List of Ongoing International Scholarships 2022 for African Students

This is the latest list of the current and ongoing scholarships for international students in 2022 in all countries for students who want to study abroad.

Unlike many of our other study abroad scholarships opportunities that we have listed for individual countries, this very list is general for all countries.

By saying general, we simply mean that this scholarship listed on this page are ongoing scholarships around the World for international students.

If you are an African student, Asian student, American student, European student, or from any other part of the World, one or more of the scholarships listed here will be of great benefit to you.

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In this article, we have selected the best list of scholarships for African students, American students, European students, Asian students, Antarctica students, Australian students in 2022.

Requirements for International/Study-Broad Scholarship

Most of the available study abroad scholarships come with a variety of criteria for selection since they are scholarships that are across the board.

More so, international scholarships for international students will require the selected students to leave their countries to study in the country hosting the scholarship.


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In fact, gaining an international scholarship is one of the best ways to study abroad for free and still explore the beauty of other countries.

To be eligible for any given international scholarship, you must be academically sound to stand strong for the competition since they are numerous students that are applying with you.

As such, you will need the following requirements to stand out and win an international Scholarship in 2022:

  1. Have a strong academic background
  2. Proof of a poor financial background
  3. Good academic and course-work reports
  4. A high GPA
  5. Ability to speak some international languages (not compulsory)
  6. Language proficiency (English and others depending on the country hosting the scholarship)
  7. A good Test Score (mostly SAT and ACT for undergrads)
  8. Good Graduate Test score (Mostly GRE or similar)
  9. Experiences
  10. Personal skills and Talents

Other scholarship requirements which are not listed on this page will be specified for each scholarship on the scholarship page.

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African Scholarships for International Students 2022.

The following are the available undergraduate and Graduates (Masters and Ph.D.) scholarships for African students from Nigeria, Ghana, Botswana, Zambia, Kenya, Cameroon, South Africa, Lesotho, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and all other African countries:

Ongoing Scholarships for International Students


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1. Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship Program:

The Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship Program  is geared at enabling students, young professionals and artists from abroad to study and conduct research in the United States.

How to Apply?

Visit the application portal via Scroll to the bottom to read the application instructions before you start.

2. Mandela Washington Scholarship: 

The Mandela Washington Fellowship Scholarship Program for Young African Leaders is the flagship program of the U.S. Government’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI).

How to Apply?


Interested persons are to visit for eligible, requirements and application procedure.

3. MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program:

The Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Program is a program that assist students whose talent and promise exceed their financial resources to complete their education pursuit.

This Scholarship Program also provides students with financial supports(like tuition fees, accommodation, books, and other scholastic materials) social support and academic support.

How to Apply?

To apply, kindly visit and check under undergraduate studies for available undergraduate scholarships.

4. MSFS Full-Tuition Scholarship for Undergraduate at Georgetown University:

The MSFS offers a number of full and partial-tuition and merit-based scholarships during her admissions process. The scholarships are mostly for the first year applicants at the GeorgetownUniversity and are renewable.


How to Apply?

To apply for the MSFS scholarship, visit, read the instructions, check the requirements and submit your application.

5. Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships:

The Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships 2022 has about 40 available scholarships into different universities in the U.K. All scholarships are offered by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC).

How to Apply?

The application is very simple, all you need to do is to visit, choose a suitable support you want and apply.

Other Undergraduate Scholarships for African Students 2022

In view of more, you can also try out the following undergraduate scholarships 2022.

  1. Stanford Africa MBA Scholarship at Stanford University
  2. Zawadi Africa Education Fund (for Women only)
  3. DRD-DAAD Merit Scholarships
  4. Germany Scholarships for African Students
  5. Netherlands Fellowship Programme
  6. Leiden University Excellence Scholarships
  7. Ruth First Scholarship at Durham University
  8. Oppenheimer Fund Scholarships at Oxford University
  9. African Scholarships at The University of Edinburgh
  10. Africa London Nagasaki scholarship
  11. Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship Program
  12. The Beit Trust Scholarships
  13. Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarships
  14. Women Techmakers Scholarship Program
  15. ACCES Scholarship in Kenya
  16. Mandela Rhodes Scholarships for Africans
  17. Jim Ovia Scholarship for African students
  18. TRECC Scholarship for African students
  19. WAAW Foundation Scholarships
  20. Australia Awards scholarships for African students.
  21. VLIR-UOS Awards Scholarships in Belgium
  22. Master Mind scholarships in Belgium for Undergraduate

Masters and Ph.D. Scholarships for Africans 2022

  1. VLIR-UOS Awards Scholarships for Masters
  2. Master’s Degree ABE Initiative scholarship
  3. African Fee Waiver at the University of Glasgow for Masters
  4. African Graduate scholarships at University College London for Masters
  5. Australia Awards for Masters students from African
  6. African Scholarships at Edinburgh Napier University for Postgraduates (Masters & Ph.D.)
  7. Commonwealth Scholarships at SOAS University of London for Masters
  8. African Scholarships at Edinburgh Napier University for Postgraduates
  9. Germany International Scholarships for Masters and Ph.D. Scholarship
  10. Ruth First Scholarship for Masters Scholarship at Durham University
  11. DRD-DAAD Merit Scholarships for Masters and PhD
  12. Master Mind scholarships for Masters in Belgium
  13. Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship for Graduates
  14. International Students MBA Scholarships for Masters and Ph.D. in Germany
  15. Netherlands Fellowship Scholarship for Masters and PhD
  16. International Students MBA Scholarships for Masters in Germany
  17. Leiden University Excellence Scholarships for Masters
  18. Maastricht University Holland Scholarships For Masters

American Scholarships for  International Students 2022

  1. ICSP Scholarships
  2. American University Scholarships for online programs
  3. Knight-Hennessy Scholarship at Stanford University
  4. Fairleigh Dickinson Scholarships
  5. Fulbright Foreign Student Program
  6. Hubert Humphrey Fellowships program
  7. Fully-Funded Rotary Peace Fellowships
  8. Illinois Wesleyan University Scholarships
  9. Scholarship Program
  10. Berea College Scholarships
  11. Boston University Presidential Scholarship
  12. Clark University Global
  13. Emory University Scholarship Programs
  14. American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship
  15. Humanitarian Health Scholarships

European Scholarships for International Students 2022

  1. Scholarships for Masters at the University of Kent for Masters in the U.K
  2. Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University for Postgraduates (Masters and Ph.D. Degree)
  3. One World Scholarship for Masters and PhD
  4. UEA International Development Scholarships for Masters
  5. The Deutschlandstipendium for Bachelors and Masters
  6. Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships
  7. Dean’s Award at University of Bath for Masters
  8. DAAD Helmut-Schmidt Masters Scholarships for Masters
  9. See more international scholarships in Europe here

Asian of scholarships for Asian Students 2022

  1. USTC Scholarship
  2. Aichi Scholarship
  3. ADB-Japan Scholarship
  4. Great Wall Program Chinese Scholarships
  5. Chinese Government Scholarships
  6. HKSAR Government Fund Scholarships
  7. KUT Ph.D. Scholarships for Engineering
  8. Japan-IMF Scholarships
  9. ABE Initiative Scholarship for Masters
  10. MEXT Japan Scholarship Program
  11. Commonwealth Scholarships
  12. Korean Government Scholarship
  13. Lee Kong Chian Graduate Scholarships
  14. Sogang Global Scholarship
  15. Otsuka Toshimi Scholarship
  16. Malaysia International Scholarships
  17. University of Tokyo Special Scholarship
  18. ICCR Africa Scholarships
  19. NTU University Scholarship for Engineering
  20. Japanese Government MEXT Scholarships
  21. Seoul National University Exchange Program Scholarships
  22. HM King’s/HM Queen’s Scholarships
  23. Commonwealth Scholarship
  24. SEARCA Full Scholarships for Master’s and PhD
  25. Seoul National University Silk-Road Scholarship
  26. Taiwan ICDF Scholarship

Antarctica scholarships for international Students 2022

Antarctica does not have Universities in it. In fact,  Antarctica is mainly occupied by animals with so many climate conditions that worth exploring.


The Scholarships listed below are hosted in other countries with the aim of exploring Antarctica through research.

  • Michigan State University Extreme Climate Studies in the Antarctic
  • Antarctica Baillet Latour Research Fellowship program
  • University of Georgia study abroad Scholarship

List of scholarships for Australian Students in 2022

  1. IPRS Scholarship (International Postgraduate Research Scholarships)
  2. The Australian Government Destination Scholarships
  3. Australia Awards Scholarships (Australian Development Scholarships)
  4. Griffith University Remarkable Scholarship for Bachelors and Masters
  5. University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor’s for Bachelors and Masters
  6. Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarships at the University of Adelaide
  7. Adelaide University Global Academic Excellence Scholarships
  8. University of Western Australia Global Excellence Scholarship
  9. University of Adelaide AGRTP Scholarship for Masters and PhD
  10. Charles Darwin University Vice-Chancellor’s Bachelors and Masters

Interestingly, those are some of the scholarships for international students in 2022 in all countries for students who want to study abroad in 2022 through scholarships.

Note: each of the continents listed above has many countries in them. More so, there are so many other scholarships that we have not listed here.

For more scholarships, grants, and financial aid, visit here or use the search button to search for more scholarships on our website.

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