JAMB Use of English Questions and Answers 2022/2023 CBT Expo

JAMB Questions and Answers for Use of English with JAMB Use of English Expo for first, second and third batch..

We want to be very specific with this JAMB Use of English Questions and Answers 2022/2023 CBT expo solution and to give you want you need to know.

JAMB English is general and compulsory for all candidates irrespective of their field of study, subject combination or mode of entrance.

At the same time, Use of English is one of the most simplest subjects in JAMB. It’s questions are simple, understandable and easy to answer.

So we have provided some helpful clues to the JAMB English exam which will make it very easy for 2022 JAMB candidates to score between 60 to 90 in their JAMB English only.

JAMB Use of English Exam Pattern

The JAMB Use of English exam takes 60 questions out of the total 180 questions that are to be answered in the exam.

All JAMB use of English questions are objectives (multiple choice) questions. The questions are set based on the sections in English syllabus.

Check out: JAMB Use of English Syllabus 2022 here


Use of English Section A (Comprehension) Questions and Answers 2022

JAMB section A questions will come from comprehension and summary of selected comprehension passages and there will be two passages in total.

Five(5) questions will be set from the comprehension passage and ten(10) questions from I cloze passage. Ten(10) questions will be set from the reading text (JAMB Novel).

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Questions that are set on the passages will test the candidates on the following:

  • Comprehension of each passage.
  • Comprehension of words, sentences, phrases, clauses, figures of speech and idiomatic expressions used in each passage.
  • Coherence and logical reasoning (deductions, inferences, etc).
  • Synthesis of ideas from each passage.
  • JAMB 2022 recommended novel. See novel here

Use of English Comprehension Passage Sample Questions and Answers

Read the following comprehension passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

…..To understand the politics and economy situation in Nigeria, one must first of all understand the nature of people that live in Nigeria. There are more than 177 million people in Nigeria, all living in an area that is about the size of Texas. Nigeria is more than 50% margin, the most populated country in Africa. Due to the high population which comprises of different people, there are numerous ethnic groups which make up the country. However, only few main ethnic groups dominate Nigerian culture and politics. The most popular ethnic groups include the Hausas, Yorubas and Igbos. The Hausas and the Fulanis lives in the North and are the majorities. They make up about 30% of the total country’s population and are mostly Muslims while the Igbos and Yorubas are mostly Christians.……

1. From the passage, the writer describes Nigeria’s population as being______?

  1. 50% populated than every other African Country
  2. 50% populated than the population of all African Countries
  3. 50% of Africa’s population
  4. Within the range of 50% of the population in Africa

The correct answers is; option A


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2. From the writer’s point of view, a higher percentage of the occupants of Nigeria are in the_____?

  1. Hausas
  2. Fulanis
  3. North
  4. Igbos
  5. Yorubas

The correct answers is option C

3. Which of the following will be a suitable title to the passage______?

  1. Nigeria’s Population Evaluation
  2. Nigerian Politics and Economy Evaluation
  3. Nigeria, the Giant of Africa
  4. Ethnicity in Nigeria

The correct answers to this question is option A and Option B

Important Hint:

There are some questions in JAMB Use of English that has more than one correct answer.

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4. “The Hausas and the Fulanis lives in the North and are the majorities. They make up about 30% of the total country’s population and are mostly Muslims while the Igbos and Yorubas are mostly Christians.……”

The writer’s point of view here is that the Hausas and Fulanis are Muslims while the Yorubas and Igbos are Christians?

  1. True
  2. False
  3. Neither
  4. None

The correct answer is option B

Note: the writer didn’t say that all the Hausas and Fulanis are Muslims and that all the Igbos and Yorubas are Christians… But he said “majority of them” meaning it’s not all of theme.

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JAMB Use of English Section B Questions and Answers 2022

Questions in the section B of the Use of English are from lexis and structure, antonyms, synonyms, sentence completion and sentence interpretation. There are 20 questions from this section as shown below.

  • 10 questions from sentence completion
  • 5 questions from synonyms
  • 5 questions from antonyms
  • 5 questions from sentence interpretation

Sample Questions from Section B

In each of the following sentence, choose the option that is nearest in meaning with the underlined word(s)

1. “You always look awful whenever you cry,” Ayo said to Bimbo.

  1. Nasty
  2. Serious
  3. Lawful
  4. Sad

The correct answer is option A: Nasty

2. While discussing with Emelia about the situation, she made a comment saying “it is a perilous time, so anything can happen”….

  1. Injury
  2. Night
  3. Wreck
  4. Dangerous

The correct answer is option D: Dangerous

3. After a moment of silence, he yelled angrily at his mischievous daughter.

  1. Natty
  2. Vexatious
  3. Diminutive
  4. Hasten

The correct answer is option B: Vexatious

In each of the following sentences, choose the word that is opposite in meaning to the underlined word

4. He acted so calm even when he was offended.

  1. Imperturbable
  2. Sedate
  3. Wrathful
  4. Tranquil

The correct answer is option C: Wrathful


5. I suggest we start with the interior decoration before looking at other parts.

  1. Outside
  2. Important
  3. Lower
  4. Bad

The correct answer is option A: Outside

6. Olekunle is one of the most lazy staff at my work place

  1. Sluggish
  2. Energetic
  3. Indolent
  4. Inactive

The correct answer is option B: Energetic

In each of the following, choose the option that best explains the meaning of what the speaker said

7. If not for the distance, I wouldn’t have come to spend my holiday with you.

  • I come to spend my holiday with you because of the distance
  • If not for the distance, I would have come to spend my holiday with you
  • I will only come to spend my holiday with you because of the distance
  • I might come to spend the holiday with you after considering the distance

The correct answer is option A

We believe that with this JAMB English questions and answers 2022/2023 CBT expo solution you have gotten enough hints to use to answer your JAMB Use of English questions.

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