Ivy League Acceptance Rates 2022 |Easiest & Hardest Ivy to get in

Looking at the Ivy League acceptance rates 2022, is one of the ways to understand how easy or difficult it is to get into any Ivy league colleges for the class of 2026.

Nevertheless, the Ivy colleges are some of the most difficult and hardest colleges to get into in the United States.

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Some of the Ivy schools have very low acceptance rate that is as low as 2 โ€“ 4%, which is very low and some others have between 4 – 9% which is still low.

To properly understand this well, we have to analyze the Ivy admission statistics, admission rate and Ivy admission systems.

Firstly, it is important to inform you that the Ivy acceptance rate 20226 is very low (almost all Ivy colleges) but below is the reason for that.

Why are Ivy league acceptance rate so low?

Ivy colleges are hard to get into because they are very competitive, they receive a lot of applicants, and their acceptance rates are very low.

Ivy League schools Acceptance Rates


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Why are Ivy league schools hard to get into?

Ivy schools are hard to get into because they are schools with high reputations and they are schools for the elites.

Now letโ€™s check out something interesting. Did you know that about 400 richest people in the United as ranked by Forbes every year attended one of the Ivy League schools?

This has been statistically proven that about 24% of the richest people rank on Forbes attended an Ivy League school and that is why Ivy schools have reputations.

To easily gain admission into any Ivy league, you must belong to any of these categories;

  • elite students
  • elite connected, or
  • elite performers

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So this implies that Ivy league is mostly for the elite (must either be an elite, or you must be connected to prominent people or must be an elite performer).


Hardest Ivy College to get into.

The 2022 ranking of the hardest Ivy league schools to gain admission into, as summarised from the statistics since history to the class of 2026 are;

  1. Harvard University (Harvard). See Harvard acceptance rate here.
  2. Princeton University (Princeton)
  3. Yale University (Yale)
  4. Columbia University (Columbia)
  5. Brown University (Brown)
  6. University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)
  7. Cornell University (Cornell)
  8. Dartmouth College (Dartmouth).

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Which Ivy League is easiest to get into?

From the above data, we can summarize that the easiest ivy league schools to get into are Dartmouth College, Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania and Brown University.

What is the average Ivy League acceptance rate?

The Ivy league schools in 2022 have an estimated average acceptance rate of 5.02%.

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Apparently, the Ivy Leagues have been ranked among the most selective and competitive schools in the World in 2022.

Which Ivy league school has the lowest acceptance rate?

The Ivy league school with the lowest acceptance rate is Harvard University (see Harvard acceptance rate here) followed by Columbia, Princeton and Yale.


Please look below for the breakdown of all the Ivy schools and their recent acceptance rates.

What are the Ivy league acceptance rates?

Below is the ranking of the average Ivy league schools acceptance rates from history to the current class of 2026;

  1. Harvard University: average acceptance rate of 3.6%

  2. Columbia University: average acceptance rate of 3.9%

  3. Princeton University: average acceptance rate of 4.0%

  4. Yale University: an average acceptance rate of 4.9%

  5. Brown University: an average acceptance rate of 5.2%

  6. Penn University: an average acceptance rate of 5.5%

  7. Dartmouth College: an average acceptance rate of 6.5%

  8. Cornell University: average acceptance rate of 6%

Disclaimer: this information is for estimation purpose only. Accurate data can only be gotten from each of the Ivy league schools.

Hey friend!!! We believe this Ivy League acceptance rates 2026 was able to clarify you on the Ivy admission rate 2022 and basic information.

If so, please recommend us and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section, else, also make recommendations via the comment section to help us improve.

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