JAMB 2023 – Daily JAMB News and Updates 2023

We strongly believe that these JAMB 2023 news updates and JAMB Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs) will be very helpful for the 2023 candidates planning for this exam.

The aim of this 2023 JAMB news, JAMB updates, and JAMB FAQs is to guide the 2023 candidates with solutions to all the questions in their minds.

That simply means that we have covered the necessary JAMB commonly asked questions about the JAMB registration, correction of data, and every other question concerning the 2023 exam process.

Note: JAMB frequently asked questions and answers simply refers to those common questions that JAMB candidates have been asking in past years.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on JAMB Registration News

JAMB News, Updates & Frequently Asked Questions/Answers

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At What Age can someone apply for JAMB? JAMB recommends that all interesting candidates for the 2023 JAMB registration must be 15 years old and above.


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Can I write JAMB when I am still in Secondary School? Yes, you can write JAMB while in secondary school but you must be up to the JAMB age requirement.

Can I register JAMB without NIN? No, all JAMB candidates, starting from the 2021 JAMB exam must have their NIN to be eligible for JAMB registration.

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Can I Register for JAMB without WAEC/NECO Result? Yes, as long as you are awaiting your Senior Secondary Certificate Exam (SSCE) result.

Can I use another person/someone’s NIN to register for JAMB? No, each JAMB candidate must have their own NIN. Candidates will not be allowed to use their, friends, parents, siblings, or any other relative’s NIN to registration their own JAMB.

JAMB FAQs on Result News Updates 2023

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  • How many years can I use my JAMB result? JAMB result is valid for only one year. After that year, the result becomes invalid for admission.
  • Can I use one JAMB result twice? No, you cannot use one JAMB result twice but you can use one JAMB result to apply for admission to more than one school.
  • How long does it take to see JAMB result after the exam? According to JAMB and some experiences, it might take between 24 hours to 7 days to see your JAMB result after the exam.
  • Can mock result be used for admission? No, JAMB mock results cannot be used to gain admission into any school in Nigeria.
  • Is Mock score added to the main JAMB exam score? No, JAMB mock exam scores and the main exam scores are treated separately.

JAMB FAQs on Choice of Institution Updates

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  • Must my First Choice in JAMB be a Federal University? No, you are free to choose a federal, state, or private university as your first choice.
  • Can someone choose a federal university as second choice? Yes! But many federal universities do not admit candidates that choose them as the second choice.
  • Can I choose the same school for my first and second choice? No, you must choose different schools for each institution choice.

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  • Is it Compulsory to Write JAMB mock Exam? No, JAMB mock exam is optional and candidates can choose whether or not to write it.
  • Can I choose a state University as my first choice? Yes, JAMB Candidates are free to select a state university as their first choice.
  • Can I choose two (2) federal Universities in JAMB: Yes, you can choose two federal universities as your first and second choices in JAMB.

JAMB FAQs on Choice of Course Updates

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  • Can someone choose the same course for first and second choice institution? Yes, a candidate can choose to select the same course for his or her first and second choice institution.
  • Can someone choose the same course for all the choice of institution? Yes, if only the institutions offer the course.

Hold on for now!!! We promise to continue updating more 2023 JAMB news, JAMB 2023 updates, JAMB Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs) for 2023 candidates.

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Peter pita
1 year ago

Can someone having in his or her English language C6 and literature C6 be admitted in federal university

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Wap don9ja
1 year ago

Can someone do reprinting twice, coz i have done it before but i want to print out again.

Magode markus
Magode markus
2 years ago

I appreciate your update plz i need more in my gmail

Chinedu Anthony Raymond Ezenwa
Chinedu Anthony Raymond Ezenwa
2 years ago

Can someone choose difference course in different university they apply for?

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