JAMB Matriculation List 2022/2023 Portal & How to Check Your Name

In case you have never been told of this before, then we wish to inform you that it is very important to ensure that your name is on the JAMB matriculation list 2022/2023.

Meanwhile, this is not only for the 2022/2023 candidates. All candidates and students preparing for NYSC that gains admission through JAMB now or in the past must make sure that his or her name is on the JAMB matriculation list.

The reason for that is that any candidate whose name is not found on the matriculation list will not be eligible to go for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

In this article, we shall guide you on how to check your name on the JAMB matriculation list portal and what to do if your name is not there.

JAMB Candidates/Institution NYSC Matriculation List

The JAMB institution NYSC matriculation list contains the names of the graduates from a particular school that is qualified by JAMB to register for NYSC.

This process helps candidates and graduates to know if their admission was genuine. Meanwhile, any candidate whose admission was not in line with the JAMB admission policies will likely not see their names on the list.

Finally, graduates who don’t have a JAMB matriculation number will likely not be mobilized for NYSC except the follow the JAMB recommendation steps below to validate their admission.

What to do if your Name is not on JAMB Matriculation List

Candidates that do not see their names on the matriculation list should not panic as we have explained a way to resolve that and get your name on the list below.


Before we show you how to check your name on the matriculation list, let’s show you a few things to do in case you check and don’t see your name on the list.

If you check your name on the matriculation list and end up not seeing your name on the list, then kindly do the following to add your name to the list.

1st Method: Pay and print your JAMB admission letter:

This is one of the simplest ways to add your name to the matriculation list. Candidates that did this when they were given admission will see their names automatically on the list.

So if you didn’t do this, then kindly make sure you pay and print your JAMB admission letter. See how to pay and print your JAMB admission letter.

2nd Method: JAMB Regularization:

For graduates preparing for NYSC that didn’t gain admission through JAMB, you have to do regularization to add your name to the matriculation list. See how to do JAMB regularization here.

How to Check JAMB Matriculation List 2022

The following are the JAMB recommended steps to check your name on the JAMB matriculation list via the JAMB portal.

  1. Visit JAMB Matric portal via https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility/checkmatriculationlist
  2. Click on “Select Examination…” and select the year you wrote your JAMB Exam
  3. Enter your JAMB Registration Number in the “Reg Number” column as shown on the image belowimage showing how to check JAMB matriculation list on JAMB Portal
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and read the instructions
  5. Finally, click on “Fetch My Details
  6. The system will automatically search the matriculation list to see if your details are there
  7. If your name is not on the list, then follow the instructions on the page to resolve it


We believe you have known how to check your name on the JAMB matriculation list portal. For questions and recommendations, use the comment box below.

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Olaniyi Abraham
Olaniyi Abraham
1 year ago

Please I have done my regularisation before but I’m not permitted to print the indemnity form again please what should I do

2 years ago

Since jamb was able to fetch my details,do that means the only thing i have to do is to pay for my admission letter and print it? Or do i still need to do jamb regularization?

2 years ago
Reply to  Adeyinka

If your data is available on JAMB portal then all you need to do is to print your admission letter so that your name can appear on the JAMB Matric list

Gloria Kosisochukwu
Gloria Kosisochukwu
2 years ago

Hello. My name is on the matriculation list on jamb portal but i did my institution change of course so it doesn’t really tally with the course jamb gave.
Do I have to make any effect before nysc registration?

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