JAMB Transfer Approval Admission Page 2022 |How To Check, Accept or Reject

Welcome to JAMB Transfer admission approval page 2022 and information on how to check JAMB transfer admission portal, and accept JAMB transfer admission.

The JAMB Program Transfer which is also known as JAMB Transfer of Admission is a simple admission process that institutions in Nigeria usually use to transfer candidates from the original course they applied for to a similar or closely related course through JAMB.

The reasons for such transfer is usually based on many factors that is only known to the school management and admission board.

Meanwhile, according to our findings, we have discovered some handful reasons why some Universities and Polytechnics transfer some of their applicants to other course.

Below is the detailed information on the 2022 JAMB program transfer approval and how to check and accept or reject the JAMB course transfer of admission offer.

What is JAMB Transfer Approval all about?

JAMB Transfer Approval will surely sound strange to many students hearing it for the first time. Surprisingly, you may hearing such word for the first time.

Surprisingly, you just woke up one morning to see a message that looks like this from JAMB;

“Dear, …………………. (the students name), the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Lagos State, want to transfer you from medicine and surgery to biochemistry. Please visit www.jamb.or.ng/eFacility/login to download the CAPS Mobile app, to either accept/reject the program transfer order.”


What does the JAMB transfer admission mean?

The JAMB transfer admission is a JAMB admission process that allows JAMB to admit candidates into different course or institution that they didn’t apply for instead of the the actual choice of course or institution the candidate choose.

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Reasons for JAMB Transfer of Admission

What are the reasons why some schools transfer applicants to courses they didn’t apply for?

The main reasons for JAMB transfer admission is usually base on the fact that the institution want to reduce the number of students they’ve admitted into a particular course.

Secondly, admission transfer may also occur as a result of the institution switching students to a new department or to another branch of their course for the purpose of specification.

For candidates who have not been offered admission yet, the JAMB Transfer Approval is a simple process that JAMB uses to switch the candidate to other courses that they are qualified for within the institution that applied to.

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Benefits of JAMB Transfer of Admission

The known benefit for JAMB transfer of admission according to JAMB is that, it gives candidates that have not been admitted the opportunity to gain admission.


Through the JAMB Transfer Admission, candidates who have not been offered admission yet in the institution or those that are not qualified for admission in the course they applied to can easily be switched and admitted to other courses that they are qualified for within the institution.


How to Know if Your Course has Been Transferred?

Before any institution transfers any candidate to a different or new course, the institution will first of all have to contact JAMB with the name and details of the affected candidate.

At this point, the school will then request JAMB to place the affected candidate on the JAMB “Transfer Approval” status on JAMB CAPS.

Immediately JAMB approves such transfer, it will automatically send an SMS to inform the affected candidate of his or her institution’s intend to transfer him or her to another course.

Immediately you receive such message from JAMB, then you have to quickly follow the steps below to log in to your JAMB CAPS portal to check the “Transfer Approval” and if you like the transferred course, you accept it.


How to Accept JAMB Transfer Approval Admission

Note: to check Transfer of Admission is different from checking normal Admission Status on CAPS.


If you are offered Transfer Admission, you will have to accept it first under the “Transfer Approval” option before you can go further to accept it under the main JAMB CAPS “Admission Status” Option. Below are the steps to follow:

  • Log in to your JAMB CAPS via https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility_/
  • Scroll to the last option at the bottom of the page and select “Check Admission Status”
  • Now, select the “Access my CAPS” option
  • Check the CAPS side menus options and select “Transfer Approval”
  • Click the “Transfer Approval” option to see the new course that you have been transferred to.
  • Now, if you like the course, click the “Accept” button and if you don’t, click the “Reject” and take the next step below to complete the transfer process

What to do after accepting JAMB Transfer Approval?

After accepting the JAMB transfer offer, you need to closely monitor your main JAMB CAPS admission status

Now, check your Admission Status daily on JAMB CAPS admission status checking portal to keep track.

If you are finally admitted into the transferred course, then follow the normal process to accept it under the main JAMB CAPS “Admission Status” Option. See how to accept admission on JAMB CAPS here

After accepting your JAMB transfer admission, visit the JAMB Change of course portal to do change of course to the new course. See how to do JAMB change of course here.

Rejecting the JAMB Transfer Approval Admission?

What will happen if you reject a JAMB Program Transfer admission?

If you reject the admission, then it simply means that you are not interested in the course and therefore not interested in the admission.

After rejecting the offer, you may have to change to any other course or institution that you like instead of still waiting on the institution.

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