a mentor will speed up your cashing out process and help you avoid some critical mistakes. But the issue you will now have to deal with is that you will start finding yourself in famish thug-looking gangs of boys. Plus your mentor might be asking for loyalty fees of up to 60% anytime you cash out.

Another thing you should know is that these mentors can also be hard to eradicate. They can turn to your Godfather overnight.

3. Have a degree for lying

To be a successful yahoo boy, you need to learn how to be a professional liar. You need to be able to tell a good lie that converts. Haha… this is now sounding like marketing. 

Yes, it should. Because you see this as a business, you will understand that knowing how to lie is an important skill in the industry. 

You need to unlock the lying demon in you, live a fake life on social media platforms, and own multi-dollar companies nobody has even heard about.

4. Be smart

To be a successful yahoo boy, you need to be smart if not just prepare yourself to be used as a rag by other yahoo boys or worse, be caught by the police.


In the hustle, there is still another hustle. You need to be smart and also be careful. Don’t trust even your fellow yahoo boy. A lot of them are using voodoo as a boost in the said career. 

Be smart! Pursuing a yahoo yahoo career is not for the chicken-hearted. If you don’t like the idea of sleeping with one eye open, changing hotels, and thinking if your gang members will betray you, then just go and apply for a job in a bank and be doing 8am – 5pm.

5. Learn how to communicate effectively

Because you will be dealing with people who may be speaking languages you have never heard before, you need to plot out a way you can communicate with them effectively.

If you want your maga to be paying, you need to know how to communicate effectively. You can do this by:

  • Learning your maga’s language
  • Use software to translate
  • Ask someone who is fluent in the language to speak with your maga.

Among all, the last bullet point can look like the less difficult one but it can still be risky. This is because the person who will be doing the job can either expose you, harm you, or demand a percentage from the money your maga will be paying.

In case you don’t know who a Maga is, a Maga is someone who can be easily fooled. Yahoo boys always refer to their clients as Maga.


That’s it! Learning how to start a Yahoo boy career is not done overnight. You need to go through a series of failures and hard experiences that might be life-threatening before you start to cash out. But all those troubles can be skipped if you have a good mentor.

Even if you have a mentor, Oga, Madam, tear your eyes — be smart. Don’t feel relaxed at any point because this career is not for the full ones. 


Don’t let flashy cars and mansions fool you, if you are not careful, one day, you will land in prison and your family members might not even enjoy what you will be leaving behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use voodoo to start a Yahoo boy career?

You don’t need to use voodoo to start a Yahoo boy career. All you have to do is have a mentor, the required tech gadgets and software, and be smart.

Is being a Yahoo boy a bad thing?

Being a yahoo boy is a bad thing. You are a fraudster and will always be on the run from the military and paramilitary forces.

At what age should I stop my yahoo boy career?

There is no age range where you can stop your yahoo boy career. It is up to you to decide when to start or stop.



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