JAMB Brochure 2022/2023 PDF Download for all Institutions & Courses

With this, you will have access to view the JAMB Brochure 2022 for institution and brochure for courses/programmes, etc., and also download the brochure in PDF.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board 2022 brochure is available in PDF version, JAMB iBass version and in a CD version.

Candidates can also viewed by institution (Universities and other degree awarding institutions, Polytechnics and Monotechnics, colleges of education, and Innovation enterprise institutions).

It can also be viewed base on Candidate’s courses/Programmes and can also be downloaded in Pdf version. See links and the steps below.

What is the JAMB brochure all about?

The official Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) brochure contains the full and complete list of courses offered in various institutions with their JAMB and O’level subject combination, and the basic requirements for entry into those courses, in various faculties across all institutions in Nigeria.

The official JAMB brochure also shows a list of the complete courses offered in various institutions and the admission requirements into those courses.

Is 2021 JAMB Brochure Out?

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) official brochure for 2022 can now be downloaded as PDF and is also available on the JAMB iBass portal and also the CD version. Download below.

How much is JAMB Brochure? The brochure is 100% free for all candidates. Both the PDF, iBass and CD versions of the brochure are free.


How to Download JAMB Brochure 2022 PDF, iBass and CD Versions

There are three ways to get the 2022 JAMB brochure for free, and we have explained the three methods below.

  1. PDF Brochure
  2. Ibass Brochure
  3. CD Brochure

1.   JAMB Brochure in PDF: Luckily, candidates can easily download the PDF version of the JAMB Brochure 2022 into your device and use it anytime they wish.

The PDF version of the brochure is totally free to download and it has the same content as the CD and iBass version. Get JAMB brochure PDF version here

2.  JAMB iBass Brochure Version: the iBass version of the JAMB brochure can be viewed online directly on JAMB IBASS portal. Follow here to view the brochure via ibass.

3. JAMB Brochure CD Version: the CD version of the brochure can only be obtained from JAMB CBT centers after the completion of your registration with them.

At the completion of your JAMB registration, the CBT center is to give you the Brochure in CD for free. No extra charges is permitted according to JAMB.

Note: you cannot buy this CD else way and this CD can only be played on high standard laptops or desktops and may not play on DVD player.

Hot to Check JAMB iBass Brochure 2022

Follow the steps below to access the JAMB brochure directly on JAMB iBass portal:

  • Visit https://jamb.gov.ng/ibass
  • Check the bottom menus and select “Brochure
  • Navigate to the top menu and click on “Brochure” as shown in the image below

Image showing JAMB brochure ibass portal and how to download the eBrochure

  • Select the brochure you want. You can choose to view the brochure by institution or by programmes or download the PDF versions.

Download Brochure by Institution

The brochure for institution is available and compiled base on the following institutions as shown in the image below:

Image showing JAMB brochure by Institutions

  1. Degree Awarding Institutions (Universities and others)
  2. NCE (for colleges of education)
  3. ND (for Polytechnics)
  4. NID

To view brochure by institution, visit: https://ibass.jamb.gov.ng/brochure/schools

View Brochure by Courses/Programmes

The brochure for respective courses and programmes is available and compiled base on:

  1. Degree Awarding Programmes
  2. Nce Programmes
  3. Nd Programmes
  4. Nid Programmes

To view the brochure by Programmes, visit: https://ibass.jamb.gov.ng/brochure/programmes

JAMB PDF eBrochures Download

The PDF version of the brochure is called the eBrochure. The eBrochure is available and compiled base on:

  1. Colleges Of Education
  2. Innovation Enterprise Institutions
  3. Polytechnics And Monotechnics
  4. Universities and other Degree-Awarding Institutions
  5. Introductory Note
  6. Important Notice

To download the eBrochure, visit: https://ibass.jamb.gov.ng/brochure/pdf

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