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Are you from any European country or you are an international student that wishes to know how to study in Europe for free in 2022?

Will you also want to know all the study-abroad opportunities that are available in Europe through the European free-universities and scholarships for international students?

If so, then we have listed some of the best free Universities in Europe that offer free tuition education to both graduates (Masters) and undergraduates from all parts of the World in 2022.


Note; Europe is a continent with 44 countries. As such, this list contains the best free Universities in almost all the European countries.

Additionally, we have also stated the countries in Europe that international students can study for free for both Masters and Undergraduate degrees.

We have also listed all the requirements for admission to European Universities and the available free Universities in Europe that any students can apply for.


Importantly, we advise all readers to read in-between lines and follow all the instructions listed on this page to apply and stand a better chance of study in Europe for free in 2022.

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How to Study in Europe for Free in 2022

There are just two outstanding ways students can apply and study in the Europe for free. One of these ways is through the free Universities listed on this page while the second is through Scholarships.


But on this page, we will focus mainly on the free Universities in Europe for both National and international students in 2022.

If you wish to go for the second option, then check the list of all ongoing scholarships in Europe for international students in 2022 here.

How To Study in Europe for Free


Back to business, there are some requirements and criteria involved in the selection of students for the free Universities in Europe and such criteria are as follows;

  1. Applicants must meet all the requirements listed for the school. Check the requirements below.
  2. An applicant’s age must meet the age requirement.
  3. They must also meet the requirements listed for their aspired course. Requirements are listed below.
  4. Such applicants must be a registered citizen of his or her country
  5. The applicants must also show his or her academic readiness and ability to complete the course chosen.

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What Do You Need to Study in Europe for Free?

We have made comprehensive research and out of our research, we have arrived at some important admission requirements that you should meet to help you stand a better chance of gaining admission to any free European University.


Now, the following are the notable compulsory admission requirements in Europe for international and National students applying for Masters’ admission.

Requirements for Admission in Europe 2022

  • A Curriculum vitae (CV) or a Resume
  • Good GPA. See the minimum GPA required for admission in Europe here
  • Cover letter
  • Undergraduate Degree or Other available degrees.
  • Transcripts showing your grades
  • A TOEFL or IELTS Result to Proof of English proficiency.
  • Copies of recent passport(s) (as indicated during application)
  • A valid National ID Card
  • Recommendation letter(s) or Academic reference (If indicated)
  • And every other requirement stated for your aspired course.

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European Countries that Offer Free Education in 2022

There are 44 European countries and we are going to list the free Universities and the schools where students can study for free in Europe base on these countries.


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At a glance, the list of the 44 countries in Europe which may offer free education to both National and International students are;

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Germany
  3. Norway
  4. France
  5. Italy
  6. Spain
  7. Russia
  8. Ukraine
  9. Netherlands
  10. Switzerland
  11. Bulgaria
  12. Poland
  13. Romania
  14. Belgium
  15. Portugal
  16. Czech Republic
  17. Greece
  18. Finland
  19. Belarus
  20. Austria
  21. Sweden
  22. Hungary
  23. Serbia
  24. Denmark
  25. San Marino
  26. Holy See
  27. Malta
  28. Ireland
  29. Croatia
  30. Slovakia
  31. Moldova
  32. Albania
  33. Lithuania
  34. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  35. North Macedonia
  36. Slovenia
  37. Montenegro
  38. Liechtenstein
  39. Luxembourg
  40. Iceland
  41. Monaco
  42. Latvia
  43. Estonia
  44. Andorra

Regrettably, it is not all European countries that offer 100% free Education. But the few ones we know that offer 50 to 90% free Education are:

Country Type of Free Education offered
Norway Completely free for all European and International students
Czech Republic Completely free for European and all International students studying in the Czech
Germany free for all European and International students but comes with an admin fee of €50 to €250 per semester
Denmark Free for European countries and partially free for international students
Finland Free for European countries and partially free for international students
Sweden Free for European countries and partially free for international students
Poland Free for European countries and partially free for international students
Austria Free for European countries but partially free for international students with an admin fee of €19.20 per semester
Iceland free for all European and International students with an admin fee of €550 annually
France partially free for European countries but cheap for all International students
Belgium partially free for European countries but cheap for all International student

List of Tuition-free Universities in Europe in 2022 and their Addresses

The following is the current list of some tuition-free universities for European and Non-European (International) students in 2022.

Note: all free Universities in the United Kingdom are not added to this list. Rather, we have listed them on a separate page.

Name of University Country Located
University of Helsinki
Tampere University Finland
Stockholm University
University of Turku Finland
Free University of Berlin
Ludwigs-Maximilians University (LMU)
University of Vaasa Finland
University of Oslo
Uppsala University
University of Helsinki Finland
University of Hamburg
Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT University) Finland
University of Vienna
Lund University
University of Iceland (UI)
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
University of Jyvaskyla Finland
Masaryk University (MUNI)

What Expenses Do Free Universities Take Care of

Many of the tuition-free universities listed above only take care of your school fee while leaving other expenses for you to take care of.


While going for a free University, have in mind that you will bear the responsibilities of buying your textbooks, paying for your accommodation, and feeding yourself, except stated by the school.

Note: some of the Universities listed above offer conditional tuition-aid to International students while some offer completely free tuition for all students.

Additionally, some of the free Universities in Europe only offer tuition-free schooling for European students (students from European countries) and conditional aids to international students


That simply means that some tuition-free universities in Europe might also leave some financial responsibilities on the students, especially for international students.

Our Advice:

While we recommend free Universities, we also recommend that you get more financial aids so as to secure every other financial expense which may not be covered by the school.

As such, we recommend you to get extra means of generating extra income for textbooks, feeding, clothing, and accommodation as the free Universities listed above do not cover them.


One of our best recommended extra means of generating more money to assist your education is applying for a scholarship.

At this point, we believe you have known the free Universities in Europe for Masters and undergraduates in 2022 and how to study in Europe for free in 2022?

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