JAMB Result 2022/2023 is Out : How to Check on JAMB Result Portal

Is JAMB result 2022 out for yesterday candidates? How long does it take to see JAMB result 2022? When will JAMB release the result for 2022?

Are you aware of the just released JAMB result 2022? Do you wish to know how to check JAMB 2022 result online via JAMB result checking portal?

If yes, then we have explained the simple steps you can follow to check your JAMB result online on JAMB 2022 result checking portal.

Note: results will be released in batches and each candidate is to check their result on their JAMB portal as explained in the steps below.

Candidates who do not see their results may have to hold on and recheck later or use the SMS code method to check their results.

When Will JAMB Release 2022 Result?

The 2022 Joint Admission and Matriculation Board result will be released immediately JAMB summarises the exam.

The results are to be released in batches according to how the candidates wrote it.

As such, the people that wrote the first day will likely see their results before the subsequent candidates.


Is JAMB Result 2022 Out?

As reported by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), candidates that took part in the just concluded 2022 JAMB exam can go ahead to check their results.

It is also advisable for candidates to note that they may not see their result instantly especially if they  wrote their exam two or three days ago.

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How long will it take for JAMB to release 2022 result after the exam?

It may take between 7 to 14 days for JAMB to release candidates’ results. Before, JAMB use to release result within one to 7 days after the exam.

The main reason for the delay of releasing the JAMB result is because of JAMB examination misconduct and malpractice check which usually take up to a week or more.

How to Check JAMB Result 2022 on JAMB Portal.

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The following are the approved JAMB steps to checking of the 2022 UTME and Direct entry results on JAMB portal.

Image showing how to input reg number to check jamb result on jamb result portal

  • Click “Check My Results” to see your Result

Note: the GSM number should be the phone number that is linked to JAMB profile. Of this method does not work for you then try using the SMS method here.

How to Check Your 2022 JAMB Result Using Phone

If you are using a mobile phone to check your result, then here are the actual steps to follow to check your 2022 UTME using your mobile phone.

  • Launch your browser (recommended browser is Google Chrome)
  • Open the URL bar and type in https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/eFacility_/CheckUTMEResults
  • Wait for the page to load and then type in your JAMB Registration Number or GSM number in the space
  • Hit the “Check My Results” button to see your UTME Result
  • Click the PRINT button to download the result to your device and print it out in any Cyber Café.

Why Your Result is Not Showing and what to Do?

If for any reasons you do not see your result, then here are few reasons why you are not seeing your result and the things you should do immediately.

Reasons you may not see your result:

  • Your result is not out yet
  • JAMB has not released the result for your day, batch, or center
  • Your center may have been cancelled
  • Your result may have been withheld for proper Investigations

What to do: Firstly you have to confirm if the results of other candidates have been released, else, you don’t need to panic. All you need to do is:

  • Recheck the result later
  • Use the SMS code method here to check.
  • Confirm if your center is cancelled.

At this point, we believe you are able check your 2022 JAMB result, and resolve some challenges and difficulties related to checking your result.


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Robert Hannah
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I was on able to print my jamb resuit

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Robert hannah
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How can I upgrade my jamb score on my phone

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