Free Interior Design Courses Online with Printable Certificates 2022

We have made a list of the best free interior design courses online with printable certificates and a few paid interior design courses that you can take online as well.

Additionally, we have also listed the best free international online interior design courses in Australia, the U.K, the U.S, Germany other countries.

If you also need links to some interior design courses free download, free interior design classes online on Skillshare, Coursera, LinkedIn, Udemy, and so on, then you will get it here.

But before we start listing all this for you, we advise you to check the following explanations before the procedure to avoid making mistakes when enrolling in the courses.

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Interior Design Diploma Courses Online 2022

There are so many online diploma courses that are available online. Some of these courses are run by renowned universities in foreign countries while some are offered by online schools and websites.

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Either way, earning a diploma in interior design is very simple, affordable, less time-consuming, and can be taken from anywhere around the world.


How many years is an Interior design Diploma program?

Some online interior design courses last for as little as 5 to 8 months, while some might last for as long as 3 years.

Can the Interior design courses be taken fully online?


There are so many interior design courses that can be taken and completed online with a printable certificate within a few years. Some have been listed below.

Can interior design be self-taught?


It can be self-taught but we recommend you learn either from the online schools listed below or at our accredited schools so that you can earn a certificate on graduation.

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Free Interior Design Online Certificate Programs/Courses 2022

Free Interior Design Courses Online with Certificates offered by Universities & Colleges

How can I learn interior design at home for free?

The simplest way to study any interior design online certificate courses for free and obtain a printable certificate at the completion of the program in 2022 is to enroll in any of the free programs listed below;

Skillshare free Interior Design Online Classes Online:

These are free online classes offered by Skillshare for students from all parts of the World, that are want to enroll in online interior designs programs.

BetterHomes Free Design Programmes:

Better Homes is an online certificate offering website where you can take free design courses and earn a certificate on completion.

Houzz Design Courses:

If you are looking for a free design certificate program, then check out Houzz free courses.

Udemy best free Interior Design Courses:

Udemy is one of the best and trusted online schools for certificate courses. There are numerous courses on Udemy.

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Udemy has both free and paid courses that can be taken from anywhere around the world and get certified with a printable certificate.

HGTV Design/Decorating Courses:

HGTV offers free design and decorating online courses that you can take for free.

LinkedIn free interior design courses:

If you want additional free design courses, you can get as many as possible on Lynda. Lynda is also known as LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has many designs and decoration courses that you can take for free and some other paid ones that you can also enroll in.

Howcast Interior Design Basics:

This free online course on the basics of interior designs is offered by Howcast. It is a free very interesting introductory program to interior designs.

HomeStyleExpert Decorating Course:

HomeStyleExpert will teach you all the basic decorating techniques that you need for professional designs.

  • To take the courses visit,

Alison free Interior Design Diploma Courses:

the Alison free interior design diploma courses are free courses that you can enroll in online.

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Some of the Alison courses are free while others come with a printable certificate may attract a little fee for the certificate.

Free Design Online Video Programs/Courses without Certificate 2022

If you are always interested in learning designs online via some useful free video content, then these options are the recommended ones for you.

Note; in the video courses, you may not be certified with a certificate at the end of the courses but you will actually learn better and in a more practical way.

Some of the best free design online video courses and programs that we will recommend to you in 2022 are as follows;

  1. YouTube Online Design Video Courses:

YouTube is one of the best video streaming websites with numerous video-content courses that you can watch and learn from for free. YouTube video courses are totally free.

The only downside of taking courses via YouTube is that you may not earn a certificate at the completion of your program like other platforms do.

Notwithstanding, you may also earn a certificate if the owner of the course decides to do so or if the courses are offered by sponsors that are willing to issue a certificate of completion.

  1. Twitch Online Design Video Courses

Twitch is another popular videos streaming platform just like YouTube. Twitch has video content of all kinds and Twitch videos are free.


All you need to do is to search for the kind of videos you wish to stream and get started. Streaming any kind of video content on twitch is free of charge.

  1. Facebook Online Design Video Courses

Facebook has made it very easy for its users to have access to numerous videos on almost everything they wish to learn. With Facebook videos, you can have access to free online design video courses.

Those are the best free online interior design courses in 2022 with printable certificates that you can enroll for and complete it online.

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