How to Turn ‘Not Admitted’ to ‘Admitted’ on JAMB CAPS – Simple Tricks

Can a candidate turn “Not Admitted” to “Congratulations, you have been offered admission” on JAMB CAPS? The simplest answer to this is YES!

So how can a candidate turn “Not Admitted” to “Congratulations” on JAMB CAPS? See the detailed answer to this in the next section below.

Well, it might sound funny to hear that someone can actually turn not admitted to his or her favor and get admitted in sometimes, within 24 hours.

Note: this is a practical approach that have worked for many candidates and this process is 100% free, meaning you won’t have to pay money to anybody.

Why Do Candidates See Not Admitted on CAPS?

Understanding why even qualified candidates end up seeing “not admitted” on their JAMB CAPS will help you a lot.

‘Not Admitted’ does not all the time mean you are not qualified for admission, it may sometimes indicate that you didn’t do what you were supposed to do to be qualified for admission.

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Often times, we receive complains like “I scored 250 but was not admitted but I have seen a candidate that scored 210 and was admitted”.


Sometimes, such candidates end up blackmailing the school for being partial in giving admission to candidates.

Hey there! You may be the cause of your problem and not the school or JAMB.

Why Qualified Candidates Can be Denied Admission?

Whether you are qualified or overqualified for admission at any school, you can be denied admission if;

  1. You didn’t upload your O’level result on JAMB CAPS
  2. The subject combination for your course is wrong
  3. You submitted faked documents during screening
  4. Your names and bio-data are inconsistent across your documents
  5. You didn’t write the related and needed subjects for your course in your O’level
  6. Your O’level grades for the related subjects are below Credit passes
  7. Your documents submitted for the Post UTME screening are not complete or are missing

In such cases, any candidate irrespective of their JAMB score, can be denied admission by JAMB and by the school they applied to.

How to Turn “Not Admitted” to “Admitted” on JAMB CAPS in 2022

The following are the tested and trusted ways to turn “Not Admitted” to “Admitted” on JAMB CAPS in 2022 without paying a dime.

Step 1: Find out the Mistake

Find out why JAMB and the School denied you the admission. The best ways to do this it to;

  1. Subject Combination: Check if your JAMB subject combination for the course you applied to was accurate. You can check the 2022 JAMB subject combination for all courses here
  2. O’level: Secondly, check if your O’level was uploaded successfully on JAMB portal. You can see how to confirm if O’level result was uploaded successfully here
  3. O’level Grades: Go through your O’level Result to confirm the grades you have in each subject.
  4. Sort out the five (5) core O’level subjects for your course and see what their grades are.
  5. Log in to your school Post UTME screening portal to check if you have completely fill in all the required registration fields
  6. Check your bio-data information across your documents to see if there are inconsistencies

Step 2: Find Solutions to Problems Found.

These are things you should do to turn your “Not Admitted” status to “Admitted” immediately on JAMB CAPS.

  1. If you discover that your JAMB subject combination for the course you applied to is wrong, then change your course here to a course that suits the JAMB subject combination. This method has worked for so many candidates. See JAMB 2022 subject combination for all courses here
  2. If you followed the above method to check and discovered that your O’level was not uploaded on JAMB portal, visit here immediately to upload your O’level result. This method has worked for so many candidates
  3. Make sure you log in to your school Post UTME screening portal to make all necessary registration corrections. This method has worked for some candidates
  4. If your bio-data information are inconsistent across your documents, then go and swear affidavit in the Court and submit the Affidavit to the institution you applied to.



This information is not imaginary, it has been tested and proven to work 100% for about 60% of candidates that see “Not Admitted” on their CAPS.

So if you want to turn your “Not Admitted” status to “Admitted” on JAMB CAPS, then we employ you to try out any of the methods above.

At this juncture, we believe you have known how to turn “Not Admitted” to “Congratulations” on JAMB CAPS. Make sure you also pray and believe and it will work for you.

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