Free Masters Degree Programs for Teachers with Certifcates 2022

There are free master’s degree programs for teachers with certifcates that are free for teachers. Some offer free certificate while some have certain price to obtain certificate.

In this article you will know some how you can obtain a master’s degree as a teacher. A master’s degree is an advanced certificate that is more advanced than the bachelor’s degree.

It is very important for a teacher to be more advanced so that they can have more opportunities to higher jobs which can pay high amount of money.

You can obtain a free master’s degree program online of offline depending on your choice in which you can obtain a valid certificate.

Having a master’s degree certificate can earned you respect from your colleagues, friends, families and students and finally can also impact knowledge to others.

To obtain a master’s degree certificate as a teacher needs certain effort that means you need to be hardworking so that you can be equipped to obtain some certain knowledge.

A master’s degree program  take two to three years to complete depending on the area of study with a tuition fee of thirty thousand dollars to one fifty thousand dollars annually but can also varies from universities.

It is quit expensive but worth it, there is means at which you can obtain master’s degree for free.


How to Obtain a Master’s Degree for Free?

There are procedures to take in obtaining a free master’s degree for free, here are the procedures listed;

  • Work for a University/College: As a teacher you can obtain a free master’s degree of you work in a university or college. Most university offers tuition remission for workers in which can be beneficial for you as a teacher. The tuition remission can be used to chased a master’s degree in teaching while you work.
  • Financial Aids/Grant: Some universities provide financial aid to student in terms of scholarships, fellowships and bursaries, but mostly scholarships provided in the school are based on merits, that is students who are intelligent can obtain Scholarships for master.

The government can also provide scholarships for student based on merit or favors, in which  bursaries can be given by the state government.

Financial aid can also be fully funded or partially funded by organizations, private sectors and alumni of the school etc.

  • Student Loans: Loans can be given to students through banks or any other loaning establishment. As a student you can obtain loan from bank in which you agree on a specific interest, the interest rate is not high cause it’s a student loan in which you can afford to pay back.

Some loans can last within a long period of time in which you can finished your masters programs before paying back while some can even take longer period than just finishing your programs that means after you have graduated and start working.

With these procedures you can obtain a master’s degree certificate with little or no cost. There are some universities/colleges that offers little or no amount master’s degree program for teachers.

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Schools Offering Master’s Degree Program for Teachers 2022

  • University of the People: University of the people offers free master’s degree program for teachers. It is an accredited university and is one of the best in America.

The university offers master’s program for education which specialize on two sectors which is the elementary/middle school education and secondary education, they also deals on sixteen courses.

  • University of California: University of California has make name in Los Angeles. The school offers M.Ed. for teachers in which the teachers can be build in many fields in special education, curriculum and instruction, educational technology or administration etc.
  • University of Florida: University of Florida offers M.Ed. for students, the student needs to pay certain amount of money, which is very affordable.
  • University of Wyoming: The institution helps student to achieve their goals in teaching in which they can obtain more higher experience. Students have the option to pursue two different fields: one requiring a thesis, and one requiring a scholarly project.

Both tracks require a minimum of 32-credit hours and include courses on topics of multicultural education, research, and advanced instructional studies.

  • Arizona State University: Arizona state university helps students whose aim is to be a teacher to acquire more teaching experience in other to develop more understand and better knowledge to pass onto students. The Arizona state university helps student who to study English.
  • University of Illinois: The school offers M.Ed. for teachers, helping them to ascertain their goals. They offers different areas of specifications in which the teachers being a student can choose from.

Available specifications include languages and literacy, engineering education, mathematics, science and engineering education, social science, aesthetics and teachers education, teachers leader specialization, curriculum and education policy.

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  • American College of Education: American college of education offers online teaching for teachers and their tuition fee is affordable.

The University offers twelve courses which are taught by qualified lecturers. There are many more institutions who offers M. Ed. For teachers like;

  • University of Texas
  • University of Southern California

So teachers would like to know the types of master’s degree to embark on; here are list of master’s degree for teachers;

List of Master’s Degree for Teachers

  • Master’s in Teaching
  • Master of Education
  • Master’s in Mathematics Education
  • Master’s in English Education
  • Master’s in Special Education
  • Master’s in School Administration
  • Master’s in Adult Education
  • Master’s in School counseling
  • Master’s in Curriculum Development
  • Library Science
  • Early Childhood Education

Here are but a few master’s a teacher can obtain, as the names implies, a teacher who want to obtain a master’s degree can easily understand. A teacher can benefit many things from obtaining a master’s degree as early said before.

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