Johns Hopkins (JHU) Acceptance Rate 2026 |2022 Admission Rate

One of the most interesting things to find out about Johns Hopkins University 2022 admission is the Johns Hopkins acceptance rate 2026.

The acceptance rate is used to measure the percentage of the applicants that are accepted into Johns Hopkins University for the class of 2026.

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Why the Johns Hopkins Admission Statistics?

The Johns Hopkins admission rate and the admission statistics will help applicants to evaluate how easy or hard it is to get into Johns Hopkins.

To cut long stories short, we have provided the Johns Hopkins comprehensive admission statistics and acceptance rate for the class of 2026 in this article.

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How Hard is it to Get into Johns Hopkins for the class of 2026?

Before sharing the Johns Hopkins University’s admission rate, let’s take a look at the admission chances at Johns Hopkins.

By any measure, JHU’s acceptance rate is extraordinarily low. However, the student’s chances of getting into Johns Hopkins depend on the student’s profile.


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Generally, the chances of getting into Johns Hopkins University depend on your profile which includes the admission factors listed below:

What Are JHU Acceptance Factors

Now let’s look at some of the most important acceptance factors that Johns Hopkins considers before accepting any applicant.

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Firstly, Hopkins operates a holistic admission review of every applicant based on the applicant’s profile, achievements, and other submitted documents. Some of the most important acceptance factors at Hopkins include your;

  1. Accomplishments
  2. Grades
  3. Potential Impact and Initiative
  4. Academic Character
  5. Test scores (optional for the class of 2026)
  6. Goals and achievements
  7. Extracurricular activities
  8. Personal Contributions
  9. Recommendation letters
  10. Essay

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What is John Hopkins Acceptance Rate 2026?

The Johns Hopkins University admission statistics have revealed that the Johns Hopkins (JHU) class of 2026 acceptance rate is 6.5%.

Johns Hopkins Class of 2026 Early Decision (ED) I & II admission rate:

For the Johns Hopkins Early Decision (ED) I admission, a total of 2,500 applicants applied and 520 of the applicants were given admission.


Therefore, the Johns Hopkins class of 2026 early admission (ED I) acceptance rate is 21%.

JHU Class of 2026 Regular Decision (RD) admission rate:

The Johns Hopkins University Regular Decision (RD) acceptance rate for the class of 2026 is 5%.

According to the admission news released by the Johns Hopkins University’s website, JHU says it has admitted 1,586 applicants to the Class of 2026 through the JHU regular decision out of about 31,500 regular decision applications that were received.

Johns Hopkins Transfer/International Students Admission Rate 2026

The transfer acceptance rate at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) is 10%. Apparently, transfer admission to Johns Hopkins University is hard and competitive.

Johns Hopkins International students’ admission rate is 10%. The University accepts international students based on qualifications. International applicants are treated just like every other applicant.

JHU Admission Statistics 2026 and Class Profile

To fully understand the Johns Hopkins Admission system and how to increase your chances of getting in, we have to evaluate the Hopkins’ admission statistics.

What kind of students get into Hopkins?


Summarily, below is the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) admission statistics and class profile of the kind of students get into Hopkins

  1. 99% of admitted students at Johns Hopkins are usually in the top 10% of their high school class.
  2. Admitted students at Johns Hopkins have an average GPA of 3.9 on a 4.0 scale.
  3. Most of the admitted students at Johns Hopkins who submitted SAT scores have middle 50% SAT composite scores of 1500 –1550.
  4. Admitted students at Johns Hopkins who submitted ACT scores have middle 50% ACT composite scores of 34-35.

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