Meaning of “No Admission Given Yet” on CAPS and What to do

You just logged in to your JAMB CAPS admission status and suddenly you saw, “Sorry, You Have Not Been Given Admission Yet…” and you wish to know what it means, right?

Yep!!! We believe it will interest you to know the meaning of “No Admission is Given Yet” on JAMB CAPS status and that is exactly what we will explain on this page.

sorry, No Admission is Given Yet” seems disappointing to some candidates but if you know the true meaning of it, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

So let’s look at the real meaning of “Sorry, You Have Not Been Given Admission Yet…” on JAMB CAPS portal.

Why is my admission status showing  “Sorry, You Have Not Been Given Admission Yet…” on JAMB CAPS?

Firstly, you will likely see “Sorry, You Have Not Been Given Admission Yet…” on JAMB admission status portal but not on JAMB CAPS.

On JAMB CAPS, you only see “No Admission Given Yet” when you scroll to your admission status section.

Whatever the case maybe “No Admission Given Yet” on JAMB CAPS simply means that the school you applied to has not released their admission list yet.

What to do when you see such Notification on CAPS?

Candidates do not have to be worried when they see such status as it doesn’t have anything to do with whether they will be admitted or not.


At this point, it is advisable to keep monitoring your admission status on JAMB CAPS for more details on your admission progress.

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