Infinix Hot 11 Price In Nigeria + Full Specs And Features

Infinix Hot 11 is a budget smartphone from the famous smartphone brand, Infinix. This device offers impressive features for its price range and is a popular choice among smartphone users in Nigeria. In this article, we will explore the current price of Infinix Hot 11 in Nigeria and what factors contribute to its cost. Whether you’re in the market for a new phone or just curious, this article provides all the information you need about the Infinix Hot 11 and its price in Nigeria.

How Much Is Infinix Hot 11 In Nigeria

The Infinix Hot 11 has a price of NGN 80,000 in Nigeria. However, the actual price of a smartphone can be affected by several factors, such as currency exchange rates, market demand, and taxes. In addition, discounts and promotions offered by retailers may also play a role in determining the final price of a smartphone. 


  • Large and vibrant display
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Compact form factor
  • Affordable price
  • Good battery life


  • Average camera performance in low light conditions

Infinix Hot 11 Price In Nigeria + Full Specs And Features


The Infinix Hot 11 boasts a large 6.6-inch HD+ display with a 720 x 1600 pixels resolution. The display offers bright and vivid colors, making it perfect for watching videos, playing games, and browsing the web. The screen’s aspect ratio is 20:9, giving users a cinematic viewing experience. The display also has a punch-hole cutout at the top center for the front-facing camera, giving the phone a modern and sleek look.

In terms of design, the Infinix Hot 11 has a plastic back panel with a gradient finish that gives it a premium look. The phone has a thin bezel around the sides, allowing for a large screen-to-body ratio and a compact form factor. The device is available in several colors, including Green, Purple, Black, and Blue.

The phone’s back panel is home to a triple camera setup, an LED flash, and a fingerprint scanner. The device is compact and lightweight, making it easy to handle and carry in your pocket. The phone has a 3.5mm headphone jack and a micro USB port for charging and data transfer. The power and volume buttons are located on the right side of the device, within easy reach of your thumb.


The Infinix Hot 11 features a triple camera setup on the back panel. The primary camera is a 13-megapixel sensor, a 2-megapixel depth sensor, and a low light sensor. The camera setup can capture decent photos with good detail and color reproduction in well-lit conditions. The phone also has a 2-megapixel front-facing camera for taking selfies and making video calls.

The camera app on the Infinix Hot 11 is simple to use and provides several shooting modes, including Panorama, Night Mode, and Slow Motion. The camera also has a live focus mode, which allows you to blur the background and make your subject stand out. The phone’s camera can record 720p and 1080p video at 30 frames per second.

While the Infinix Hot 11’s camera setup is decent for a budget smartphone, it is not without its limitations. The camera struggles in low light conditions and produces noisy images with low detail. The front-facing camera is also not the best and produces average-quality selfies. The camera on the Infinix Hot 11 is best suited for casual photography and is not designed to replace a high-end camera.


Processor & Software 

The Infinix Hot 11 is powered by a MediaTek Helio G80 processor, which provides smooth performance for everyday tasks such as browsing the web, using social media, and playing basic games. The Helio G80 is a mid-range processor designed for budget smartphones, providing a good balance between performance and efficiency.

The device runs on Android 11, with Infinix’s custom XOS 7.6 user interface. XOS 7.6 offers a user-friendly and intuitive experience focusing on customization and performance. The UI includes a large selection of themes and wallpapers and various customization options for the home screen, lock screen, and app icons.

The Infinix Hot 11 offers a near-stock Android experience, with only a few pre-installed apps from Infinix and Google. The phone also supports Google’s GMS (Google Mobile Services) out of the box, providing access to the Google Play Store and Google’s suite of apps such as Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube.


The Infinix Hot 11 is equipped with a large 5000mAh battery, which provides excellent battery life for a budget smartphone. With normal usage, the phone can easily last a full day on a single charge and even longer with more conservative usage. The device also supports 10W fast charging, allowing you to quickly top up your battery when needed.

In terms of battery management, the Infinix Hot 11 comes with several power-saving modes to help extend battery life. The phone also has a battery usage monitor that provides detailed information on which apps are using the most battery, allowing you to adjust your usage accordingly.

The device also supports reverse charging, allowing you to use it as a power bank and charge other devices using a USB cable. This is particularly useful if you are on the go and must top up another device’s battery.

Storage and RAM 

The Infinix Hot 11 comes in two storage variants: 32GB or 64GB of internal storage. This provides ample space for storing apps, games, photos, videos, and other types of content. For those who require even more storage, the device also supports expandable storage via a microSD card slot, allowing you to increase the phone’s storage capacity up to 2TB.

The Infinix Hot 11 has two RAM variants: 2GB and 4GB. The 2GB variant is suitable for basic tasks such as browsing the web, using social media and playing basic games. The 4GB variant, on the other hand, is ideal for those who require more multitasking capabilities, such as running multiple apps simultaneously or playing more demanding games.


Storage performance, the Infinix Hot 11 offers fast read and write speeds, allowing you to quickly transfer files and access apps with ease. The device’s storage is also optimized for fast app loading times, making it an excellent choice for those who require fast and responsive performance.

Security And More

The Infinix Hot 11 offers several security features to keep your device and personal data secure. The phone comes with a fingerprint sensor, which provides fast and secure access to your device. The fingerprint sensor is located on the back of the device and is highly responsive, making it easy to unlock your phone quickly.

In addition to the fingerprint sensor, the Infinix Hot 11 also supports face unlock, which uses the front-facing camera to unlock your device using facial recognition technology. Face unlock is fast and convenient, allowing you to quickly access your phone without entering a password or pattern.

The device also supports Google’s Factory Reset Protection (FRP), which requires you to enter your Google account credentials when resetting the device to its factory settings. This helps prevent unauthorized access to your phone if it is lost or stolen.

The Infinix Hot 11 supports 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, and GPS, providing fast and reliable internet browsing, streaming, and navigation connectivity. The phone also supports dual SIM cards, allowing you to use two different numbers on the same device.

Finally, the Infinix Hot 11 has several sensors, including an accelerometer, proximity sensor, and ambient light sensor. These sensors provide additional functionality and improve the overall user experience by adjusting the screen brightness and turning off the display when you bring the phone to your ear during a call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Infinix Hot 11 Any Good? 

The Infinix Hot 11 is a good-budget smartphone that offers a good combination of features, performance, and design. It features a large display, a good battery life, a decent camera, and a fast processor. It also offers good storage and RAM options and a responsive fingerprint sensor. Overall, the Infinix Hot 11 is a solid choice for those looking for a budget smartphone that offers a good user experience.

Does Infinix Hot 11 Have A Good Camera?

The camera quality of the Infinix Hot 11 is decent for a budget smartphone. It features a triple camera setup on the back, which includes a main camera, a macro camera, and a depth sensor. The main camera can capture good photos in good lighting conditions but may struggle in low light. The macro camera is suitable for close-up shots, and the depth sensor helps in creating a bokeh effect for portraits. On the front, it has a single camera for selfies.


Is Infinix Hot 11 Water-Resistant?

The Infinix Hot 11 is not water-resistant. It has no IP rating to indicate its resistance against water or dust. It is recommended to keep the device away from water or other liquids to prevent damage. You may want to consider other options if you are looking for a smartphone with water resistance.




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