How to Upgrade JAMB Score 2022 |Result Upgrade By Yourself

Do you wish to know how to upgrade JAMB score 2022 by yourself? If you want to do JAMB result upgrade 2022, then here is the best JAMB result upgrade secret that you should know.

Here and there, you will see a lot of JAMB candidates asking if they can actually upgrade their results, many others have been asking if there’s any legit way of upgrading their 2022 JAMB result.

A lot of candidates/parents have been asking questions like;

  • Is JAMB score upgrade real?
  • Is JAMB result upgrade possible?
  • Can JAMB result be upgraded?

Maybe you are also asking to know how to upgrade your score from 150 to 250, 200 to 350, 180 to 300, 190 to 280, and so on.

Well, if you are a candidate or a parent asking to know if a JAMB result upgrade is possible, then read this before making further steps.

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Why are there so many JAMB result upgrade notices Online?

One common thing we have noticed is that immediately JAMB exam starts, there will be a lot of publications of JAMB upgrades here and there.

Many are mostly done through social media like Facebook, while some sent it as SMS. Others also drop it as comments on websites while other meet candidates directly.


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The first important question to ask is “are these JAMB officials? Do these people work with JAMB? Are these people legit or scammers?

The main reason why you See so many JAMB upgrade notices after or during the JAMB exam is just to scam innocent candidates who performed low in their exams.

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Please kindly see more detailed information below on how to upgrade your JAMB result and JAMB score by yourself.

Is JAMB Score Upgrade Real?

JAMB upgrade is fake and illegal. An attempt to upgrade your JAMB score is illegal and it is against the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) conduct code.

But if you are still interested in upgrading your JAMB result, and then kindly check the steps below to see how to upgrade your JAMB result and JAMB score by yourself.

How to upgrade JAMB Result by Yourself 2022

If you wish to upgrade your JAMB score through the JAMB portal, then kindly follow the steps below to upgrade your result and JAMB score by yourself.


If your score is lower than your institution cut off mark, then quickly;

Is JAMB Result Upgrade Possible?

JAMB score upgrade is only possible if only you are ready to wait till the next JAMB exam. But it is impossible if you are thinking of upgrading your current JAMB score.

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Can JAMB Result be upgraded?


JAMB score cannot be upgraded. The best way to upgrade your JAMB score is to re-register and re-sit for the exam and study hard to secure higher marks.

But if you are not ready to wait till the next JAMB exam, then kindly check the list of institutions that accept low JAMB scores here or do JAMB change of institution here.

With this information, we believe you know how to upgrade JAMB score 2022 by yourself? If you want more clarification on JAMB result upgrade 2022, then talk to us via the comment section.

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