Education, It’s Meaning, Types, Importance & Impact on Development

Analysis and explanation of Education, Meaning of Education, Types of Education, Importance of Education and the Impact of Education in Development.

If we are to analyze education and its importance in our today’s world, then it is important to start by considering its meaning and then its impact on the World we live in.

Now, if you wish to know the meaning of education, types of education, the importance of education, and the available education & learning methods, then read down.

Generally, education has created a lot of impact in terms of research and development. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that education is fuel to the world’s advancement.

The importance of education is seen in all aspects of human living, development, advancement and improvement, wealth creation, and safe living.

In this article, we have deeply and comprehensively summarized all that you need to know about education, the importance of education, and the impact of education on the World.

What Does Education Mean?

The definition and meaning of education can be drawn from different aspects depending on the parameters considered. This simply means that the meaning of education can be drawn based on the factors considered.

Education does not have a specific definition that must be used across the board. But it can define based on an individual or factorial basis to meet the factors considered at that moment.


As such, we may define education as the process of gaining or acquiring knowledge, skills, beliefs, values, habits, character, and morals through learning.

What is the meaning of Education?

Education involves the process of learning, training, and developing the mind by formal or informal schooling, training, impaction teaching, storytelling, etc.

There are so many ways and methods involved in the acquisition of knowledge or skills and all of them can be said to be products of education.

What is the Purpose of Education?

Engineers design machines, engines, processes, and so on, doctors provide solutions to health challenges, ailments and sicknesses, and more dimensions are being explored on daily basis for advancement.

meaning of education and its importance

All careers and disciplines are built out of the basis of education. Both formal and informal education is very important for self-development, Technological advancement, and standard improvement.

Education is very important in every aspect of life. It is the primary source for better development, advancement, and management.

As such, the purpose of education at any given time is for the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, character, and morals for self-development, advancement, development, improvement, and management.


Types of Education

Education is divided into three (3) main types namely;

  1. Formal Education
  2. Informal Education
  3. Non-formal Education

Formal Education

Formal education is a type of education that involves classroom learning and activities using applicable learning methods.

Formal Education can be classified into;

  1. Creche/Montessori
  2. Nursery/kindergarten
  3. Primary
  4. High School/Secondary School
  5. Higher Education (Polytechnic, College, or University)
  6. Graduate Education (Postgraduate schools/Masters & Doctorate)

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Informal Education

Informal education is a type of education that is not based on classroom learning and does not involve classroom learning methods.

Informal Learning includes;

  • Self Study
  • Parental impact
  • Coaching
  • Impacting of morals
  • Doctrines
  • Cultural practices
  • Cooking
  • Driving/Riding, and many more

Non-formal education

Non-formal education is closely related to formal education and it involves learning that may not necessarily involve a classroom and a particular learning method.

Some examples of Non-formal education are:

  1. Adult education
  2. Preparatory education
  3. Skills acquisition
  4. Job training
  5. Pre-school equivalency training.

Why is Education Important? Importance of Education

Some of the influence and importance of education on our environment and on the World at large include but are not limited to:

  1. Development of the mind
  2. Advancement
  3. Research
  4. Skills
  5. Discoveries
  6. Careers
  7. Safety Consciousness

1. Development of the mind:

Civilization came about as a result of education and Civilization has brought about the change of mindset in so many regions around the world.

2. Advancement:

Education is the fuel behind development and advancement. The more education is applied to every life situation, the more development and advancement is achieved easily.


3. Research:

Education helps in intensive research which usually leads to new discoveries which help in improving the standard of living.

4. Skills:

Education helps in the building and development of new skills for handling technical difficulties and for the advancement and development of existing projects.

5. Discoveries:

Discovery is the product of skills and research which are all products of education

6. Careers:

Education helps one to know, expand or discover more career fields and disciplines which will be helpful in solving man’s problems.


7. Safety:

Education helps man to discover safer ways to protect himself from the environment or to protect the environment from the system.

What Does it Mean to be Educated?

We hear words like “he is educated” or the reverse “he is not educated” and then the question comes, “what does it mean to be educated”.

Some people see the term ‘educated’ as the ability to read and write. But that cannot be true because the scope of education is beyond reading and writing.

Since education is categorized into formal and informal, we can rightly say that ‘to be educated’ simply means having the ability to utilize and apply self-knowledge or the knowledge acquired through learning to solving problems – Definition

Meanwhile, anyone that receives education but cannot utilize or apply it to problem-solving can be said to be uneducated.

Educational/Learning Methods

To make education and learning more beneficial to the learner, there are some learning methods that must be applied.

The commonly used educational methods used in learning include;

  1. Teaching
  2. Training
  3. Storytelling
  4. Discussion
  5. Research
  6. Writing
  7. Reporting

1. Teaching: Teaching involves a teacher or lecturer who gives out instructions, explanations, and guidelines for a particular lesson.

Teaching is verbal communication between a teacher or a lecturer and the students through instructions or explanations.

2. Training: Training involves a tutor, director, supervisor, or guardian who gives out instructions, explanations, and guidelines. Training is a practical acquisition of skills through learning and practicing

3. Storytelling: this kind of learning involves the narration of stories which has important facts and lessons that will be beneficial to the listener.

4. Discussion: Discussion is a learning method that involves verbal communication between the teacher and the students. It is the best method for learners.

5. Research: Research learning is more like personal learning. It involves a personal and intensive exploration of the subject matter to arrive at beneficial facts and findings.

6. Writing: Writing is a learning method that involves making notes or jotting important points during a lesson for future reference.

7. Reporting: Reporting is a useful learning method at a higher level of education that involves a personal narration of what a student has learned or researched so far.



That was a simple explanation of education, the meaning of Education, types of education, the importance of education, the impact of education on development and learning methods.

Drawing a curtain at this point, we believe you have learned so much about education, types of education, and its importance and impact in our world.

Please kindly check below for more related articles and career guides that will be beneficial to you in your academic journey and remember to drop your comment below.

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